Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Volcano to Kenneth (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Kenneth!

Thanks for your letter. It's really cool that I have drawn your attention. I was really pleased to receive the letter for I like new acquaintances. I have many friends, it's nice to meet with them... but you know, something is missing in my life... and as time goes by, my friends become older, get married, some of them even have babies already... And me.. I'm still alone... Some people believe that it is impossible to fall in love when the two live in different countries.. What a nonsense!!! One year ago my best friend met a man with a help of the Internet, they corresponded for some period of time, and then he came to visit her.... After the some time of spending the time together he made her a proposal... Oh!! It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever saw... and they were so happy!! Now they have a beautiful baby-girl!!.. I am so envious and happy for them... I hope to find my own happiness just like they did. What do you think of that? Do you believe just like I do that no distances can prevent two people from loving each other?

So... my name is Nataly or simply Natasha. I live in a small town of Perevalsk which is in Ukraine. And where are you from?... My eyes are hazel but I have such poor eyesight that have to wear lenses (I hate glasses - I don't even have a pair). I was born on the 23th of May, 1983 and I'm almost... 24 years old. If you'd like to know, my height is 165cm and my weight is 52 kg.I prefer active mode of life and I am always in movement - simply can't sit on one place for a long time. There is so much of unspent energy, tenderness, feelings and emotions, including sexual, in me, that I really need someone to share all those with.. I'm like a rose, which is ready to blossom out; like a volcano which is ready to erupt... just need someone to help me.... Say, do you live alone or with a family, do you have someone to take care of?

Oh, I'd like to tell you so much about myself, but afraid to scare you with a long letter.... And you are free to ask me any questions so as we could learn each other better.

Yours Natasha (volcano of passion).

Letter 2

Dear Sir Kenneth,

We inform you that Miss Nataly is using our services as a translation company. We provided her with translation and Internet to correspond with you. As far as we are not a charity our service must be paid. Miss Anna was paying for all her and your letters to be translated and for all pictures to be printed/scanned. Now her account is empty and if you want to help your relationships and keep on going with your correspondence with Miss Nataly, you may full fill your account and continue building your relationships with your lady. We were told that she really doesn't want to lose you and wants build her life with you.

We offer interpreting and translating services for different kinds of organizations and private persons. All services are offered by a team that consists of experienced translators and qualified managers with a solid professional background. Our International Internet Translation Company works only through the global network and we provide different translation branches. We have clients in many countries of Europe, Asia and U.S.A

You are welcome to contact us and we will be glad to inform you about the conditions of our collaboration.


UTA (United Translation Agencies)



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