Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Makarova to Isaac (USA)

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Letter 1

My honey Isaac.
Thank for the very pleasant letter.
I very much grieve without you as. Each day I go in Internet of cafe with
By one desire to see your letter. I go along the street and I dream of you.
I want to look in your eyes and to feel your strong shoulder close
To mine. You have changed all life for me.
I long time lived without a definite purpose. All days mixed up together and
All was very monotonous. I lived from one day up to another.
That did not suffice to me to whom. Now I know that it were you.
I am very grateful to you for it. You have grasped my heart, my opinion, mine
Soul. When we shall be together my life my love will be devoted to you.
I have for you a poem. It was composed not by I. But she will help me to express
My feeling to you.
express myself...
In my arms I see,
a beautiful friend,
of golden heart,
and soul of fire.
One sweet kiss,
a tear of joy,
into my arms,
tenderness blows.
Bound by blood,
and guardian angels,
surrounded by dreams,
dancing around your table.
From the Snow to the Fire,
her heart beats quicken, like a eagle on a high peaked Mountain,
to the depths of the ocean.
From Sunrise to Sunset,
the golden glow of a fire,
Love and devotion baby,
You my Sunshine.
I belong to you,
You belong to me,
You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet
A kiss, a smile
Everybody needs it for a while!!!
I think I must tell you bye for now... I'll be keeping you in my mind all the time... I send you my tender kiss and tight embrace

Le escribo a usted la carta con estas palabras que la mayoria de expresar mis sentimientos a usted. Sveta

Sueno - de que su corazon no
Y los deseos pueden hacerse realidad,
En mi alta temperatura - es un monton de deseos,
Yo sueno todos los suenos de ustedes.

Y el deseo en tu corazon,
Deseo, que pondra fin a este sueno
Y comenzo a hacerse realidad.

Ahora - tiempo de la imaginacion
Lleno de amor y esperanza,
Rico con oportunidades
Y sonando fuera de las oportunidades

De los mortales, como usted y yo
Tiempo, el embajador nunca feliz,
Expectativa de otro momento
De la luz y de la risa

Voy a ir en algun momento de haber unido
Y cerca de usted
Vamos a demostrar deseo, que no corazon
Puede realmente hacerse realidad.

Letter 2

Hello my love Isaac.
I am very glad to see your letter.
The gentle wind is like has touched my person in hot weather.
At reading your letter I have a joyful smile and is very happy, that
We have met each other.
Now I am precisely sure, that I not one, though we far apart yours
The letters bring a lot of heat and pleasure in my life, that I feel yours
The presence at my life is constant.
Honey, I constantly think of you where I would not be and that I would not do.
You always with me in my heart.

Yesterday I at work had very difficult day and I am very tired.
When I went home I thought of you. I miss without you each day.
I sat on a bed and read the book, but I have understood, that I can not concentrate
The attention on it. My ideas came back to you again and again.
I thought as far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you from work, to meet
You with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare tasty supper for you and to give
To you all love and care.
I want to give you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy
,As you do me. I feel myself very well, because
We soon shall meet, but I am afraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine
By heart, that that will not interfere with our happiness.
I hope, that for you our attitudes as roads as well as for me.
And I never shall lose you.

On it I shall finish the letter.
Please inform, that you think of all it.

I whole you.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Isaac.
I am very glad that you have answered me. I waited from you for the letter with to become transfixed hearts.

Yes you have offered very remarkable thing to me.
I would be very glad to arrive to you.
I have such opportunity.
I never left the country, and for me it would be the first experience.
I am sure that would lead fine time together with you. I would open for myself not only the new country, but also the new relation.
Probably if this meeting will take place, it will be the beginning of new relations.
I very much is to be trusted in it!!!

But it as to make very much it is not simple.
With it will be as many complexities are connected.
First of all it is difficulties with money.
You should understand it.
I could not expect, that I should go where that. And on this did not save any money.

Only for this reason I cannot make it so quickly.
You should understand it.

What you now think in this occasion? To me interestingly your opinion in this occasion?
How you now act?

I wait for your answer
Your Sveta.

Letter 4

Hello my sweet heart Isaac!

How pass your days?

