Scam letter(s) from Olga Vasileva to William (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my lovely and dearest William!!!
My prince, I too very much hope, that very soon I shall with you. You will prepare me barbecue. I am assured, that it is very tasty!!!
To me will be so pleasantly to receive from you a gift on this birthday.
I am very happy, that have found you. I so strongly wish to be with you.
Only you are necessary to me in this world. My prince, you can send me of money to this address:
Russia, Moscow, bank VTB 24
MOSCOW, 125373
I can is easy receive here your transfer. Yes, also do not forget to write my name Olga Vasileva correctly.
I am so happy that you are doing well! When you are happy, I am happy too. Today it is very cold in the street, only my thoughts of you warm me! I want to say that I can't live with you too, my life is your life now! I know, that very soon we can carry out all our dreams. I can be near with you and I can kiss you always, as soon as to me wants. And I want to kiss you always. Sometimes at night it seems to me that I feel your smell and I feel taste of your lips. I sure, that I can not live without you more. I see a great future for the both of us together. We both love and have respect for each other. Don't worry about everything, the main thing that we really LOVE and TRUST each other!!! The other things are not important to me! We will be perfrect partners in life and we will be there for each other. It will be so wonderful knowing that I have an amazing man to come home to everyday. A man who I will love more than anything. Your happiness William is the most important thing to me sweetheart. I just want you to be happy my love. I know that I can make you happy dear. In my heart I know that we will be together soon and I will give you the biggest hug at the airport! I cannot wait for this day my love! I love you so much ! I would like, that our meeting would be held as soon as possible I want to embrace you and to kiss your gentle lips, I want to concern your body, I want to see your perfect eyes. With happiness I am ready to shout at all world, that I love you. You the most perfect and remarkable man all over the world, I did not meet yet such people, as you. I am very lucky that I have met you and I do not want to lose you. You are my prince on the white horse and for the sake of you I am ready on everything, that you will tell, if only you were with me. I send you hot kisses and hugs because I love you William! Bye for now my love. I will be thinking of you my love! Yours forever Olga!!!
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