Scam Letter(s) from Alena Pavluchenko to Billy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Billy!!!I'm so happy that you will be good soon!!I hope that it will be sooner!I dream about our meeting more than ever!!Honey,i asked my friend,her sister works at the travel company,and she told that she can help to obtain visa for sure!!Of course it is not so easy and that is why it costs about 275$.But i will have it for sure!!!

I have to do also my intentional passport,but it is very easy and i can have it just in 7 days!!!I have just to bring all the documents and that is all!It will cost 187$.

Honey,i do not have a bank account,because in our country it is not so easy to have one.For this you have to be a businessman or something like that!

But i was told that it is very easy to transfer the means with the help of the Western Union.Have you heard about it?A husband of my friend often works abroad and helps her with the money,and they always use the services of the western union.They told that it is very easy and reliable way to transfer something!

Honey,please tell me what do you think about it?I hope to hear from you soon!

Yours waiting Olena

PS: here is the photo of me and my mum

Letter 2

Honey,i'm happy that you are doing well!!I hope that you will recover very soon!!!My honey,i would love to come to you as soon as possible!!It is my dream to see you and i want it more than anything else!!But i have to tell you that i do not have means for travelling!My dear Billy,i'm just a student and i do not earn now!So,i think that i can come to you only if you will help me to cover the expenses!!!

Hope to hear from you soon,

yours Olena

Letter 3

My dear Billy what a great idea to meet in Thailand!!!I think it would be perfect!!!Lets meet in Thailand!!I want to swim and sunbathe!!!And by the way you will have a splendid opportunity for you to see me in bikini!!!

Honey,when will we go there?But first i need to do my international passport and i hope that you will help me to do it!!

Honey,please write me very soon!I'm so exited to see you!!

Yours Olena



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