Scam Letter(s) from Vita Abramova to Joer (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello from me. I am Vitalina from Ukraine. if my name seems difficult for me call me just Vita, that will be ok?!! and how can I can call you????

As I have already told you I am from Ukraine, hope you know about it, ,maybe you have heard about Orange revolution, maybe about our president Viktor Yushenko. Maybe you have heard about such people like Andrei Shevchenko, famous football player?? or maybe abut V. Serduchka our pop star?? I am sorry I do not know much yet about your interests, but I am sure that is possible to improve!!:) will you help me??:)

and now I am eager to help you to know about me. so, I am from the western part of Ukraine in a small town called Yavor that is close to Lvov, one of the 6 biggest cities of Ukraine. I live near the borders with such country as Poland, but unfortunately have never been there, well actually I have never been anywhere abroad. And my dream is to visit the biggest ski resorts in Switzerland and Finland. Actually I am fond of mountains, here in Ukraine we have mountains in the Crimea and in Karpati region. I have been there and really enjoyed, I am very interested also to visit other countries and to see how people live there, how do they look like, to learn more about their traditions and cultures?? how do you think is this interesting?? and what is your biggest interest, will you share that with me???

Hope to hear back from you and learn more about you and of course to share more of my world with you, best wishes , Vita

Letter 2

Nice hearing back from you. I consider this day to be very lucky for me cause I have an answer from you, that makes me feel really special, even special enough to tell you that thank you for bring some joy to my life. so how are you doing there ?? what plans do you have for the evening?? what do you usually do after the busy day?? well, I am sorry if I ask too many quests but I just want to know you better:)

as for me usually after the my work I go to the swimming pool to have some relaxation and then go home. I rent an apartment and I live together with my school friend Veta,my parents live in the countryside, so almost every weekend I go and visit them, there is lots of work to do, especially in summer when we are running the kitchen garden, have you ever had the one?? In the apartment where I live there are lost of plants, lots of flowers, cause I adore them. In summer I always try to buy chamomiles, these are my fave flowers and to put them near my bed and to smell their wonderful aroma when I wake up, and what are your fave flowers???

My friend Veta is going to marry soon and of course she will move so I will live alone:( I am so much afraid of this, I hate loneliness, especially at nights when it is dark and cold. is it cold at nights at your place?? I want to be near to warm each other up, uh:))

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my work. so, I work at the travel agency, I consultate people and help them to make the right choice when they are going for holidays. That is probably why my precious dream is to travel and to see the world with my own eyes. Yes, I agree with you that is quite strange why I work at the travel agency and have never been abroad. It is some kind of mystery for me also, but the main reason of course is lack of financiers, my salary is not enough even to buy the one way airplane ticket:(( my work demands from me knowing English, so I had to learn it, well not to learn from the beginning but to improve it, so now I can speak it fluently. And that is a great plus in our relationships, do you agree??

I think that today I am too talkative, probably cause I have been missing you a bit:)

I wish you all the best, Vita

Letter 3

Nice that you're here with me again, dear. That is great we are keeping in touch and are trying to build some kind of relationships, hope more than friends one!!??

Well, you know I really hope that it will be possible for us to have romantic relationships cause for this short period of time we know each other I have realized that you are honest, kind and reliable man, I can open myself to you without any fears that you will laugh at me or that you will think something bad about me. And I appreciate this so much!!

Today I am going to another city to Lvov for a business trip, but do not worry I will come back today, so you won't wait for my answer for quite a long time and you won't have an opportunity to miss me very much!!:))

Oh, I love going to Lvov, that is the most beautiful city, after Kiev, I have ever seen. I love it's small old fashioned streets where everything tells about great history of Ukrainian people. Oh my god I am talking like a real patriot and I am proud of myself!! by the way are interested in history?? as for me at school that was my fave subject cause we had a teacher who never gave us home work:)) but please, do not think that I am lazy , if I know that I must do something, that is important I will do that in any conditions. and what about you?? do you consider yourself to be a lazy one?? so you like washing the dishes, doing the laundry:) I am jocking:) I have seen in the movies that you have their washing machines that can do almost everything for you! Unfortunately for Ukrainian people that is considered to be some kind of luxury. Lots of people can't afford to have even mobile phones not talking about computers.

I think that today it was some kind of lecture about life in Ukraine and I hope that was interesting for you, I belive that it is impossible to understand a person without knowing conditions he is living at, do you agree?