I am inexpressiblly glad to receive from you the letter
It seems to me that my feelings grow to you every day and I not
I can stop it
It become seems to me that you a part me, my second half.
In me for us very good news.
To me on work have told, that I have a holiday on norm of two months.
I yet do not know as I shall spend my holiday.
I think that I shall take advantage of my holiday approximately through one or two weeks.
I hope that I shall well spend this time, but it is a pity that you now far, it seems to me
That would be magnificent to spend this time together with you.
Sometimes it seems to me that us endows not too much, distance it only visible
Between us if we decide to meet that any distance will be and not
Becomes what barrier to us, I wish to trust in it.
We well know that any serious feelings develop during some time, that
Comes it is instant should as fleetingly to pass, but feelings can sometimes develop
So promptly and strongly what not probably to notice it and to state a full estimation to that that occurs
In your head, it seems to me that something similar occurs to me.
It seems to me that most of all I wish to feel you as a number and to not release you from myself for a minute
And if day has been lived without you then it passes without sense.
When you think, it is more ideal it there is no who. Present all
These feelings now. You know, that I check everything, that I to you have told now.
Should be unusual read it?
I cannot to do that with myself, I cannot order to my heart, I consider that these
Feelings are given to me for that what I could to give you a part from this.
My dear it is necessary as to add that you should have my msn address it, but
While I cannot use it because the Internet in my house is spoiled for that what to write to you the letter
I go to my girlfriend, I hope that soon in my house connection with the Internet will be restored and then we shall be
To speak on msn. OK?

Now I finish my letter and I shall wait your answer with impatience and huge
Desire to read to news from you.

Letter 5

my honey Isaac.
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank for your sincere and warm letters.
It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man,
Which trusts me.

How you?
How your days off have passed?
I hope, that at you all is good.

Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me
Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.
I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.
I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first
Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all
The life.
I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you
Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me.
That I have divided with you the life.

Letter 6

Hello my sweet heart Isaac!

How pass your days?

I am inexpressiblly glad to receive from you the letter. It seems to me that my feelings grow to you every day and I not
I can stop it.
It become seems to me that you a part me, my second half. In me for us very good news.
To me on work have told, that I have a holiday on norm of two months. I yet do not know as I shall spend my holiday.
I think that I shall take advantage of my holiday approximately through one or two weeks.
I hope that I shall well spend this time, but it is a pity that you now far, it seems to me
That would be magnificent to spend this time together with you.
Sometimes it seems to me that us endows not too much, distance it only visible
Between us if we decide to meet that any distance will be and not
Becomes what barrier to us, I wish to trust in it.
We well know that any serious feelings develop during some time, that
Comes it is instant should as fleetingly to pass, but feelings can sometimes develop
So promptly and strongly what not probably to notice it and to state a full estimation to that that occurs
In your head, it seems to me that something similar occurs to me.
It seems to me that most of all I wish to feel you as a number and to not release you from myself for a minute
And if day has been lived without you then it passes without sense.
When you think, it is more ideal it there is no who. Present all
These feelings now. You know, that I check everything, that I to you have told now.
Should be unusual read it?
I cannot to do that with myself, I cannot order to my heart, I consider that these
Feelings are given to me for that what I could to give you a part from this.
My dear it is necessary as to add that you should have my msn address it, but
While I cannot use it because the Internet in my house is spoiled for that what to write to you the letter
I go to my girlfriend, I hope that soon in my house connection with the Internet will be restored and then we shall be
To speak on msn. OK?

Now I finish my letter and I shall wait your answer with impatience and huge
Desire to read to news from you.

With intimate heat.

Sincerely yours Sveta

Letter 7

Hello my darling Isaac! I c pleasure read your letter.
I constantly think, about you and I feel that you give me warm feelings with each news
From you. The world of that tenderness,
Love also pleasures which you give me, passing about all our problems
And cares. This I is natural, only dreams, but as it would be
Desirable, that these dreams were necessarily carried out. Please,
Understand correctly my passion to you. I very urgently as you. You
My unique person! I do not wish to hide from you something, I trust you
And therefore to me very important, it also to you.
It seems to me that we can trust each other and to be completely frank.
Every day I think, that our feelings to each other grow. And I think
About that that our feelings can become all stronger and we can have
The fine future, we can construct the present attitudes, let while it
Dreams but what dream has not the right to become a reality. I trust in you. Mine
Favourite prince, I wish to write to you to you more, but I do not do
Have opportunities which I write to you from the Internet of cafe, and I can
Write to you one letter by day only. I dream of you simply, as
Princess about prince!
Force of these feelings to be boundless when I am simple should seems to me that
I go along the street, meal for work or I read the book, I think of you, because in my heart
There live feelings born by you.
I do not doubt of that that once we without problems can begin
For what that of greater than only correspondence.
You as think? I hope that soon you write to me your ideas and is possible
Speak me about your feelings, now if I read your letter in the morning I consider it
The good beginning of the day.

