Scam letter(s) from Olesya Tymchenko to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, sweetheart! it's always a pleasure to come to the internet cafe and have a chance to talk to you, it brings me such a wonderful and exciting mood always! And today I am more than happy, as you know, sweetie, I have the exciting news for you! Today I went to a Ukrainian Touristic Company in my city and here the travel agent told me that I can get visa to your country, but it would be a tourist visa, cause we have never met with you and it can't be a visitor's visa. More over she told me it would be difficult for me to obtain any other kind of visa because I have never been abroad before. So, I can get only a tourist visa and it will be valid for 30 days. But before I need to to get an international passport, which will cost 197$. And to get the visa to your country will cost me 295$. To make the passport will take me a week or ten days the longest, but to get a visa it will take up to month. But they told we could apply for them both at once and they could start making them simultaneously. The visa costs so much cause the Touristic Company, which does it, guarantees that I will get it for sure. I think you should know that it's hard for people from Ukraine to get the visa in such countries as yours. But I hope that I can get it easily, as I want to come to be with you so much.

Also in the Touristic Company they told me that after I'll visit your country for the first time, it'll be much more easy to come then again and this time by multy-entrance visa But who knows, maybe we'll like each other so much, that you will not want to let me go and then I will stay with you!!! MMMMMmmm.... to meet to you and to stay with you forever! It sounds like a fairy tale. It's my dream, dream of all my life. But I believe that our dream, our fairy tale comes true and we'll meet. Hope that you also want that it comes frue, don't you? Please, think about all these thing! I hope that you are serious in your intentions to me and my coming to you, my sweet Billy! Remember, I trust you as myself! Write me as soon as possible. Send you my tender kisses. Your Olesya.
Letter 2
Hi my love!!!

You know sometime I think that it's just dream and I sleep and can't wake up!!! And I'm so afraid about it. But than I understand that it's real life, that you are real man, my man!!! I can't believe that it's true! I found my prince, it's you. I want that this fairy tale never finishes. I know, I'm sure that it can't finish as our love would be continuing forever, cause we love each other so much. I imagine our first meeting. I fly to you in the airplane. I have some unusual feelings inside me. I excite as I have never fly in the airplane, but the main reason cause after some hours we meet face to face. We will be together. We can discuss our plans for future, our joint living together. What we will be doing together, I'm sure that it would not be a question, as the main now that we meet. So, the airplane starts to plant. And it seems that my heart stops!!! I can't breathe and can't think, I remember just one thing that I should alight from the airplane. I get out and I try to see you from hundreds of people in the airport. And then my heart beats faster cause I saw you!!!! You are with the bunch of flowers. You come to me. We just watch to each other eyes and are silent. There are a lot of people around us, but we don't notice them. We see just each other. We try to enjoin this perfect moment of our first meeting. You take my hand and tender kiss it. Just after that I can think, and can understand that I'm here, I'm with you! And I cry from happiness that I'm with my love, with you, my Sweet Billy!

I'm very happy to hear that you want to support me with coming to you!!! You are the real man! I respect you. And also I love you with all mu heart! You ask me about a bank account... You know, Dear Billy, I need to tell you that, unfortunately, I don't have it, because here in Ukraine it's not very good developed now. And just some business men have a bank account, but not me..... But I agree with you, using the Western Union will be better. So, you need my full name and address:

Olesya Tymchenko
Gryshevskogo St., 8/16
Ivano-Frankovsk region
78400 You ask me about the telephone. Unfortunately, I don't have any: neither at home nor the mobile one. But I want to talk with you so much. But my sister has the mobile telephone. I asked her about using her telephone that to talk with you. So, she can give me her mobile telephone.

Her number is +3-8-068-917-70-20.

I'm waiting for your call tomorrow at 9 AM Ukrainian time. kiss you,

your sweet Olesya.
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