Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vylekzhanina to Richard (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello! Is it valid you? I did not think what to find with you contact it so simply! :)
I actually very badly understand all this system of all these sites of dating and consequently I suggest to use usual email letters. :) As I have understood you that you too search for good acquaintance on the Internet, I wish to please you!!! I search for good acquaintance too. Do not laugh over me, I really wish to find good acquaintance in the Internet. I consider that the Internet is the best and safe place for search! :) Do YOU agree with me? I am 27 years old and I live in Russia. ok, I send you photo. If I like to you, if you pursue the same aims as at me if you are ready to regular dialogue that I will look forward to your reply! :) Be not confused, this ring on my hand not mean that I am in marriage. On my orthodox religion it only an ornament. :) I write you letter! :) I can speak and write in English! I ask you that you wrote to me in English! :) Now I do not know what to write to you. I hope you will answer me. The lonely girl Natalya :) P . s - Happy New Year! I wish you happiness in new year! :)
Letter 2
Hello! I am childly glad, that you have written to me. I do not believe that you have written to me even now! Well, I am very glad to it. I was very happy, when I have come to Internet-cafe and have seen the letter from you. I write to you from Internet-cafe because I have not computer in my room. Internet-cafe here works all days and nights.
I think that you are very good person.:)
And you were glad when you have received my message in dating site?
So, if you allow, I shall begin our acquaintance! My name is Natalya. I live in biggest of the world country called Russia. :)
I will tell you about my city in following letters! ok?
I have send you a photo of my city that you could approximately see how my city looks for summer. I think, it is pleasant to you. What do you think, when have seen this photo?
Can you send me many your photos? I think, it would made a lot of pleasure for me...:)
So, I wanted to tell you more about myself. I am 27 years old. My height is 165 cm. My weight is 48 kg. I was born at September, 1 in 1980. I work as the waiter in small cafe "Zig-Zag" This small cafe in the center of my city which is in demand a usual average layer of the population. By the way, I carry myself to average layer of a society. And you? What you can say about it? haha! I`ll better tell to you about the work. I only the waitress, but I am not ashamed it, in fact this business have not only minuses but also pluss. We meet many people, due to my work, I know many people now! It is great! Well... Still I can cooking wonderfull dishes!!! Can you cook too? Ok, I shall tell you about more important. Closely read... haha!!! I have good sense of humour! I had attitudes with Russian men, but they drink so much alcohol and can be rough with girls. Such attitudes do not arrange me. If to tell shortly and clearly in Russia not remain the truly men. This my opinion. I want the person who will love and respect me. Therefore I am serious in search person with help of the Internet. Now I think, you understand that I want from you. We can try build relationship with you, if you don't against with it? ok? I do not know what tell you more about myself. You are very interesting to me. I
shall wait for your letter. P. s. - do you like my name? Natalya :)
Letter 3
Hello! I am very pleased to receive the new letter from you. I am pleased, that I have Opportunity to write to you.
I shall be very glad, if you will send me many your photos!
I love soft and fluffy toys very much!!:) You like my photos?
I also very much like your name!:)
It is very lovely!:)
I am very glad that we with you have an opportunity to communicate. E-mail letters it is a remarkable way to communicate. All this reminds me medieval knightly love novels when letters were forwarded with the help of pigeons... It so is romantic... You agree with me?
I would like to hear your voice. I would like to see your fine photos. I want to read your letters constantly.
Can you tell me your phone number? I shall call to you if i will have opportunity. :)
Recently I thrown my phone in snow and phone now does not work. I am very much upset.
While I have no new phone, I shall buy new phone from my next salary which I shall receive in next month. I hope you understand.