I think that you do not keep me waiting and soon please me with the new letter.

With sincere feelings and a gentle kiss for you.

Your girlfriend Sveta

Letter 8

Hello my dear Isaac!!!With each your letter I feel that we became better to understand each other, it Pleases me, it seems to me that I can speak you openly about all that occurs to me Now I would not think what to live one day not having received one your letter Let we have only letters between us but when I read your letter that melancholy and The grief in my heart is replaced by pleasure, I think that it even more superb if You feel that that similar under the attitude to me The last night I did not sleep well, I could not make it because I thought About us my dear, about our acquaintance on the Internet, about yours heat Messages, and in basically about you! From your messages, I see itWe are rather excellent to each other, I hope, that you will agree Me my fine, is it for true? I hope, that you feel to me such greatFeelings to me mine. Also the last night me asked to the God, I thank itThat we have found each other, I have closed my eyes and saw the God Presence. It saw on me, and I saw on it, it has told me, that I shall beThe happiest woman because I have found you. My dear how you see on it? IWish to tell to you, that I grieve without you very much, and I wish to tell to youThat you became in the foreground in my life, now I cease to feel lonelyAnd it seems to me that there is who that who as thinks of me and does not forget me. On it I ?????????? my letter, and with impatience I shall wait for yoursThe answer.I as should ?????? to you, that very much would like to have conversation with you And to hear your voice, I think that you as would like to speak, it is necessary for me to know your telephone number.And then I shall try to find a way out what to call to you. Set of kisses for you. Pending your answer. Yours Sveta

Letter 9

I am glad to receive your new letter. Thanks!
It seems to me that you in many respects differ from people that you surround me here,
Be very interesting person for me, to write to you and to receive your letters
Important for me every day.
If to speak about that what there should be a present family and attitudes in my understanding, I
I think that all should be based on mutual trust, understanding, love, honesty.
It seems to me that when the man and the woman decide to create family that for the beginning they should
To reflect on how many strong and long there will be this union which they wish to create.
Similar attitudes should be considered, it is necessary to understand all rerious, then
I think it will be possible to avoid conflicts and disagreements or to reduce it.
I as wish to tell that should bear sincerity and predisposition to people in myself
Each person then the attitude and dialogue in a society will be on much more pleasant.
Certainly I only see this ideal, but actually a life results to us other examples,
Some people can simply i?ieoe past if see that the help, not aai?y already is necessary to the person
About the attitude between people, in our society it is possible to meet similar examples very often.
As other example this that that every day there are conflicts in families, in many respects it
Young men which on what that to the reason did not wish to estimate all correctly enough
When created family or marriage therefore fast disintegration of family is possible.
In many countries there are actions of terrorism. In
Russia often applies bombs and takes in hostages. It - very much
Awful. But fortunately now All is silent. And in your country there
It it as such? Simply I do not know, on TV do not do
Transfer, by radio do not speak, and in newspapers do not write.
My dear speak me about pluss and minuses in character. As you
Think of it directly what you are good? And it is bad?
Now I with not patience shall wait your answer.

I hope to answer you soon your new letter.

