Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Soboleva to Billy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my beautiful prince!!! I so am glad that very soon we shall together, I am sure that together with you we can to find happiness which so it is necessary for us!!! Mine feelings to you have grasped my reason I think only of you how to make you happy what children at us will be. I swear to you that I all life shall be true to you. Today I have visited travel agency to learn all necessary information on my trip to you. The manager of travel agency has given to me all necessary information. For my travel to you it is necessary for me to have the following documents. Namely the visa for the period of 1 month and also the passport to pass medical survey and to receive the medical insurance that if with me there will be an accident I could expect for rendering of medical aid at you in the country. Registration of all these documents will borrow about one week and only after that I can arrive to you. Except for it I also should have 2 tickets: One to you and another on a way back. I have asked the manager that it has given to me the cheapest tickets. I shall fly to you by the plane of company " Aeroflot ". My dear I yet do not know how many it will cost, but I think that I cannot pay itself full cost of trip and consequently I do not know that to me to do. My dear I need in your help to arrive to you. I want that you knew that I love you more than a life!!! I hope that you understand me my problems and will not turn away from me. Mine dear I give you the sea of hot kisses from your Ekaterina

Letter 2

Greetings my dear Billy
I was glad to receive your letter. I very much would want to arrive to you. But there is one problem. I went to travel agency and there have learned my trip to you will cost how many. Cost of the visa makes 350 $ and cost of the international passport will make 950 $. And as it is necessary to issue the medical insurance and to pass medical inspection. It will make 120 more $. That is registration of these documents makes 1420 $. But I have savings. It about 500 $. That is for that that I could arrive to you to me does not suffice still approximately 900 $, for me to find all this sum itself simply not really. It is very inconvenient for me but I am compelled to ask you. Whether you can help me my dear Billy? I very much want to arrive to you and to be near to you my dear. But except for you to address for the help to me there is nobody. I so want to be near to you my loved. I ask you answer me as soon as possible and if you can help me that I I shall try to learn as you you can do it. I shall wait for your answer. Always yours Ekaterina



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