Scam letter(s) from Anna Buzichevici to Dwight (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon
I do not understand your short letters of Thanks for YOUR answer and yours florets I want that YOU have written me the letter in eioi?i I I knew yours the further actions so I understand nothing from YOUR hints. My address republic Moldova the city of KISHINEV of bodies +37369109555 I Wait YOUR answer
Letter 2
My dear
I only today environment{Wednesday} on January, 30th Have found a few{a little;little bit} time and have opened a computer as all the days long how many YOU were in Kishinev I at all did not have time to approach{suit} to a computer
As from work I directly went to YOU on a meeting
And in the evening I could not open for weariness the a computer
On Tuesday I was at Tatyana at date of a birth
I regret that I could not spend YOU as we do not know language and you would not want without Alains that I was with you up to the Airport
I very much experience for your long flight through ocean
But I think that all will be normal
Letter 3
My dear
I for the first time hear and I do not trust naii to eyes that it is possible to demand gifts back
In fact I did not ask them from YOU
It is very low
As your country is considered very developed and very rich together with its citizens
But you waited to see Moldova poor, but have seen absolutely on a turn and consequently you demand a ring back
At us are very highly formed both cultural people and the country not
such as YOU represented it to yourselves
And consequently to you it is not good
You expected to see here vagabonds and have seen beautiful about the formed people
In it a problem?
I think YOU the Lord the person believing will not understand especially.?oi you to demand gifts back
Well, that if you so want I has removed a ring from my finger and I
shall try to send soon to YOU it back
On the contrary the God will give me more
But the GOD nothing will give YOU
I think that, you do it you the doing not believe person so does
Write to me once again YOUR exact address
I would not want that YOU strongly experienced for this ring
I shall send it to YOU back
Can be quiet
Let the Lord to YOU will be the judge
As you in every day repeated how many there were in Moldova .?oi YOU the believing person
How to be if to YOU it was necessary in a temple or in church to make
sacrifices, you then again back you have gone and have asked?
I wish to know as at YOU have passed flight
At ALL OF YOU it is normal you at home?
I finish my letter
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