Sincerely yours Sveta

Letter 10

Hello the my dear friend Isaac!
I thank you that you have written to me.
With not patience today I would wait what to receive news from you.
Well if with each letter we have more understanding to each other.
Probably you want to know some facts from my life, my experience
Concerning men was not successful, because two years ago I left
With this person, we and could not create good relations between
Us, I think on his fault. It did not render sufficient attention to me the ambassador
Some time, then I start to notice that it began more time
To carry out with friends, but friends are not what problem, it began on
It is a lot of bowl to take alcoholic drinks and frequently I had to see
His ambassador having drunk alcohol with constantly smoking cigarette in a hand.
Passed time and my patience there was all less, once I asked
To choose it to not use alcohol or I shall leave it, some time it
Not saws, but after some time all has repeated, therefore was
It is necessary to leave it, I cannot be second half for it men, therefore
That I not the alcoholic also do not smoke a cigarette behind a cigarette, I abstain from smoking.
Now you know more about my personal experience in attitudes, I would not like to come back
To this conversation further, therefore I speak it only for you.
Well! What experience in attitudes you had? You had change, or
The tragical novel? It is interesting to me, as in me now, it except for
For work and a daily life. In my life any changes have appeared. In mine
The life you has appeared.
I hope, that these questions will not seem not usual, it is very interesting to me to learn
It is more about you.
Now I stop and I shall wait your answer.
Write, how you think, words. It is very important for me. I hope
To receive from you the letter, as soon as possible.
Kiss for you.
Your girlfriend.

Letter 11

Hola mi estimado!
Es agradable para mi recibir su carta
Gracias por sus mensajes. Creo que
Usted ya puede aviso, en todo el mundo
En la carta que escribo a usted una gran cantidad de informacion relativa a mi directamente y sobre una vida,
Porque quiero que usted sabia absolutamente todo sobre mi. Se - mucho
Importante que durante nuestra correspondencia queremos aprender unos de otros lo mas posible .. Tenemos que saber sobre
El amigo, el amigo de todos completamente confiar en los demas.
Si en nuestras actitudes hay una confianza los unos a los otros, similares
Las actitudes se hacen mucho mas interesante y valioso para nosotros.
Quiero, que todo era sincero. Yo no escribir a usted sobre
El trabajo, ahora trabajo como gerente de la pequena empresa y en el mio
Ingresos es bajo, aproximadamente 250 USD en un mes, me parece
Que se reiran cuando leerlo, pero creanme, no es una broma.
Yo durante mucho tiempo ya quieres encontrar otro trabajo, pero realmente no es sencillo.
No se busca en este tipo de bajos ingresos preocupacion muy bien al trabajo, me parece a mi que
Estoy dedicado a los negocios de favoritos.
Personas que han encontrado un buen trabajo, o les iba a pagar a los cuales - de que lo que
Para celebrar tal puesto, o de tener buena familiares que se han colocado para este fin
El trabajo. Y yo no tenia ningun familiar, y en mi cuando se trata de un monton de dinero para que no se
El pago de un lugar. Se - muy graves pais! Se rompe en gran medida que
Para simples personas con excelente formacion para no encontrar un buen trabajo.
La justificacion, por favor, que yo a usted hablar de todo esto. Pero debo decirle a usted que.
Espero que no le choque, me parece mas correcto hablar verdadera
Y como hablar de la plena naturaleza de las cosas. Espero que me entiendo correctamente.
?Que piensa usted de que de que hablo en nombre de manera directa acerca de una vida aqui?
Me parece, que si no hablo la verdad que entre nosotros sigue siendo mas
No se entiende y es mas que todas las preguntas que se tienen entre si.
Ya se sabe lo suficiente para que me
?A pesar de que se trata de las conclusiones o dictamen. Digale por favor que usted
Piense, que es muy interesante para mi, la opinion de la persona que trata de usted
Desde el partido siempre muy interesante y me parece que esta en el presente.
Me gusta mucho los ninos. Creo, que los ninos - flores de la vida.
Siempre he admirado con mis maestros. ?Cuantas veces se cree que han
Infancia. Solo normal padre de los ninos es necesario para mi. Que yo
?Saben, que podria en el cuidado detras de ellos. Ya en la era de la
Y quiero tener hijos. Como ya debe saber, que lo que se
No sera mi sangre. Es que sera la mayoria de los nativos persona. Es, que
Sera en la mitad de mi. Yo sueno de los ninos.
Creo que de mucho. Quiero, que nunca se olvido de mi, para saber que
Usted tiene un amigo en otro pais hay una chica que de dia y de
Noche piensa en usted. Yo tan acostumbrados a usted, que ya me empiezan a
Sra sobre usted. Debo ir, pero prometo que voy a escribir
La carta es muy rapido. Me esperar noticias de usted.

Su novia del Consejo

Letter 12

Hello the my dear friend Isaac! I am glad to receive your letter, it is pleasant to know that you
Remember me.