Still... I spoke that I write to you from Internet - cafe when to me conveniently. I want to agree with you if we want to get acquainted very close, we should write on a regular basis each other letters. ok? You agree?conveniently to me. I want to agree with you if we want to get acquainted very close, we should write letters to each other possible more often. ok? You agree? I shall tell you about my life. I was born in city which I live now. It is a small but beautiful city witch called Zelenodolsk. If you want to learn about Zelenodolsk more in detail, I shall tell you in detail about it in the following letter. Now I want tell you about myself. I have finished high school and have not acted in university because not enough money. I learned English and German language at school. Here are excellent teachers. In English I talk much better than in German. Still I know the French language very little! Parle le france?:) I never did not travel anywhere, but I very much would want to look the world. I know perfectly only my city Zelenodolsk.
What that time I worked as the distributor of cosmetics for women ORIFLAME, but have soon stopped it to be engaged, because at me the small income was. Now I work as the waiter in small cafe. There I work 3 years. I communicate on work with set of people. I am very sociable also to me it is pleasant to get acquainted with new people. You have very strongly interested as anybody another very much for me . Certainly I would work on more perspective work, but in my city it is difficult find such work.
I dream to arrive to university and receive higher education. But in Russia is road and full of obstacles. I dreamed to be the lawyer, but I cannot allow expensive training on this speciality...
Now I live one in a small apartment of parents. My parents live separately from each other. So appeared, that when I was absolutely small they have divorced. It was the need as their incorporated life was accompanied constant scandals. Usually I do not like, when it recollects, but I want tell it for you. Later in each of them have appeared new families, but I could not live in one of them. Therefore to relatives for me the person became the grandmother - mum of the father. The grandmother from my childhood studied to be fair with people and not repeat a mistake of mine parents. But later in 2003 I have lost the closest person for me. My grandmother has died from illness of heart.
In the family I grew one, at me was not present brothers and sisters. Name of my mother Liliya, and daddy name is Alexey. I have no driving licence, but I like to take for a ride in a car!!! haha !
I have never been marriage. I had never have children. I very strongly love children!!!! I adore them!!! I would like to get children with my beloved.
Tell to me about the relatives please. My working day from 8:00 till 17:00 . And how many time your working day lasts? I hope to you, it was interesting to learn more about me.
I am very pleased to our dialogue. :)
With impatience I shall wait for yours the answer.
P. s - is my favourite cat. Her name is Belka... ha - ha! She such ridiculous!
Letter 4

It is very pleasant for me to receive again letter from you. You have very
strongly interested me. I want to learn more about you. Tell me about your family, about your interests.
WOW! You can send me a photo of beautiful places of your city :)? You can send me your loved by a photo?
In the last letter I have a little written about myself. Now I shall tell you about myself.
Since my childhood I was very impressionable girl. Approximately at this age I have gone through parting the parents. Mum always rowed to daddy because it frequently used alcohol. All this was postponed at me in heart, and it is always difficult for me to recollect. But time went, and wounds were healed. Then I lived with the grandmother.
well, don't be tell about sad. I think I shall tell to you as I have got acquainted with the best my girlfriend Olga in the childhood. We with it lived in one a home and seldom communicated. As that time I hurried up home in the evening and very quickly ran to the door and WOW!!!, suddenly in a corner of a house Olga runs out and runs directly into me. I have received a bruise on a head, but I that evening have found the best girlfriend for all life. Have you friends too? I have very strong character. I always overcome difficulties of life. I am always very quiet and self-assured. Sometimes I obstinate, but in the measure. Almost always I soft and fluffy. And what about your character?
I like to go in for sports, I listen to classical music, I like to read love novels, I like to spend time in a circle of friends. And what your interests?
I like to go sports. Sometimes we with my girlfriend Olga go to a training hall "Beauty and health". I like to run, skate, float. I have very good body. YOU are proud of me?
I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol and drugs.
Zelenodolsk are a usual provincial small town of Russia. My city green and hilly. It is very beautiful. Beside the river Volga proceeds. You probably know her. She is huge and fine. Thought up many songs and verses about it. And what about your city? I Wait for your frank answer with impatience.
