Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Kuznetsova to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello!!! I'm so pleased that you have written me, I'm very sorry for not so good English , that I has learned in school and in College. Something about me. I'm 173 centimeters tall, my weight is 57 kg, I have lawyer education,I work as teacher in school. I'm very like make professional photo of myself. I have some of it on computer and I will send it to you. I live in the city Kazan. It is approximately in 750 kilometers from the Moscow city. I want to say you, that I love children very much. I have an experience of dialogue directly with Russian people, but they are not adapted, it is serious also. And they drink alcohol very frequently and it not so is pleasant to me. I think, that such habit is not a gift. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong drinks. But sometimes I like to drink in the good company a small glass of grape vine or some good beer, though it happens very seldom. I want to say, that I am able well to play a piano, I have finished musical school, I've studied for 6 years. I Want to inform, that I live with my mum. I don't have the father. I want to say, that I like various music, but mostly classical. I want to be serious. My relations with you are to find love and to create happy family. I will be pleased, if you want the same. I want to say, that I write to you from an office computer. Unfortunately I have no the computer at home. I hope, that it will not be a problem. I know that in this world we have many liar. But I want to tell you, that I'm very serious and don't play in any game. Because I was hurt already, and don't want it again. So write me if you are serious. I hope you'll answer me soon. Yours, Oksana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Mark! How are you, my dear? I hope fine! I'm very happy, that I can talk with so good man as you. I can't say it in words as I happy that in my live present you. I'm glad that very soon will see you. I hope, that you feel this too. I want that all I dream about will come true. I think about that we will meet very soon, that you will meet me with flowers. I'm very like rose. I'm very want that you will happy. I will do all that I can that you will be happy. I hope that we make by God for each over. I hope you will be not disappoint in me. Today I was in travel agency and gave them money and some my documents for making visa and passport. They said that it will be done already on next week. I want to ask you can I come to you so soon? Is it ok that our meeting is already so fast? I want to be with you faster, because I really miss you a lot, dear. I must to say you that now I must to pay for ticket before getting visa. In the contract it is underlined, that for reception of the visa, I should buy air tickets in same company. Only thus I can receive the visa. It is very hard receiving visa in our country. Payment of air tickets by cash this obligatory conditions of our tourist companies, dear. Price of ticket to you 1039 $ - 1099 - 1189 $ ... and then already will be too expensive. The price of plan depend on quality and comfort of place. I don't ask you, dear the best place for me, I'll fly in such class as you wish. Please tell me what you think about this? I hope that we will be together, I'm very want it. I think every second about how we will be happy together. All my friends who know me say that I'm very changed for last days. All people see that I’m very glad that I smile every time. This is all from you. I'm very glad that you wait for me. I hope that you that man that I need. As soonest you help me so soon I will be with you. About sending money. I learned today how you can send me money quickly, I went to the bank and they told me that you can send me money through the system Western Union or Money Gram. Then you send me money you will should send me confirmation number (10 digits), your full name, your full address. After that I will go to the bank and receive money. This is very easy. Transfer via West. Union and Money Gram I can receive in 2 hours after sending. They told me that you need my name and address. My full name: Oksana Kuznetsova. My address: Russia, city Kazan, Mira St. house 78, flat 18. Sorry, but I don't have a telephone at home, but if you will give me your phone number I will try to call you from the international telephone center. Well that’s all for today. Take care for me. Sweet kiss warm hug!
Love, your Oksana!



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