To me very much hunting to know is - more about you, your interests,
Friends and appendices. I understand, which all in the letter will not speak.
But so interestingly enter contact to me with you, even
The correspondence does not reduce interest up to you. I am confident it in
The life all from you is still interesting and attractive, as men and
The person, all as to you will be interesting to me and I hope that all
New about me as it is interesting to you.
I with pleasure would hear your voice, I was possible can soon call to you and consequently
For me it would be important to know your phone number, but unfortunately I have no own
Telephone number that you could call to me, I hope that you will understand me and it
Will not be a problem for us.
I want to tell to you not much about my country, it is possible that from this you already know.
Russia the huge country with set of cities, woods, lakes, peoples very much a plenty of different peoples
The country really very big and as it is surprising does not sound in different lives in its territory,
Parts of the country different weather conditions so are for example closer to the north can-35C in a southern part of the country
+28N. It seems to you is unusual? The country has a plenty of minerals, but a little
Years back national economy has been strongly loosened, now the economic situation in our country comes in norm.
That should concern questions of a standard of living it far from a good European level, but we shall tell that in
Russia can receive good formation, set of universities prepare for good experts, probably
You guess that in Moscow a plenty of educational institutions, I as have received my formation
My childhood as passed in Moscow, almost I carried out all time in city and only
Sometimes would go for city for that what to spend time together with other children on base
Rest. After the termination of 11 years of school education I have acted in university and
In 5 years finished training, now I work, but to find really good
Work and a it was possible to me.
Probably you write to me in your following letter as passed
Your childhood and where you carried out these young years? In everyone
The childhood, especial and exclusive therefore various people grows,
With various desires and abilities. I am right? I wait from you
The letter with answers to questions. I hope it, I shall wait not a
Long time. Good-bye.
P.S. Do not pass well as though you give me your telephone number, and I can
To call to you.
Your girlfriend Sveta

Letter 13

Hello my friend! I am pleased to receive from you
The letter. I to you did not speak about my family. I live it. Mine
Father has died several years ago from for problems with heart, I remain with mine
Mother. From my relatives my aunt which is closest to me lives
Not far from us.
Also it - my unique relative, it is very expensive to me. I very much
I appreciate my aunt, she frequently helps me in any things and sometimes really it happens
Strong support for me. Probably you as speak me concerning your family and
Your relatives?
You saw my figure in photos, but I as can result the some people
The facts. My growth approximately 167
Sm, weight of 54 kg. My volume of a breast, a waist, and a hip: 92,
63, 91. I think that I am in the good form and consequently I try to do more often
Various sports exercises for maintenance of in the best form.
I not frequently meet my girlfriends, but sometimes we meet and we like to spend time
Together. Each of my girlfriends in usual days are borrowed in work, but in the days off
As find some free time.
Now it would be very necessary to concentrate
On work, that in the future to live better. Sometimes certainly we dare
To relax. For example to go down at cinema or to sit in cafe.
As it is interesting to me to ask you what music you listen also to what cinema prefer
To look? I love foreign dancing music and as I like to listen Russian
Executors the priest of music, such as Filip Kirkorov. Probably you heard that that from his creativity.
My favourite films factual or real events when that happened, in
The majority it is films removed under the book and as I very much love films in which basis love and romanticism.
Sometimes I would choose some free hours for that what to read the book, I think this employment same important
As well as care about own health. I have read set of products of Russian literary geniuses such as
Dostoevsky, Pushkin, probably you heard about them, these writers are recognized all over the world.
Now you know more about that as I spend a free time, I shall wait your letter.



The best regards

Letter 14

Hola mi amigo! Me complace recibir su carta de nuevo.
Me alegro realmente de aprender ninguna noticia de usted y como se
Es interesante hablar con usted sobre diversos temas.
Espero, que no sera en contra de si voy a escribir las reflexiones
Como me parece que si vamos a hablar unos con otros abiertamente
Que hara lo nuestro letras mas interesante y completo.

Usted ya debe saber que para mi importante tu opinion.
Ciertamente no quiero decir que yo no la persona seguro de si mismo, pero se
Es interesante que si nuestras cartas obtener algun tipo de dialogo.