P. s is my best girlfriend! Her name is Olga! She transfers you greetings!!!
Letter 5
Hello! I have received your letters and as always I am overflown pleasure. It is very pleasant for me that you do not ignore my questions as some men, and frankly answer. I feel even on long distance your good-natured character. You to me are very pleasant. I want to hold dialogue with you eternally, but alas it is impossible. When I come In Internet-cafe best minutes of my day begin. And what about ours dialogue for you? hello to your family!:) I think you have good family!:)
It is not a pity to you of this poor lamb?: (me it is very a pity...
What you interestingly smell it? Ok, now in my letter you can see my favourite photos!!! I adore to read love novels and lyrical verses. I very strongly like to watch melodramas. I much cried when looked TITANIK, because I am very impressionable since the childhood. I was struck of mutual love of both characters. I dream of the same enormous love. But all of it sometimes bores on me, in fact I never had mutual love. In past I have been in love with one person. His name is Sasha. Sasha Beliy. We with Sasha lived together during some time. At first time all was good, but later he changed and was indifferent to me. He started to shout to me and has struck me. He took away all our savings and has left. I have fall into depression for some months. One offer, a pair of words have destroyed my life into horror. That money for in love - money it is a trifle, the big trouble for me was loss of the favourite person. Though also the *******, but nevertheless loved. You will not specify it to heart. There passed time and a wound healed. As at us It is spoken: time - the best doctor. I have stumbled at that person and it became a lesson for me. It will never be repeated with me. Now I recollect about it as about the gone test, and I have passed this test. My first love appeared last love for me. It was 4 Year back and for this time I did not have any men. And no one man I do not communicate so close as with you. All secrets and I can entrust my secrets only to you. I even did not speak the best girlfriend about my sufferings. Simply I trust you. At me and ideas do not arise, that You to me somehow will make badly. My first love is those. Can you tell me about your love? I assure you that it will be interesting for me. Do not overlook I every day waiting for your letters. Do not hesitate. Your letters for me very very much important. Very much! Let to you success accompanies!!!!! P. s - I am able to play on the piano. My girlfriend Olga speaks me that at me very well turns out!!! haha!!! Natalya:)
Letter 6
Hello!!! I am very glad to receive the letter from you again! It delivers to me pleasure.
Today when I have seen your letter I was joyful as the child. I was delighted, when I have seen it. I think that you noble man! :) I think to us still early to speak about our meeting. ok?
How are you? How your mood? What is the weather in your city now? What about your work? Today I have told to mum that has got acquainted with you. She very much was delighted to this and began to set many questions and to ask about you. I to it have told all also she speaks, that you can be that person whom I can grow fond. I very much was delighted to these words because words of my mum about you very very much mean for me. My mum sent the regards to you! We with mum like each other!!! You like my mum? :) Sometimes I write to you letters from computer of my girlfriend Olga.. I send you a photo of its computer!:) I believe in the god. I very much frequently with mum visit church because in church I pray for luck in my life and successful. Today I prayed in church for that ours with you attitudes proceeded in the best site and all be good with you. It is very important for me! I think the God always with me because we have got acquainted with you in the Internet. I feel your kindness for 1000000 miles. I hope you understand, that I do not play with you in game. I am very seriously adjusted for development attitudes with you. For me all this is serious as never. And for you? And if it is possible, there were to me still more some photos. I shall be very glad. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow because this most important for my life! P. S. - It is an old ancient Russian icon. It my grandmother has presented me.
