Scam letter(s) from Lilia Burundukova to Joer (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello dear foreigner Thank you very much for sending me your message ans sign of attention to my persone :))
I am pleased that you are interested in getting to know me better. I must predict you that it is first time for me to strart this "inreal" realationships, but if it is possible to make this nowadays, so why not? I like the proverb wich says: "without risk , there is no win"'. So, let's risk!!! :)) Thank you very much for sending me your photo, it shows me how handsome you are, so i will do the same and send you my photo for you to be able to see my appearance. My letter I would like to start from my serious intentions: i am not looking for a man with whom i can spend my life, but for a man without whom i will not be able to spend it. I want to create a family where always will be love and care I am trying to find a soulmate. I am not looking just for succesful, handsome man but someone who would enjoy lifesharing values interests intellect friendship and mostdefinately a very lasting and passionate love. I would like to explore the possibility of us developing a real relationship. I hope maybe we could be a good match. I am very active honest caring faithful, and fun to be with. I am also a very passionate woman who is looking for true love, to love and be loved. I like to joke around and just talk about simple matters, but I also like to be able to engage with my mind. I also do not mind silence and can be happy with quiet times.I hope I do not sound like a snob. I think I starting to sound silly. Sorry. So hard to know what to say in a letter like this. Simply put I am serious about life, But I also always try to enjoy life and to relax when I can. I hope that we can email each other and get to know each other. If we both feel that it is a good thing I am serious about wanting to meet you. We should meet as friends and then see if we wantto become anything more. I think people need to meet and be normal. I am very romantic and from friendship grows love, that is my hope. I am serious about finding a partner who I can share my life with. I hope my letter interested me and you will reply soon
I am waiting for your letter impationatelly
with all best wishes
Letter 2
Hello my new friend
Thank you very much for writting me your letter! I am extremly happy to receive it, as I was very excited till the time i came to the internet cafe if you wrote me or not... While my interpreter types the translation of this letter to you, because my knowledge of English unfortunatelly doesn't allow me to write you myself, and so I need professional help, I keep reading your letter over and over. I can't keep the feelling that I know you from being there. Each line that you have typed seems to say exactly what I have been looking for or how I feel. Each day I wake I know that I am going to see beautiful moments of the new day. I move through each day watching for them. The laughter of a friend or family member, the sight of a deer, a sun rise or sun set, a warm breeze blowing the leaves in the trees, a sound or smell that brings back a fond memory. These and many more all there each day. And since the first message form you, I consider your new letter as a miracle for me! I can hardly wait to know you better. You must be very interested to know me better too, so don't worry I will aquaint you with myself :) As by good behavied rules I will start with my name. Of course you already know that my name is Lilya. But did you guessed that the translation of my name is Lily??? yes :)) so now you know that i am very beautiful, nice and very tender flower :) I have never really considered the things that I do as a hobby. I have many interests, and find more every day. But I was really fond of sport from early childhood and so my future was enrol from my first good result on childish sport conest. Whole my life I am doing light atheltics and take part in many country contests. So soon i was invited to the sport university, it is a part of Pedagogical univesrity in Lugansk. I have one more year to graduate the university and i will get a diploma as a phisical instructor. Due to my sport activity I travelled very oftenly, but only on the Ukranian terrytorym but I always dreamed to travel abroad and to see another countryes, cultures and nature, as I really interested in this! And at the moment I am also working part time in an school - internat for homless children, I am phisycal coach for this children. I like my job very much even it consists for a half of happy moments and very difficult situations. I live together with my familly in a little flat. I love my parents very much and I am very thnakfull them for all they have done for me! I love my mother for her love and care about me and I am thakful to my father for his support from the early childhood for my sport activity. Maybe you have any questions, so please be free to ask them and i will be very happy to answer them all :)
I wish you al the best!
take care!
Letter 3
How are you there? Mu interpreter is professional young lady who has sertificate of interpreter.
And do you know russian?? if so, let's try! :))
i amwaiting for your letter in russian, as it will make our correspondance not so difficult! :))
Best wishes
Letter 4

yes, I totally agree wiht you!!! You are right and we should break the language barrier between us for our future relationships. And I am ready to do this!!! I really want to learn Spanish, as I know that it is very beautiful language and I like it very much! I think you are more busy that i am and in future if we are together and i moove to your country so it is much convenient hat I know Spanish, then you Russian as I will have to comunicate . i know that there is many posibillityto learn Spanish in my city- tutor or language courses, but iam not sure thatI can afford this expenses as my sellery is not so big :(
do oyu have any ideas how to solve this situation???
with many kisses
Yours Lilya
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