Espero que durante todo nuestro correo nuestras cartas ira acompanado
Completo entendimiento. De todas maneras, pero yo
La esperanza, que podemos entendernos.
Debo decirle que me pasan el tiempo libre, muy activamente, voy en el deporte
Salon o yo ir a pie, como me gusta ir al cine en compania de mi novia.
A veces, pedir prestado mi tiempo libre con la preparacion de los alimentos, basicamente, cuando
Espero visitantes.

No tengo ninguna mi amigo. Y estoy solo, y no estaba en el matrimonio. Y si yo no estaba en un matrimonio, no tengo hijos.
Yo no estaba en un matrimonio porque estaba investigando la experiencia de las familias
Y algunas otras personas de mi novia.
Pero, como he visto ejemplos de contraste, que, que es posible nombre de un feliz matrimonio,
Muchos jovenes concertar matrimonios, y parecen no a largo plazo. Es
Se produce con tanta frecuencia y, probablemente, como porque,
Despues de un tiempo sus maridos han comenzado a beber alcohol y
Las empresas de la familia sin la atencion necesaria. Creo, que
Muestra de debilidad y cobardia.
Como en mi opinion, esa persona debe mantener la familia de ninguna manera.
Se - problema muy grande en el nuestro
El pais. Es una pena que se produce, es posible encontrar la decision de todos los problemas
En el alcohol una de las caracteristicas inherentes de algunos hombres de Rusia.
Mujer uso de la palabra, las actitudes pueden ser muy mala
Bajo el peso de una vida dificil. Pero a la mujer a vivir en nuestro mundo no es apenas mas facil.
Como me parece que para el amor y los sentimientos no hay concepto de las barreras de idioma, la distancia o lo que
Si no la comprension de los sentimientos de dos personas que son lo suficientemente fuertes para ellos no es importante que divide a otro
Ellos, pero es solo mi opinion, probablemente considera usted diferente?

En esta carta me habla usted algunas ideas, espero que ustedes me entienden.
Ahora voy a esperar su respuesta.

Su novia del Consejo de Rusia

Letter 15

Hello my dear Curtis!
There was such pleasure as saw from you letters, it is such pleasant news to see your answer to my letter. To tell the truth, such pleasant sensation.
Your letters such pleasant, I receive such big tenderness from your letters so you do not worry about that that you have afflicted me something. All is normal.
And me now Curtis, all to like as our acquaintance continues to go further. Curtis, you are very interesting to me.
It is very pleasant to see, it you can understand everything without problems, that I have written to you.
These are means, that we can break our barrier of language without problems and understand each other, it very much is pleasant to me. How are you doing?, as has transferred your day?
Concerning my day it was the usual working day, there were not many my clients. And I think that it well.
As there are less than patients, it all means means that well. And it pleases me, but it happens such days that a lot of sick.
You me certainly excuse Curtis, that all time about the work, but I very much love the work. And it very much to like me.
Also we can tell about you, you love the work business. Yes there are people which simply want to earn money to live.
I do not complain of the incomes of my work, and to me on all suffices to live, have a rest.
And now my breakfast goes is very fine, yes I now a breakfast on work in mine a dining room. As I could not today have time to make a breakfast of a house.
I simply very much was late for work. And I can make a breakfast now here. It so is tasty.:)
The Russian national dish, they - rings of meat. I almost every day will be prepared to rings of meat, and each time they appear more tasty and more tasty.
Very much I hope, that sometime, I was probable can prepare for you the Russian national dish from meat, and I most of all confident, that it very much will be pleasant to you as it is very tasty.
Also I would like to learn yours the favourite foodstuffs? What do you like most of all from meal? That it is possible to lick fingers.
And I think of you also that you can eat for the morning to go to make the affairs.
Curtis, I start to worry about your stomach, that you eat. Also that, that with you, as you. I all think now. I always dreamed to make to the husband a tasty dish that it was loved for my husband.
I every day dream from such life as I was concerned already this loneliness and it would be desirable to create the happy future already.
I know, it now all my sounds of words also is open during the beginning of our acquaintance.
But I can make nothing with me directly and with my desire, I cannot operate emotions which all this appears so, probably it goes with age, more senior, I start to think about the future more.
I very much like active kinds of sports. In the summer I go for a drive on roller skates, I play in tennis, volleyball. Ski also skates in the winter. I never played a golf as in Russia this kind of sports not so is popular, as for example in the European countries and USA.
But I would like to play a party with such partner to feel like high-grade, playing together with him and to look the beginner in this competition.
Summer - my favourite season as I do not love cold which are very long in Russia and even are dangerous. Some people receive overcoolings a skin of finitenesses of a body.
I very much like to bathe in warm water; to receive easy sunburn, to lay on hot gold sand that he slowly warmed up all your body up to the bones; to look at horizon, a decline. You see it is very beautiful!
I can tell you directly, that I think, that the climate of Russia does not approach absolutely for me. I actually like to travel, though I did not do it.
I never was abroad. At all was not outside my city, except for an once when went to Moscow, but it was enough for a long time when I was the schoolgirl. To me was approximately 10-12 years.
I went together with my parents to visit capital of our country as tourists. I almost do not remember absolutely this city, but all have remained with me some impressions to this day.
More earlier I went to campaigns on the nature, but it also was when I was younger. Now I do not have that time to visit even to the same Moscow.
Because I have work which very much is pleasant to me and approaches for a way of life.
Also I do not want, that anything has disappeared from you, I have no any secret from you, I want to be completely fair.
With you, and open all and I want to tell, that with me were very fair. But I wrote it many times. And I very much hope that you understand me.
Well Curtis, I shall wait very much your answer.

