Scam letter(s) from Binita to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
I got your mail now and i saw you there on instance message which i thi k you will respond better but no respond, i have went trow you profile and i realy enjoy what i saw there thats why i think i should go straight and let you know what i have for you in mind. firsly you are welcome in honour and with due respect from me Binta, As you can see am new to the site and you are first man that i met so i think there must be something graet that is coming out from there thats why i think i should continue with you and see were we can go from there. And again thank for the mail, its was nice to read from you again. How have you been doing am glad everything is fine??

Well, before i go on to some of the good thing i have in store for You. My name is Binta my mum called me Queen, am 29 years old .letting you know who i am and making things straight so we can both decide if we want the acquaintances to continue, I consider myself to be an easy-going and sociable person. People say that I'm too compassionable.But I think there can be not too much compassion in this world. I love children and want to find my quite place around the family fireplace. I like to do many things that make me forget about the everyday routine and take me to some other interesting and exciting world. Among such things there are reading interesting books (that is something very enjoyable and relaxing). I love music and I love dancing. It's something that makes you spend your time in the most wonderful way. I work here with a charity organization as a volunteer helping the less privileged kids, due to the nature of my work, I think we are far apart at the moment, I love kids so much and if no one is interested in what am doing now, I’d rather be the only one in the world who is interested in what am doing ,they are victims of circumstances most of whom were orphaned.

Am from united State so that’s where my dad 's from but i lost him while i was just a kids. I never got much of him. So i have not spend most of my life in the state but i love to meet and make friends with people from the state, where my dad is from, I have lived with my mom in Benin republic a beautiful city, she is originally from Benin, when i was a kid we used to travel between the state and Benin was fun, but after my dad death, she relocated to Benin republic where we both lived till i grew up to be a lady, I am from a good home, well brought up with good education, I did not come into the site to meet people that hurt me, or think less of like to meet genuine people, who would not mind sharing anything with m,who will be my friend and who will respect me for whom i am and not wanting to take advantage of me, knows where that might get us maybe after some correspondence we both might have the desire to meet up some how. I would not mind to travel too... i am not a one-night stand type, so if that is what u are looking for, I think I am the wrong person cos i never think we will meet do you?? I love everything about you let me know where we stand now? what do you do fo fun?i will have to drop here and i will be looking forward to hear from are some pics of me so tell me you love it.....
Letter 2
It nice to read again from you. you could have send me you pics to know how you look like but theres no problem about that. I have everything to proof that am for real and for you i cant just rush into any relationship just like that because i know what is going on in internet this days that theres alot of scammers there and thats what you trying to avoid but i believe i will get to my destination.Am a kind of lady with all desire from women and i came to this site to meet the real man to be so i will like to learn more about you and see were we can go from there. Please let me know how you feel and what you are upto.
I will drop here again and looking forward to hear from you.....
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