Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Joer (Spain)

Letter 1
My greetings most of all is favourite also road on easy person it Is yours Oksana. I write to you to tell about today. This day has Brought to me huge disappointment, in me after today very bad mood. As I today went down in travelling agency, and for me waited there With very bad news. The favorite I possibly hastened to Promise you, that I shall arrive, because I have no such Opportunity. I have learned the prices for the visa, tickets and Insurance. I hardly can find such money. My salary it will not allow I. The visa costs 180 dollars, tickets should be bought at once There and back, in another way the visa to not receive, they should be Confident, which I shall return, such rules to us to receive The visa. And return tickets cost 550 dollars. And plus still it Necessary to pay insurance upon accident in a way (the God forbid Certainly). It also one of conditions of reception of the visa. Insurance costs 200 dollars. The passport for travel abroad 150 Dollars. From opinion to go down it is possible, it I should work year And to eat anything, to earn such sum. Here such, my advantage, was in I a problem. I at all do not know to make. From you to ask money to Me it is simple not conveniently. I have left all in feelings of frustration. I did not think, that such charges will be necessary. it Necessary for you to make the invitation letter for my registration The tourist visa, to it you should define my data: the country Russia Republic Tatarstan the city of Kazan post Street of an index 422109 petrova 3 A, the Apartment, number 4. A surname Name Mateeva Oksana. As you Will force this document to send me on e-mail to mail and me to unpack it On a leaf of a paper. And nevertheless it is necessary to collect a heap Any information for reception of the visa. In a place of work, a Residence, from office of the passport, that I single and children Not a gift. It will be necessary to sign necessarily legal The document, that I shall return. All documents would be let out in The stream of 2 weeks when there is money it in us, is made quickly. But Alas they are not present. You represent, a favorite, in 2 weeks we Already could capture each other, but it probably not destiny. And Thus it to be desirable it. I sit, I write to you the letter And in me it is torn on eyes. What to make? A fast favorite. Me still love? With impatience I wait for your letter, yours Oksana.
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