Scam letter(s) from Polina Polyschuk to Joer (Spain)

Letter 1
Knock-knock, my sweetie, are you there? :))) It's me, your Polina again I couldn't wait and came to see if there is a letter from you :))) Dear, I was reading your letter with a big surprise - I have never heard that a woman can make something bad to man over the internet :( I've only heard that here are a lot of men trying to make a woman believe them and then make them prostitutes :( I know that there are a lot of bad people in the world and over the internet even more :( Once I went to one site occasionally and saw so disgusting things!!! Oh, I don't want to talk about bad things, only about good!!!! I think that you're special... it seems like I have known you for ages! I have one very important question: do you put a DRUG OF HAPPINESS into your letters? I bet you do!!! Cause you're coming into my life and make it brighter with a new kind of emotions! So nice to feel that someone is thinking and caring about me, finds several minutes to write to me after a busy day, to read my lines and to share something nice with me! You know, my sister is starting to pester me with questions Oh, yeah!!! I see that she has noticed that i'm coming too often now :))) What do you think, maybe I can tell her that i have found very interesting and appealing man? I really feel that i need to share this happiness with my close person :))) I am feeling it for the first time and such a pity that I can't look into your eyes now... it would tell us more than thousand of letters :))) Just one glance :))) My lovely, maybe we should arrange our first date in a dream tonight? It would be great! The scenario is the following: we fall asleep thinking about each other, imagining each other... and then we can see each other in our dreams :))) Oh, i agree, it seems to be childishness :))) We're both adults :))) But we have our dreams I bet that you're also dreaming! I hope about me :)))))) If yes, tell me, what are your dreams? I, for example, often imagine our first meeting You and me together for the first time ;)) I would like to cook for you something delicious, it's for sure :)))) Are you a gourmet? Do you like anything special? I would love to prepare a light supper for us, to get candles and make a romantic evening together... To wear nice lingerie especially for you... Oh, i know that every girl is dreaming to wear **** clothes for her beloved man! And you, how do you imagine our first meeting? What are the dreams of my chosen man? I'd love to know it I'm not sure if we can talk about what's gonna be further after a supper... but i think then would happen something which is better to experience, but not to talk about ;)))) Sorry, sweetie, it seems like it gets out of line what i'm telling you.
But I'm not guilty about it! It was your drug of happiness to influence me this way ;)))) I'm sending you my sweet kisses and wish you a good day and then good night with sweet dreams :)))) Your tender Polina
Letter 2
My most important man in the world! How are you there? I've missed you like crazy! You know, my sweet and precious, in my previous, maybe too emotional letter I have told you that i love you, I love you with all my heart... and I came not to say excuses for that. It was not just hasty words of a young girl! Yes, i know that sometimes I'm crazy and joking all the time but that was not a joke, you know that, my lovely. During all our communication I've found out that you're the man I've been looking for - strong, experienced, caring, mature and decisive, I don't want to lose any moment of our life being without you and I have the power to say that i love you. I feel it with all my soul. I've been always told that life is short and bright, and when time is passing, all that was bright becomes pale. It was my mom to tell it. And yesterday i have told her about us, I needed her advice. My sweet, I knew what she would tell me and she told it indeed I think that if we can make our life bright together we shouldn't lose precious moments! You know, when i'm looking into the mirror I imagine you by my side. I can see us as a great couple! My dear, don't you think that we should take a chance and try to make the next step in our relations, to meet and see each other, you're so tender and nice, I want to kiss you, to touch your lips and your neck with my lips... i need it, we can't live in letters, i know that love will melt if we let it go now. To wait, to be patient - no!!! It's impossible for my heart, and for our feelings, you know it! And my sister will give a birth to her baby and will not work here anymore! How will I write to you!!!? Loving hearts should be together, never apart! My beloved, tell me your decision, do you want to go further and are you waiting for me in your house!!???? I want to come to you and know you - to know the lips which say so nice words in your tender letters! I have no idea how to make our meeting come true, i have no idea how to travel to your country, but i know another thing - if we want it and do everything to make it come true everything will work out, but if it's impossible to be together for you and me cause we are from different countries, there is no reason to torture my heart... I love you! Please, write to me, my love! You know that this time I'm waiting for your answer more than ever!!! With million of sweet kisses, your Polina
Letter 3
My beloved angel!!!! I'm so happy!!! you know, it's such a great feeling - to know that your dreams are going to come true!!! I've never loved anybody like I love you! Sweetie, I've found the travel company and they explained me everything. It's not very easy to get a visa to your country, but they can guarantee it, Maria was right, they are very professional as i see. Darling, they have the price list about all the services and guarantee that all the process of getting the visa and the passport will take from 2 weeks till twenty days. They will make the international passport for me in a week, it costs 185 dollars, less than the urgent passport in OVIR! My love, i'm so happy!! !The only thing I can think about is that very soon we'll be together, i'll kiss you all over, and show all the passion to you... all my love... all my desire... i need you to feel it!!!! Dear, the travel agent have told you a lot about the visas, their kinds and so on. I think that you are more experienced and I think that you'll understand everything better than me and that's why I've asked them about their site or e-mail address. They don't have a site yet, i know, it's very expensive to organize it in Ukraine, but they have given their address My love, please, write them, help me to sort out it and then we'll discuss everything!! My love, i'm waiting for the letter with great news form my beloved, my the most precious, the best man in the world!!!!!! Your loving Polina
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