It has left to me in the inheritance this icon. It preserves me against any troubles and does me strong. You like my icon which costs at my house? Natalya:)
Letter 7
Hello! I am very pleased with your letter! How was your today! I walked today very long time and thought of you, thought, that could be when you would be with me beside. I represented as we go beside with each other and we keep for hands, we smile each other, in eyes, we talk, then we go in cafe to sit to drink a cup of coffee and we talk again! Then we go at cinema, we look horror film. It became terrible for me, and you have pressed me and speak me: "Don't be afraid, dear" , I with you and embrace me, and then we go and we talk again! But it is only my dreams and it began so badly and lonely to me. Russia _ the Champion!!!! :) We also this year will win the championship ?????? on football! :)
When this terrible mummy has jumped out of the sarcophagus, I ???????????? from the place on 1 metre!!!!! I very much was frightened! :)
Tell to the friend, that our meeting is only our business. :) YOU can beat it, I resolve to you... :) I joke certainly. :)
I think that you very good and fine man! :)
This image is Dmitriy Donskoy - the great Russian man which has protected Russia from spiteful and artful Mongols... So to me my grandmother told! :)
Hello to your fine family and friends! It seems to me very kind and cheerful people!!! WAU!!! She is very big fish! She was tasty!? I have written to you because I want to find love and to be happy.. You - the suitable candidacy! And what you answered me? I frequently siting and I watch love pairs as they look against each other, kiss and talk each other about love and this minute to me becomes so sadly and very badly because I do not have reliable friend who could support me a difficult minute. I very much hope, that I shall find him ... My mother speaks me, that there will be that person who will love me, to preserve, protect, caress and be gentle with me. I very much hope for it. And want you find the present love? For the sake of the love I shall go on any victims...And You? P. s - In the winter in Russia it is very cold! Brrr....
It is a monument to the great Russian heroes 2 world wars. This sacred place. Yours Natalya - kiss.
Letter 8
Hello my dear! I can safely tell to you, that we become closer with you, receiving from each other the new letter. I am very joyful, when I communicate with you. And what about you? I shall tell you the memoirs of my childhood. Speak, that it the happiest time of human life. At early age people are very impressionable. They absorb all positive and all negative also. Therefore it is necessary that from early age of the person kind and clever people surrounded. With it to me in a life has carried. My mum with daddy very much care of me, because they loving parents. From mum I have learned that i should always listen my heart and not just trust clear thinking. From my daddy I have learned that i should not nobody afraid. It spoke that all people are equal, so there is no occasion of whom that to be afraid. Also I was brought up by the grandmother. From it I have learned to be sincere. Also my girlfriend Olga of me has learned much. Now you tell about the relatives.:) Very much it is pleasant to me horror films! :) Now my favourite film "Mummy". :)
NO!!! I think that Russia will be the champion!!!!!!! Is not present is not present is not present!!!
Italy, England, France will not win!!!! :) Sweden will borrow 2 place! :) I nevertheless insist that you have knocked your friend! :) he he, it only a joke mine dear! :) I also hope that you my love! :) You force me to feel the small timid girl! :) I think that it will be very remarkable, if I have the husband and children and we will live on a countryside!
It will be remarkable! :) Also it is pleasant to me "Loard of the Rings". This very magic cinema... It is pleasant to me! :) She is such terrible and big fish!!!! She is more terrible than a mummy!!! I never would take her in hands!!!
How you are not afraid? You have very much a nice face! :) I studied in high school # 18. It is good school with good teacher's structure. It is wonderful, that I there studied. First of all I there studied for part of my life! There were friends, there were enemies, there were quarrels, there was a present human friendship.... The First kiss, examinations, bad and good points.... These are my associations on the account of school. I remember as though was yesterday as me caused to answer to a board before all class. And sometimes I did not know a material and as I cried when have received the first "it is "bad". At school I was pleased and longed, liked and hated. What to do, people are aranged so. I very much love the school. The school for ever remain in my soul. I send to you a photo of my school. Tell about the school. Believe me, it so is interesting to me. I think that I had the happiest childhood though I did not have expensive toys and beautiful dresses. But I was brought up with the kindest and fine people on light. I am grateful to the God, that it has sent me in my family. I'm fine, and at you my friend? Please write to me about the childhood. I wait for your letter. P. s - is your small Natalya!!! Natalya - kiss.