Letter 16

Hello my are fine the new friend Curtis, from other country.
You these will interest why I speak that you from other country. I shall answer why so?! As I from Russia. And I ask you on me not be malicious.
As I very much want that we were familiar with you, your structure very much liked me, and I have sent you my message with mine e-mail.
That you could to me answer, I with the big desire want to be familiar with you. Curtis, I very much, very much, very much hope that you want this.
Well Curtis, I shall tell a little about myself. So that you could know whence I, and that I from myself present.
You saw my photo. And I want that you still knew about me.
My name is as far as you know my name Anastasia, my name to me very much to like as this name very beautifully. And I am proud of the a name.
My birthday: on April 10, 1975 and to me of 32 years. And I from city Saint Petersburg, I hope that you know such city, as I think that you slightly know Russia.
As Russia very big, I very much love the country. I live together with my mum, which name Tatyana. I very much love mine native mum.
I the daddy has died 6 years ago of a cancer of a stomach. My mum works as Director at School. So at me very amicable family, I very much like to go to travel.
I like to look cinema, to read books. And also my favourite color pink, you probably will think why to like me such color? But for me very pleasant color.
Also I like to leave with the friends on the nature to have a rest on the nature, here such pure air.
You cannot present yourself it at all. It is useful for health, and I protect the health.
Also I work as the veterinary in a polyclinic, I work as the doctor of animals in my native city. It so is fine, when I shall make pleasantly to an animal, it is simply fine.
I do not complain of the life, as my life very perfectly. And now my year came to that to meet the good person in my life.
Curtis, you certainly interests why I cannot find this person at myself in Russia?! As it simply is not possible that it to make.
I think that you understand me, yes here there is happy a family which are very happy which have children.
I have no any children but if fairly I would like children. Here again I could not find for myself the worthy person to create this family.
And I think that you with me will be fair, I do not want that me deceived in that that, you have wife and you to me now write to play me.
I ask do not make so with me. As I do not want that with me so acted. With me be fair always!
Curtis, as I in searches of the fine, attentive, lovely, kind, fair person for itself. I very much hope Curtis, that you understand me.
And that that at us anything bad will not be. And I very much hope that we shall understand each other always and in all.
I have told a little about myself, here again there was nobody of a deceit. Now I with you am fair, and I shall be always fair, only that our acquaintance was good.
Curtis, and I very much hope that my photos to like you, and that I do not frighten you of it as I have told about myself a little. So that you now were a little familiar with me.
Well, I now should go to make the work as I write to you from my work. My boss to not be angry with me, as the woman such kind.
Thank you for a photo, i like it. Now I can see with whom I communicate.
Also knows that I search to myself for the person from other country. Well, I should go.
I very much hope with that I shall receive your answer soon. As you of me very much interested Curtis.

