Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Alfred (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear and new friend!!!
I have new email address, because can't log on on my old..
something broken there, you can write me here.
I'm very glad that you have interested in me and I will try not to disapoint you and you will get everything new about me.
I'm asking you to write me about everything that you are able to say me.
I will be glad to know about your work and family, your close friends, your hobbies...
When I read you profile it seems to me that you are very interesting person, handsome and simply good person.
I hope that you are exactly good man and that in future we will become close friends and maybe wonderful couple.
So now I would like to tell you about myself. I am a siply Russian girl, not differ from others.
Maybe to discribe myself it could be easyer if i do it for a first time.
I did not hope that you will answer me and when i saw your letter I got choked in my heart and now i am sitting in front of computer and do not know what
to write you. I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in my letter because i know English not very well.
But I hope that you will understand me and if you have some questions I will answer them with pleaser.
Anyway it is time to say some words about myself.
My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
I miss him a lot!!!!Since 2 years old my mother grew and educated me alone,
It was very difficult for her and I love her very much. And now she is the best friend for me.
I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but I dream to have my own family,children. My mother works in Cheboksary in the hospital as a medical sister.
I have never been married before.
I am healthy woman and I do not smoke but sometime I can offer myself to drink some good wine in good ocasions.
Most of all I like red wine. From food i like Chines food and Russian food and I would like to teast Europian and West food.
I am not exactly that I want to have a child because i think that first of all I want to find a man who will become my ideal ****** partner and simply good friend for my heart. I work in office as manager in the insurance company, I work 40 hours per one week.
I work with the clients who want to insure his or her car or real estate.
I help our clients correctly to choose best for them to insurance.
I know that in your country the system of insurance etc is advanced very well.
In Russia people just now have begun to think about insurance, therefore we have many clients at this time.
In our company we have good boss, we have studied together with her at University, but she is older than me for three years. I have good relations with my boss.
I have the high salary for our city. It is about 5-6 $ dollars at one hour. I live in the city - Novocheboksarsk.
It belongs to Chuvash Republic, about 640 KM or 400 miles from Moscow.
I think that this information will help you to know me better.I would like to know about your work and City.
I shall send you some picture of my city later. By the charecter i am kind person and trying to enjoy everything in my life and trying to distroy all diffuculties in my life. So, lets go further. My friends say that i am attractive even beautiful young woman.
But unfortunately this fact did not help me to create my own family. Now i am sick and tired of my loneliness.
I am an openminded and communicative, but sometimes a little bit shy, girl.
Now i want to find that someone who can make all my dreams come true.
In my turn i would be very glad and happy to do the same thing for my beloved man.
So what do you think about it? By the way, i like sport very much. I am not a sportsman ofcoarse.
Just inorder to be in good form. I visit the gym three times a week. I like to swim in the swimming pool.
But to tell the truth, i am afraid of water. But I try to overcome this fear. Sometimes, not very often, I love dancing very much. I can't say that i like a particular tipe of musik. It depends on my mood, what type of musik i would like to listen to. But usually i am very busy to have some rest and to do things i love to.
Well, what else? I even dont know what to tell more. In such case i will finish my letter. I am waiting for your reply!
Good bye, my dear new friend!!!!
If you can please send me your pictures. I will be glad to get your letter and pictures.
I am sending you my smile to make you feel happy.
Your Natalia from Russia.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely !!!! How are you???
I HOPE GREAT. Because I have wonderfully mood. Today I HAVE WON a LOTTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today it have been played on TV a lottery which I has bought. It was in English language, but I understood that my number of a lottery has won. I'm so happy, I never won earlier!!!! You like to play a lottery??? I can not believe in it . I think I am the very successful woman. I have won about 12000 $ US DOLLARS. It is the large sum for me and I so much glad. I have contacted to the operator in USA and she has confirmed that my number has won.