Letter 9
Hello! My dear I am again full of pleasure - I have received your letter. Send me the photos. I very much love them. You like the nature with infinite meadows and fields, transparent lakes and the rivers, green woods and the blue sky? Personally it is pleasant to me. I like to be in harmony with the nature. Probably therefore I aspire to leave at leisure in the summer On the nature with close people. When we have a rest at small river, we swim, we fry a meat - called kebab, we go for a drive on a boat, sometimes we fish. And most remarkable it to sit in a circle of friends near fire at night. We sing with guitar, we tell terrible histories, We are dared above jokes. It is rest as a hobby and bodies. Write to me with whom and as you have a rest on the nature. I very much like your photos! Hello to your family :)!
She is small fish is very lovely, it very much is pleasant to me! :)
I very much like your house! YOU very well are able to describe things in the letter, at you simply talent! :) I have distant relatives who live in village. I sometimes visit them. We with them are very strongly pleased when we see. At them a usual small house with a kitchen garden and a field for a potato. They conduct a heavy way of life: they cut fire wood that it was warm in the winter and To flood a bath (you probably heard about Russian winter and Russian bath), constantly carry water in the house (in village there is no waterpipe), Look for cattle (cows, sheeps, hens and others), mow and dry a grass for cows (haymaking). But there so it is good!!!!!!! When I arrive in village to me it becomes easier to breathe (very pure air), there is a lot of ponds and woods. I like to bathe and collect mushrooms and berries. Once I have lost the way in a wood and was not lost nearly, but I have met the mushroom picker and it has deduced me from a wood. I so have got a fright!!! Can I ask you, please write me where you and with whom you have a rest. It is very important for me. Write about your friends, I am confident, they same kind good as well as you. And you read daily newspapers or magazines? With impatience I wait for the answer. P. s - you like the Russian nature? Natalya - kiss.
Letter 10
Hello my dear! I am glad receive this letter from you. I want to tell you that I like read your letters very much. I read, and read and read your messages, and everytime it puts a smile in my face... you are such a real person with very, very honest soul and very good principles... When I received your letter, my mood was improved. My dear, what you make with my heart? Every day I feel new feelings to you and this feelings much more that was be at the last time. I never saw you in a real, but I have this fine feelings any way. And it is surprise for me. I know you not enough time, but I belive to my heart. I like tenderness and caress. I didn't like the rough attitude. I like, when someone make his attention to me. And I love when someone present a flowers. By the way I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman it is flowers. I think that the main thing for the woman are attention and care, instead of a gift. Many Russian women marry with a rich people which they didn't love. I very much want to meet you! I want to meet you very much!
My hunter... :) You very lovely and pleasant interlocutor! :)
You have the lovely daddy! :) These are very beautiful places... I very much like your ideas! :)
It is very lovely! :) They are marry, marry not with man but with his money. When they create a family with rich man, they have very rich life. But these women very soon understand that they unfortunate because they do not love their husband, only their money. I can't be like their cause I think that the most important things in life, it is be happy and making happy someone else. I think that money bring only angrily to mankind, but sometime without money it is impossible to live. I want to find persons whom I really love, and it is not important for me,is he rich man or not. My dear, I can speak with you, about my feelings in my heart. I feel that you are person to whom I can tell many things, that I can't tell to my good friends. It is surprise me very much, cause I know you very small time, but for this time I had an impression, that I know you for a long time. When I receive the letter from you, it is very good on my soul and warm in my heart. I want to read your letters every days. Any way I think that I must stop writing about my feelings and tell you about something else. In the childhood my mother told me that i must learn cause only then I can find a good work. In our country education is not appreciated. Many people, who have a hight education, have very bad work. They have very small money because in our country it is very difficult and hard to find a really good work. In your country people to appreciate education? I know, that for example your government invite our scientists cause they think that in Russia we have very good education but how I told you before it is very hard to find a good work here. Tell me, what opinion your people have about our country? What they are think? Cause sometimes I think that Americans think that here in Russia we have a bears who walking at the streets, then that all Russian man called Ivan and that our food is pancakes and that we all drink alot of *****, but sometimes it is true ;-) no in the true we not like this, and may be you want to tell me that this is not true, but please belive me that we are here and we see what other people thinking about our country.And I want to tell you that this is not true. Any way I want that you know that I am very happy to have the conversation with you. And I hope that at the one day we will meet with you in the real. I hope that it will be soon. P. s - It is my favourite toy "Bear". I very much love her... USSR - At us in hearts!:)) Natalya - kiss.

