Scam letter(s) from Nina to Javier (Spain)

Letter 1
I am very thankful for your message to me, as I felt that something will happen with me today! I didn't expect to receive your letter, but I am very glad to get it! I cannot transfer my feeling of happiness and heart beating when I opened my mail-box today and saw that somebody needs me, my communication and my heart. I was flying in the sky!!! You made my day!
You’re maybe surprised, why I became so delighted after I have found your letter here, well, it's not so difficult to explain. You know, for me it's the first time when I put my profile in the Internet and it's a bit unusual way of communication for me, and actually I even could not imagine that this will work!
I am sure that you want to know me better, and I will try to characterize myself like most of people think about me. In the future it will be more easy for us if we will ask each other different questions, as I think it will make our communication more interesting and fulfilled! Ok?
So, as you already know my name is Nina. I am 23 y.o. My birthday is on 25 of December. I live in a small town of Rudki, Lviv region, it is situated in the western part of Ukraine. I love my native place very much, because of it's picturesque country side, old traditions and amazing fresh air!
As for my studying, I am a student on the last course, and my future profession will be journalist. I am fond of this! In the University we work with real professionals, and they inspire us for really great ideas and creative thoughts!
After graduation, I would like to work in building companies and to practice my dreams in the reality! I am sure I will achieve success in this sphere! As you might have noticed I am an optimistic person by my nature and my life motto is " go till the end and get success!". I suppose it is a right position and it really helps me to go further and do not stop!
This motto I also use in my projects in the University and my teachers always mark my style.
By the way, I can speak and write English by my own. I studied well at school so now I can freely communicate with everybody I want to. I think it will help us in our communication. Isn't it?
Dear, I feel that I have so many things to tell you, but at the same time I don't want to make this letter very long for you to reply me soon! And I also wonder what kind of person you are.
Already looking for your letter, Nina!
Letter 2
Hello my dear! I am very glad to meet you again here in Internet! I am very happy to find your letter in my mail-box!!! I am very glad that you wrote me back, as it seems that I made you interested in my personality, and you want to more about me And this delights me very much! Thank you!
Dear, I am very thankful that you tell me about your family and your life. It is like a real touch to you and your everyday routine.
And I suppose it is my turn to tell you about my family. So, my family is not rather big, but we have a lot of relatives and friends! Our family is known as open-hearted and ready to help in any situations.
My mom works as laboratory assistant on the plant. As for my dad, he is a fire fighter. His profession is very dangerous, but at the same time so important for people! I proud of him very much! I love my parents very much; as they are the closest people in the whole world for me. If one day I will be asked to describe the ideal family, I will tell about my parents. They live together for very long time, and I have never heard that my dad screamed to mom, or something else. They really love each other, and keep their passion so many years!!! They are a real idol for me. Hope I will be lucky to create such relations and have such deep feelings in the future! This is my dream, which I hope will come true!
I also have a younger brother. His name is Victor; he is 15 y.o. - difficult age for teenagers! Sometimes it seems that I talk with a hedgehog or cactus! He never agrees with my point of view, and expresses his individual decisions. But I love him very much!
I think you are eager to know more about me and my features of character. Oh, how difficult it is to talk about yourself!!!!! But I will do all my best in order to concentrate and to tell you who I am. Well, as for other my qualities, I like truth and honest relations. To my mind these features are prevailing in creating family relations and true feelings. I hope you agree with me. Do you?
By the way, what is your prominent feature of character? How can you describe yourself in couple of words?
What are your bad habits? And negative features of character?
To make our communication more vivid and true it will be great to see your pictures, to see you, and have a chance to imagine you in the reality and you looking at me at the same time, looking in my eyes and feeling that I am honest with you. It is like first step to each other, to trust each other, and to create something intimate and personal. Dear, I hope it doesn't sound as nonsense; I just want you to know that I promise to be honest with you all the time, and from your turn I want to have the same.
So I hope that you understand what I mean and accept this.
And as the proof of this I am looking for your reply impatiently.
Your Nina!
Letter 3
Hello my darling! I am very happy that you wrote me again!!!! Thank you dear! Letters from you it is like the warm sun shine, which always makes brighter my day and helps to get small piece of happiness everyday! And gives me hope to find my real man, my soul-mate, and husband! Dear, I hope my letters do the same as I try all my best to bring you some light to your life!
Thanks for your ideas about ideal woman for you. I am very glad to know that some of qualities that you’ve described are similar with mine. And I hope you will notice that!
Reading your description of ideal woman I have noticed that I really can be the One for you, hope one day you will also feel the same.
Dear, I really want to start real relations, because I am very tired of loneliness. I need your care and your attention. I think in the future we could be a great couple together. How do you think???
I hope my letters and my words woke some feelings in your heart and your mind. I really hope on that!
Each of your word makes me feel as I am on heaven, you are so romantic, kind and caring! Your soul is full of interesting ideas and dreams, and I like that because it shows that you are a real man who wants to achieve his aim and wants to find his beloved, second part of heart!!!! And these qualities give me hope that I was looking and I found the right Man!!!
Maybe you will be interested in my idea of ideal man with whom I would like to create real family and feelings. And I with great pleasure will tell you, and I am sure you will find most of the features in your own personality.
I am looking for loving, caring, and open-hearted person, who will love me for who I am but not for whom he wants me to be! He should be able to share his thoughts and dreams, his ambitions and ready to open his heart and his soul to me. I think it is the most important thing in relations of two beloved people.
I want to love and to be loved! I understand that my words can sound too trivial to you, but…I am sure that not everybody understands and means the same by these simple words.
“I love you”. For me it is a great responsibility and a real feeling, which can’t be told to everybody!
As for me I can tell this words only to my beloved and my family of course. Hope one day I will find such person here in the Internet! And who known maybe this person is you?? J
I hope I have already found him!
Don’t pay great attention on my words, because I am just a woman and it is natural for us to imagine ourselves with men of our dream...and nevertheless, I think we could be together some day! I want to talk with you someday, to hear the timbre of your voice and to have an opportunity to be a part of your life.
As I like you, and you told me that you like me! This is the most important I think! Don’t you think so? J
So, my darling, I think it is time to close my letter here, as in the next letter, we will discuss another topic. Will we????
So I will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible!
With best wishes Ninochka!
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