Scam Letter(s) from Mercy Yormie to Rick (USA)

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Letter 1

Dearest Rick,
I went to the lawyer this morning to ask him why he should delay the work, Since you told me that you have sent money to him, The lawyer said that he has not received any money from you, How can you be lying to me Rick ?
ok, If you have sent any money to the lawyer, Send the transfer information to me immedaitely so that I will hold that as the evidence to comfront the lawyer today to enable him get the documents for us RICK, I CAN NOT IMAGINE YOU LYING TO ME rICK?
Send the transfer information ilhmediately To enable me verify very well this is what you have to send to me below:
If you have sent the money through Western Union. send to me
1) The amount you sent ?
2) The name of the sender ?
3) The name of the receiver ?
4) The control numbers ?
5) The text question and answer ?
If you sent the money through an account send to me the as listed below:
The payment transfer slip your bank gave to you for transfer ?
I will be waiting



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