Scam Letter(s) from Valentina to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

How are you?
I am ok!
My name is Valentina .
I live in Ukraine.
About of myself:
I am sociable, tender and optimistic person.
I am a good listener and good company.
I keep myself slim and fit.
And I also want my partner to live a healthy life.
I appreciate sincerity most in people.
I am creative and many-sided person.
I like to go to the theatres, museums, exhibitions.
I`m very communicative women and i have many friends.
My friends say, that I'm a very interesting person and energetic.
I love children very much and i want to meet a real and good men(careful husband to whom my love would be necessary), my love and father my future child).
I think family and children are the most important in life.
I want a strong and happy family!!!
My home is my castle where I like to care about my close ones.
My interest is cooking.
I prefer ukrainian dish(borsh,vareniki,galyshki) :)
And for my future husband i I shall prepare itself!!!
Please write me about of yourself,your family,your job and your country.
I wait your letter !!!


Letter 2

Nice to meet you!
I don't know what to start with, cause, i'm for the first time in the Internet.
but, I'll try...anyway I hope that something will come of it. As you might have already guessed
I am in search of a kind,good,loving, respectable and generous man.
And I hope you match this criterion.
And I also hope that you will find in me everything you want =)

As about me, so my name is Valentina, but Friends call me Valya.
I'm 30 years, and on the 18th of August, I'll be 31.
I live in the east of Ukraine, in a little town Kirovsk.
It's very small, and looks like a village, but I like quiet life here!
As you understand, i live along, in a rent flat, and I'm really tired of all this...
Some years ago, i lived with a man for 4 years, I give him my best years,and I thought that we will be always together, but In some time, I knew that he was unfaithful with i broke our relations...

So,As you know I live in a little town, so i work here as a I work as a seller-consultant in a Women Clothes shop.
I really like my work, cause I have opportunity to communicate with people...and it's not boring...

now a year passed, and I decided to find my second half.
Sure, you want to ask we what I'm looking here...
So,I am looking for a serious relationship with a good and caring man. but you probably know it from my profile. I hope I will not be disappointed in this search. I am very temperate and easy going, yet I am very romantic and passionate as well. I am looking for and needing a stable and loving man in my life. I need a man who wants to be a partner as well as a lover. I need a man who has that passion burning in his heart for me.
I'm not a yang Girl, who want's to play, or just to write letters, I need a man, to spend the rest of life with.
So if you need a woman only for correspondence, i'm not the write chose.

So, If you are interested, I'll wait for you answer!
But I hope we'll find common language,and this will be a good start of our correspondence!

I'll wait for your answer!
if you want to ask me smth, I'll be very glad to answer your questions, and don't worry about the language, i can Easily speak and write it.

Kiss you




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