Scam letter(s) from Oksana Burelova to Joer (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my dear! How are you? How is your life? What news? I was very happy when I received your letter today! You are very interesting person and some day, I hope, I will open your secrets. You know, I have never thought that it is possible to find friend in the Internet. One of my friends suggested me to put my profile… and now I am thankful to her. To be honest, I was very surprised when I understood that it’s easy for me to have correspondence with you. I always thought that the highest level of understanding can have just people with the same mentality, people from one country, people with the same age. But now I don’t think so. And what about you? Darling, I wanted to tell you something else about my dreams. In future I want to have wonderful house or flat, where I will be able to organize home library and video collection. I think that home library is like a symbol of spirituals riches and welfare. Now I am a member of the “Club of the family rest” and every month they send me new book or video film. It’s not expensive and interesting ones. Some day, probably, I will be able to buy rare books. Dear, and what is your hobby?
Do you like to read? What is your favorite book? So, dear, I don’t want to bore you with long letter. And I hope to meet you here tomorrow. Send you my best wishes across kilometers. I hope you will feel my smile and will send me yours. Kisses from Ksusha
Letter 2
Hi from Ukraine!!! How are you doing there? Thank you for your attention, dear! You know, I miss you too much and it’s hard to believe that it’s possible to miss a man, which you have never seen before ? My dear, today in the morning I was shocked. No, no .. it was pleasant news! I have known that my elder brother will get married soon. His girl-friend came to me today and asked about favor. She said to me: “Your brother told me, that you could cook the most delicious chicken he had ever tasted. Please, tell me the receipt. I want to cook it for him too”. So, we prepared chicken with rice and dried apricots inside. My future sister-in-low was a good pupil and my brother would never be hungry! Sweetheart, I heard that men are better cooks than women. Do you agree? Can you cook or your prefer me to do it for you? I hope we will have an opportunity to treat each other with delicious dishes or…
something else. My parents are very happy about my brother’s marriage. But also they worry about me, because my mother had gotten married when he was in my ages. She interested if I have a boy-friend. I have nobody in real life, but … May I say her about you and our virtual relations? I was afraid of say to her about us, because I didn’t know about your reaction. What is your opinion about it? Should I tell my mother our romantic secret?
Dear, I will wait for you reply and I hope you will answer me very soon.
Letter 3
How do you do darling! I am here again to make you smile and send you little piece of my wonderful mood! Also I send you my guardian-angel and he will protect you from any difficulties in your life. Dear, yesterday my mother and I gave the house a special clean; because my future sister-in-low with her parents was going to visit us and we had frank conversation… I couldn’t abstain of tell her about us. And you know, she was very happy and she told me that she would agree if some day I decide to visit you. My mammy also said that she would like to invite you to visit our home. Also, my mother gave me just one advice. She told that the main thing in relations between people is to be able to forgive and to imagine oneself in your partner’s shoes. Darling, I want us to become closer and I am absolutely sure that some day it would happen. I am sincerely yours,Ksusha
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