Letter 17

Hello my future husband Curtis !!!!
My love our dreams of our meeting so sweet!!!!! I cannot wait, that with you to be fast!!!!! I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again!
My love I very much want to be somewhat quicker with you, and I do not want to pass the happiness, you my love Curtis .
My love I all time think only of you and to our meeting, today I have presented our meeting.
When I arrive by the plane to you, we look around, and we search eyes each other in crowd, we feel presence each other hearts, that now there will be the happiest moment of our life, it is our long-awaited meeting, we find each other, and we rush in strong embraces, we cost we embrace, everyone look at us, but for us not who does not exist, only you and I!!!!
I ask the God that it has somewhat quicker helped us to meet, and to be together already for ever, and to not leave, and I am sure, that it already will be very very fast, I feel the heart of approach of this happiest day in our life.
My love I went to travel agency and has learned a lot of information and the important news, about my trips to you my love.
To me have told that I should do the visa and passport to travel abroad, it will cost 620 dollars, to me also spoke that my visa will start to work from the moment of a start abroad by, you do not represent as I with impatience for our meeting.
The travel agency will help to let out all documents in which I need, for trip to you my love, they have told also that my documents already will be ready in 10 days. After that I can arrive to you my love. I arrive to you as the simple tourist.
Today I found out in tourist that is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to go abroad without any problems.
I saw letters with thanks words which were accurately exposed in this travel agency. I found out what documents to me it is necessary to make out for our meeting.
It is necessary for me to issue the visa and the passport for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:

1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test and insurance.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 - Two photos (5x5).
5 - The information from a place of work.
6 - Documents on registration of a residence (a maximum of docks).
7 - The certificate of birth.
8 - Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview.
9 - After submission of documents by us - interview.
10 - And tickets too will do.

My love I has been very much surprised with the prices of services, it does me little bit suppressed, unfortunately I have no so much now money.
I have asked my mum about our savings, she has told that has only 170 dollars which she can give me, and now I have problems with money, I did not think that it will cost so dearly, but I think our meeting is invaluable, and we necessarily should be together my love as we are created by the God the friend for the friend.
My travel agency has told to me that I necessarily should pay the visa, air tickets and passport that them to receive.
I have asked advice my mum, my mum has told to me, that probably you can help me because you love me and will not leave me in a trouble.
My love it is very a shame to me to do it to ask you the help, but I simply have no more output to receive this money, to pay the visa and the passport, my love I very much on you hope that you will help me as we necessarily should be together, and I know that we shall necessarily together, and we shall be very good family.
As I have learned if you can send me this money. I went to bank and there to me have told, that we can use MONEY GRAM.
It is the largest in the world the company which is engaged in it very much for a long time. I even saw once advertising on the TV.
I certainly do not want to tell, that when you will go to send me of money them can steal. I simply want you to warn, that the Western Union is considered in the Russian Federation on 1 place on crimes of financial - economic character.
Journalists have started together with police and with the latent videocameras to carry out investigation, and that some banks have no any value to these criminals who grasped office of the Western Union has turned out.
All over the world also there are banks under name Money Gram. But, if you have such office in your city you can send any money resources through these organizations because it actually very safe way of remittances.
Also big 'plus' is in it, that when you are going to send a remittance through similar office (Money Gram) you will pay the minimal percent of taxes for any remittance in any country.
There is a big difference between the Western Union and Money Gram, namely that in the Western Union you pay tax percent the highest, than through Money Gram! It is proved to journalists and police of all countries.
Now my lovely angel Curtis you should solve your choice therefore as it not jokes, and I do not want to risk money of my future husband absolutely!!! I very much love you my kitten Curtis !!!!
If you on itself business have Money Gram you necessarily should go there first of all that it will be much more safe, and second - you will pay the minimal percent of taxes for a remittance.
Me have told to receive such transfer is necessary to know a full name and the address of the sender.
Also the sender necessarily should tell me eight-character code Money Transfer Control Number.
The receiver must know eight digits for receiving money. The branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me:

Country: Russia
City: Saint Petersburg
Lastname: MAKAROVA

I must know your full name, full address! You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very much.
I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, I decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country.
But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too.
My love I need 450 dollars I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer. I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases the money play role in life but it's not right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money not was and will not important to me. I always not aspired to material enrichment and do not search specially for rich male.
I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you Curtis !!! I love you Curtis !!! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever.
If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
My love write to me somewhat quicker the answer, I with impatience shall wait for your letter today.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Your and only your love Anastasia.



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