Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Stewart (USA)

Letter 1

hello. I search men I have sent you the letter. But my address does not work. Write here. I have sent you the letter. But my address does not work. Write here.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Stewart , thank for your letter.
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you news!
In this letter I would like to tell to you not much about the life, about city in which I live. Likely it will be interesting to you to learn it.
Stewart I Live in a new small small town which name Big Kaibici, it is the new regional centre about Kazan.
Our area shares on an old and new part. I live in a new part and I put weight of efforts for development our area. My one-room apartment to be in the one-storeyed house, in which 5 apartments. My apartment smal, but very cosy.
And the cosiness is created by I. But in this apartment there is no family heat. I live in it not one, with me my favourite dog Grem.
Stewart you likely will ask: why a dog instead of a cat?
I want to answer at once.
Dog very devoted animal. And I think, that a dog it is cleverer than cats.
Breed of my dog Nuwfaundlend. We name from the Diver.
It very kind and clever.
This unique alive essence which waits for me at home.
I have distant relatives he is the distant brother and his parents, but they live in the other city and we see very seldom, they sometimes help me when it is absolutely difficult for me.
It happens very alone so to live it would not be desirable.
If you had loneliness that you of me will understand.
Only the person who has felt, that such loneliness can understand it.
It to not transfer in a word.
I calm myself that I young and am still chance to arrange the life.
There are people which even more difficultly and more hardly but they do not surrender.
And I think myself very strong person which all can.
Thank my relatives that they support me, they bring to me a potato for winter and different vegetables which they raise on the site it is strong support from their party.
In the rest I try to consult.
Still I have girlfriend, I to you already mentioned it I her too very much I like, she very good person.
In the free time I am engaged in the dog and an apartment, I bring all in the order.
Sometimes I make trips to Kazan.
(in our settlement of it is not present as it very small.).
There it is possible to have a rest spiritually.
Such trip borrows 2-3 days.
For this time I visit theatre, a museum, a circus.
It is very fascinating. As Kazan very big city.
Which is very beautiful and sated.
The holiday more recently was: 1000 to city of Kazan.
It is very big holiday there were many celebratory actions.
There was a magnificent laser show.
Many known people of Russia have visited Kazan.
In a word to not transfer all beauty. Believe, it was very beautiful.
I have not big hobby, I like to go for a drive on rollers, and in winter time for skates. And you have hobby? You love what music?
I love all musical directions. It depends on my mood.
And the mood at me very much frequently varies:))
But nevertheless it is quieter music under which it is possible to relax and think.
PS concerning your letters. I ask you to not send the big photos.
As for me it is very expensive to receive sizable letters.
The most optimum up to 250kb.
As speed of reception very small and it borrows a lot of time and I do payment of time in Internet.
Stewart I shall wait your answer. Good-bye.
Natasha. Bye...
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