Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Bolshakova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad to see your letter. I did not expect it, for me it was a pleasant surprise. I am happy!!!
I looked at your profile and did not hope at all that you will answer me... But you have answered. It so is remarkable... I in general very emotional always. I hope that it does not frighten you, my friend.
Many thanks for your fine photo.... I thought, that you beautiful, but not up to such degree.... You very nice the man, you very much like me.... Women probably look At you, I am jealous you a little.... At you very beautiful son, as well as you too!!!!
To me it is not important, that you have more than years than me!!!! For me and flowers and love could give the main thing that you understood me in the future to me!!!! I very much would wish to find to myself very devoted husband!!! In Russia there are no such men, I was already convinced of it!!!! I think, what you will be that man my ideal???? I think I to you have answered enough your question!!!!
But I think that you wish to learn about me. Yes??? But it is good.
I will tell to you a little now about myself, but I do not know that you wish to know about me. Therefore do not hesitate too and ask me. Ok? I I certainly will answer and I hope that you will be sincere with me too. Very much I hope...
But what to tell to you...
Let's begin with the simple. I hope that you know that I am Ekaterina. I joke... Also I hope that you will be my husband... Too I joke. But I seriously hope that you that who is necessary to me
But it is possible also Katya. Well it is fine. I live in Russia, in the city of Cheboksary. It is not so big city. You heard something about my city??? Probably...
I am 27 years, 174cm it is high, 53 kg it is weight an average constitution, blue eyes, single, never married, any children. But I concerned within 2 years. Then all has stopped. My former young man is weak to alcohol and it can has played the big role in our rupture.
But will suffice about it. My birthday will be at 17 April 1980. And your???
I burn with the desire to learn about you. I do not search for the friend with whom I will correspond only. I aspire to find strong long-term relations which I can present with myself in many years with which I would like to be together. I have not found love here.
Already there has passed a lot of time. I hope what exactly you my second half. Because I am very tired from loneliness. Now I even can easily shout at the relatives and friends simply without the reason. And only then I understand that was not right and I apologise before them.
Then I to myself promise that such not to repeat. Before such was not. But when I go along the street and I see enamoured people their kisses and to me it becomes melancholy...
Can you will tell why I cannot find love here in my city and have written to you.
Certainly I tried to find love here. I went to clubs, and in other places. But it has not helped me. There not serious people... Those relations which could be, could last no more month.
And me 27 years!!! I do not like to speak about the age, but I think as well as all women. I would like to have children, the house in which I will live with the husband and children. But still it is dreams. But time goes.
I wish to ask you... And why you search for love on the Internet and what is the time you already on it have spent???
Reggie, I hope that this beginning something good. And with impatience I look forward to hearing from you and I wish to see your photos...
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!!! I am glad to write to you the letter.
I have not the house of a computer, and on it at once to you I wish to tell
On the future, it is probable I cannot to you, every day write...... If certainly
All of you will still remain, interested to ours acquaintance:-),
I shall tell about me directly: In the given stage of a life I am lonely. I have no that unique love,
From which dreamed constantly. The destiny has developed so, that on my way of the man which have encountered little bit later, have proved to be not so well. Then divisions followed. But as turn, I meeting it!!! The most loved! I can already find it. Children not, but very much to reach, as I very much as they. When I come to my girlfriend Nejtash constantly, I sit with its son Antonomom. But I do not doubt, that children in me will be, you see, that I am still young. Good with common sense of humour, on it I have many friends. In free from operating time I it is frequent with them at cinema or we leave on walk on our beautiful city. I work in a beauty salon as the hairdresser. I love, when the person cares of occurrence, and I occurrence am direct as a rule observe. I like to play sports meets, a sports hall my loved place.
I live in Russia in the city of Cheboksary. It is very beautiful city.
You know, I more spiritual person. I very much want
To find such person who could be with me to relatives more spiritually.
Certainly and *** for me means much;-). But however I search for the person with whom it is possible
Should speak about all and not be afraid to speak superfluous. Understanding and mutual
Love which I search. You know, me, the intuition actually never deceived.......
Also I think, that it me did not move and now. Though still very much early to speak, about what it
Similar, but I want, that you would know it.
Eyes in me brown, hair too brown.
My growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 50 kg. (I do not know, whether you will understand these units of the sizes).
I was born on September, 25, 1980.
I shall finish the letter,
That you could receive it more quickly. Though I also could not write everything, it wanted and
That it would be for certain interesting. My time of use comes to an end with a computer
And I am compelled to speak to you good-bye. I to you shall tell about me directly in the following
The letter, if it still interestingly and clearly.......
I wish you to learn more where you work, whether to like you this work.
You like children. I very much wish to have the child or even two.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely yours to you
And pleasure of acquaintance,
My name Anna
It would be very good if you have sent me more than the pictures.
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