Letter(s) from Maria to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,my darling Victor!!
How are you today? I am ok.
Thank you for your warm letter with a nice photo,I was happy to receive it, it told me more about you,it was interesting,I like you very much and I am happy that I met you in this life,you are so charming, I think we can build strong and happy relations together.
You shouldn't worry about your age,it doesn't mean much for me,the main is the attitude to each other,relations between people,do you agree?
Now I want to tell something about me and my inner world. I hope that this can help you to know a bit more about me, and my interest as well as my personality, I have to say you made a great impression on me, and I am doing all I can to impress you. but I also want to tell you, that as tender and loving as I can be, I can also be a bit of a difficult person to sometimes, and I tell you why ?May be that has something to do with my Zodiac sign , and these are some of the things that other people tell about me, and I have noticed a lot of truth in them, as well as my own description of me:

Creative, Passionate, Loving, sensitive, affectionate, determined, hard working, funny, active, a great Dancer, a magical chef in the kitchen, wonderful with kids, great sense of humor, easy going,straight forward, honest, well balanced right brain and left brain, intuitive, swimmer, tennis player, ambitious, always striving for better, perfectionist, warm, make people feel comfortable at once, interesting conversationalist. Self sufficient, appreciative, realizing the best moment in life, and try to enjoy every second of it.

I hope you don't mind if I was carried away a bit , but these are some of the smallest elements that make me , a person ! But I am also a very overly sensitive, stubborn, no tolerance for stupidity, and I don't like to settle for less in life!!!!! I am very easily bored with uninteresting people that have nothing to offer , share or talk about. I need to know that he is thinking about me often.

I want to make my new relationship to last a life time.

Never compromise for some one you do not love, never marry a person that you are not a %100 in love with, thinking that love will come later. Cause once you are married you better make sure that your partner, your soul mate, and your lover is the # 1 person in your life.

He or she should get treated better than any one you have ever lived with or been friends with, you should never do any thing to make him or her feel less than a Man or a Woman. You should treat that person with Love and respect, and to stand behind that person through any thing in life , a one hundred percent.

To be so close to each other that no one can even dare to come between the two of you. To be so comfortable with each other that he or she does not have to find comfort some where else. To satisfy each other's needs physically and sexually that he or she does not have to look else where. Compliment each other on daily basis and tell each other how much that person means to you and your life., and constantly appreciate every minute of your life together.

I can go on and on and perhaps even write a book about relationships and about how I really think two people should treat each other, and to help their marriage last a life time, but the truth is that non of us are perfect and that is the time in our lives that we get to actually practice our knowledge, patience, tolerance, and understanding, coping with problems, and communicating to each other, family values and so on...... Only then we can perhaps make an almost perfect match to an absolute Love and happiness.

I hope you are not bored with my long letter. If you have any questions, you can ask them directly.
My tender kisses,Masha.

Letter 2

Hello,my honey Victor!!!
How are you,my darling?
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Merry Christmas!!!!
Many kisses for your warm letter,I was happy to receive it,
I like you very much and I am so happy that I have you in my life.
You know,my darling Victor, I celebrated New Year at home with my parents, we ate different tasty salads and watched TV, I thought about you and wished to be with you as quickly as possible.
My darling Victor,I'd like to come to you,to be with you,to be your New Year's present, what do you think about this? do you want me to come to you?
I'd like to talk to you over the telephone,please,call me to the same phone number +3-8-095-714-68-25
as soon as you get this letter and we'll discuss everything about our meeting,ok?
I'm waiting for your call impatiently,
kisses and hugs,
thinking about you,
with love,your MASHA.

Letter 3

It's Masha's mother,Elena.
I want to tell you my daughter Masha is at the hospital because she has hard form of flue and she will be there for several weeks.
She feels very bad,has high temperature and strong cough. She worries about you, she told me that she doesn't want to lose you,she asked me to send you this letter, I don't know English but I asked the manager of the Internet cafe to write you this letter.
My daughter gave you her kiss and said that you shouldn't worry about her, she misses you very much.
As I am mother of Masha,I want to tell you that I am glad that my daughter met you and I wish happiness and love to you and my daughter,I hope you are that person who can make my daughter happy but now I worry about health of my daughter very much and I hope you'll understand this situation, my best wishes to you,
sincerely,Masha's mother.

Letter 4

Hello Victor!!!
this is Masha's mother again.
Thank your for your letter,I'll give it to my daughter, I want to tell you my daughter's condition didn't change and I worry about her very much,I don't want my daughter to die from high temperature.
I hope you'll help to safe my daughter.
my best wishes to you,