I with all the best and give you best kisses:) Vita

Letter 4

Hello my lovely. how are you?? well you know I have just came from Lvov and straight came to the Internet cafe to write. cause frankly speaking I was thinking a lot about you. While going to Lvov, we went there by bus, the way takes round 2 hours, I had plenty of time to think. I was dreaming that you are my destiny, my second half, the one that was given to me by the heavens and I really believed in my dreams so I came here to share this with you, hope it is ok?? if I am bothering you with my thoughts, tell me, ok??

I dreamed that we had a nice romantic dinner somewhere new to us. After that, we decided to take a walk along the beach. It was a bit cold, and you gave me your jacket. I leaned my head on my shoulder, as we walk together, hugging. We were listening to the waves, and looking at the stars. I felt no greater joy in the world, than the feeling of you beside me. I could feel your every breath, and every heart beat next to mine. We made a camp fire, and just enjoyed our moment together. I leaned forward, met your eyes, and kissed you passionately. I know maybe that is quite late to dream about us being together cause we hardly know each other. But I am just the kind of a person who likes dreaming, you know when you lack something very much in your life, you just start imagining this for you and so do I. I lack some tenderness, care and love and so very often in my dreams I am close with my prince, we are happy together, we never have quarrels, we only smile and laugh, we look into each others eyes and understand that we do not need nothing more, cause this most dear eyes are the whole world for you and you want to vanish in it. you know you are just a person in this world but for someone you are the whole world. I want so much to be the whole world for someone.....

I kiss you warmly and wait for your answer,Vita

Letter 5

Hello my darling sweety angel. you know it is so strange but I have such a feeling that I know you for ages. it seems to me that you are my soulmate cause it is so warm and comfortable for me to sit here and to read your letters, in spite of the fact that it is windy outside and I am bit cold , I have so much warmth inside of me and I want to give it all to you, my sweety. But we are quite far. but what is this distance?? I think it is not a problem cause if we really want to be together we will find the way from any situation, do you agree?? by the way, do you remember that I work at the travel agency, as a simple consultant , but nevertheless:))??

How is your life there, I am so much interested in the world that surrounds you cause I belive that can tell me a lot about you, about your hobbies, your life style, your habbits. By the way do you have any bad habbits?? Oh, I am sorry, such a person like you can't have anything bad:)) but maybe.........:)

as for me, frankly speaking, I am biting my nails, that really irritates me but I can do nothing with this, especially when I am worrying, or waiting for some important news . I hope you won't leave because of this???????:)) please, be honest with me, for you I am ready to improve!!!!!

Oh, you know today I was given a day off cause the last days I was working too much. I even do not know how to spend it, do you have any ideas?? do you want to spend this day with me?? We could go to the cinema, to watch some romantic movie, oh we can go to the circus, do you like it??Oh, my god I haven't been to the circus since my childhood and you?? do you like animals, clowns??

or we can just stay at home, to cook something special, to drink some wine, to dance, or just to sit on the balcony watching the stars on the sky and waiting for the sunrise. You can't even imagine how much I like watching the sunrise , from my balcony it is visible very clearly, will you join me?? That is great to know that the next day is coming while all the rest are still sleeping even not knowing what a beauty and what a nice feeling they are missing. I always try to wake up early not to loose anything, life is so short to waste it, do you agree??

let's not waste any second of this precious life that we can spend together, I kiss you tenderly, yours Vita

Letter 6

Hello my lovely. we are together again, you are a sight for my sore eyes. I miss you so much, every day I think about you and only you. I want to be close to you so much, you know today a young lady came to our agency, she was asking about the opportunity for her to travel to Denmark, she was so much happy, she was shining because of the happiness. We were talking and talking and she told that she is going to Denmark cause her beloved invited her. I was impressed and I asked where they have met with her man , and she answered that they have met on the Internet, I was impressed even more. And I told her that I am also using Internet to find my second half, well, actually I think I have already found my beloved, and he is you, my sweety.

That girl was on the seventh heavens because of the happiness in anticipation of the meeting with her Prince . And you know she noticed some sadness in my eyes and she asked me why was it so. I even didn't know what to answer and I said that I just had a terrible headache. But actually that it is not true. I just do not know whether you want me to meet or not, what is there in your heart, whether you are the same serious about us as I am?? I do not want to be hopeless and I do not want to live in false dreams , please, tell me do you want to meet me in the near future, do you want to see me, to hear me, to touch me, to hug me , to kiss me, to love me..........just to feel me close. I promise I will do and will be always doing my best to make you happy. That will be the reason of my life, it has always been the reason of my life to make dear people happy and you are my number one, and I am your number one fan. I am really sorry but I am so much overwhelmed with emotions now, I just want so much finally to realize that I am loved, I am needed, that I am not lonely........................

I kiss you and give you my warmest hugs, Vita



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