Scam Letter(s) from Abigail Sulaven to Angela (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hi Dear,
Thanks soo much for your wonderful email to me this morning,Anyway i am mostimpressed about that and also looking forward to be hearing from you always My Dear,Well i am doing Good over here and how are you also doing there,I Really Hope you are doing Good and also life is treating you Good i am thinking now ..Well My Yes i have taken off my profiel at the momets i got your email from Becous i think i am onece man Wife i think..i dont want to take with many women on there....Anyway i am single and also serious looking for a man like to shear what i have with as soon asnpossible..see you and hoep to from you soon bye bye i thiink we Could meet one day on msn live meesanger as well bye bye .

Letter 2

Hi My Dear ,
Thanks soo much for your wonderful email ..Anyway My Dear i think i would also love toknow more about yu ,Cos i also have a stronge feeling for you ok ..Anyway Tell me more about you self Famil and aso about your friends as well..i woudl be looking to know all thet see you and take good And stay blessed...Anyway this are some wonderful pictures of me and my Famil for you i think you love that as well.

Letter 3

Hello My Dear,
Thanks soo much for your wonderful email back to me this morning,I Just Waked up and sew your email and i was soo Hapy with that cos it going to be a Great and sensible Email ,if only its written by you My Dear ,Well Its Saturday morning here and i am going to theym centar,Eo mae some wonderful exercise as well,Cos i think Exersice,Brings fitness to Well how are you doing and how is life treating you over there,Hope you are doing Great and Life also treating you as good....Well i am Glade for youe mail,Anyway those in my Pictures are my Family,Both Brothers and Sister as well i think i have already to you that i have 3Brothers and 2sisters as wlel and i think its Good to have a Family with many people i it...Well i think you have no problem with my email and also with my Pictures as well Cos i have indicated those in my pictures to you see and hope to see you msn messanger i think you have finished with your messanger yet see take good care of your self and stay blessed.

Letter 4

Hi Will.
thanks for your wonderful email back to me ,Anyway how is life there with you,Hope everything is going on well with as ..Well i am soo Happy to met you online and also talked with you yesterday,Well i think that will continioun all the time ..i hope we will ytalk all the time anyway i am ready to re-locate as stay with you when i correct time comes arrund see you bye bye off to church i will be back ok

Letter 5

Oh Yes i like talking with you ok and also not worried about your age i will be with you day over there ok .

Letter 6

meet me online no at msn we will talk about that



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