Letter 11
Hello! Dear, I can tell, that when I receive the letter from you, is considerably cheered up at me.
I think distinction at the age of 50 years, it is a lot of.... I agree with you. :)
The best gift in Russia is a passionate kiss! :)
I am surprised and admired by your knowledge of Russia. :) It is very healthy. Recently I live only with hope, that we shall sometime meet you. And you? I like to read verses about love. Especially I like A.S.Pushkina's poem " Ruslan and Lyudmila". A history about infinite love. I have read her already some times and each time I more and more and I understand value of love in a human life more. A life without love it not a life, and something like existence of animal. It is very difficult for me to live without love, it is especial after I tested all consequences not mutual love. I would not like to repeat mistakes any more. I dream to find mutual love. My dream is gradually carried out. To you my dear I test the big feelings as to anybody to another. I all time think of you. And you? I ask you answer me frankly. I write to you with all my heart and I trust you. Every second my feelings to you accrue. I now above all wish to meet you. It became for me a certain stimulus. I any more do not notice any men, I think only of you Richard . I ask you answer me as soon as possible. In fact your letters deliver so much pleasures to me. Completely your Natalya kiss! P. s - you like my video?
Letter 12
Hello my dear! My dear, I am glad to see a new letter from you. Now I sit behind a computer and I drink hot coffee Nescafe... mmm....:) I want that you have closely read this important letter, Our future will depend of your answer. My dear, I understand, that it is complex to love person whom did not see you actually not one time. You agree with me? I think, that actually you the same good person, as well as in your letters. My dear, I think, that we need to meet. I wish to understand that I feel to you in a reality. Our meeting is obligatory. What do you think of it? I think, that also it is necessary for you to see me. I know, that you want it. I understand it because in letters it is complex to express the feelings to the person. I feel in big excitement when I wait for new letter form you every day. I feel as princess who waits for the prince. It you my dear! You my prince and sense of my life! This really big happiness for me to have your letters. I think of you every day. For me it is complex to express all this in letters. I am assured that we need to meet. My dear, I am assured, that you feel too most. Please, tell to me, that you think of it. It is very important to know for me your opinion. Much because for our meeting we need mutual desire of it will depend on your opinion. You understand me, my dear Richard ? Write to me as soon as possible. Ok, my dear ? Natalya :)
Letter 13
Hello my dear! I want that you also in this letter have correctly understood me, It is very difficult for me to write to you this letter. My dear, I wish to tell to you, that I have the most serious intentions to arrive to you. My intentions to you more, than are serious. I thank the God for that day when we have got acquainted. I wish to arrive to you:) My dear as I have already told to you, that my intentions are serious also I wish to arrive to you and to be with you. I do not know, how i can tell you it. My dear, I think, you can understand me correctly. The matter is that I live not richly. Really it is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it. My dear, I do not know, how I can pay for arrival to you. I do not know, how many cost my arrival to you, but I think, that it will be not cheap for me. Believe, really very much it is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it. But I really do not know, that to me to do. I really have no money, for arrival to you. My dear, I really do not know, that i should to do. If I had though any money I necessarily would arrive to you. But I have no it. It is very inconvenient me before you once again. Write, that you think of it. Ok, my dear Richard ? I make to you once again the apologies if I have written something not so in this letter today. Natalya.
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