But I can receive my prize only in 6 weeks in Russia. The operator has said that they only have begun this business in Russia and now their office passes check of the officials etc. She has said that I can receive this prize at this office. But my documents will be ready earlier 6 weeks. I can fly to you already next week. I shall take away this prize later. I have said to her that I am going to travel in USA. She has said that I can receive a prize in USA when I shall arrive there. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, my dear I wait your congratulations!!!! Yours and only yours Natalia.
Letter 3
Hello dear !!!
I have very good news!!!
Today when I have come on my job. The boss has congratulated me.
She promised me to give the premium and she made it, I has received my premium (about 500 $ US dollars!!!)
also I have received my monthly salary for holidays (about 1070 $)!!!
Earlier I never received the premiums...
Since tomorrow's day I shall leave in holiday from my job (30-45 days).
Today I had heavy day and has passed all reports and papers to the colleagues. I am so happy today..
I wait for your congratulations. May be for your country it not so big money, but believe me for Russia it's the big money.
I yet have not decided what I will do in my holiday, but I will think about it today.
You can give advice about that, what me to do in my holiday??? You have some ideas?
May be I will travel to see other countries, other culture. I never was abroad earlier.
OK, dear I have very good mood and I wish to you good mood also.
Yours good friend from Russia Natalia.
Letter 4
Hello my dearest!!!!
How are you??? I want you to read this letter attentively.
I hope you understand that my English is not perfect but i hope you will understand what I want you to say.
I have two news. One is good another is not so good.
I'll begin with good one.
Today I went to the airport and bought air tickets on 16 February I'll fly by the company Aeroflot. The hole information about tickets I shall send you later.
Now other news. Don't worry. When I bought the air tickets, the employee of the airport has approached to me.He has said that for being in your country I'll require funds of travel. Employee has said that when i'll pass custom control i will be asked about it.
* He informed me about a rule of entrance in your country.
Extract from the bill in bank,
Or traveller's cheques for this sum, Equivalent 40 $ US dollars
for each day of being in your country for one person.
I have visa for 90 days and it means that I'll require the large sum
of money to arrive to you.
It means I should just show funds that I can arrive to you.
It will be the proof for my authorities that I'll not ask an alms in yours country, or emegrate illegal into this country.
Very bad that I have learned about it just when has paid for air tickets: ((((
But I know that we can find solution of this situation.
As you know I won a lottery 12000$ dollars in US.
When I have left the airport I contacted to the operator in USA.
I have explained to her my problem and she said that it is necessary to get money as soon as possible. The operator has connected me to the director and we had long conversation with him. He said that he can transfer funds on my account in bank. It will take about one week. But I have no any bank account, and this registration will take a lot of time (about 5 weeks, i asked in banks). I asked him to send funds through Western Union or Money-Gram.
He has said that he does not trust this system, and this transfer will not be in monthly report, so he might have problems so he will not send funds through these companies. He has said that I can receive my prize in three weeks in Moscow.
But it's so long and if I'll not fly in time my documents will be rejected :(
Also he told that the lotterry win is expiering in 30 days after the day of win.
I said that I am going to other country to meet my friend.
He asked what country and I answered him.
I said to the director that I have friend in USA whom I want to meet... He said that it is good news. He said that he can write out cheque on your name and send it to your home address. And you can transfer funds to me. What you think of it?
Or may be you have funds to help me, this is will be the fastest and the easyly, and when I'll be in your country I'll return to you full sum. And than create the bank account for me in your country, and get the winning funds, so we can spend the hreat hollidays!
I very much upset that we have such trouble with our meeting.
I can be online tomorrow about 22:00 my time in ICQ
my ICQ: 480754767
OK, dearest, today was a very diffucult day.
I go sleep, and tomorrow I wait for your answer.
This situation make my mood is very bad, and i don't know what to do... I think this is so unfair, because i won, and they can't pay me here in Russia... Now i really believe that lottery is the fake, they just get moneys, and do not give you anything...
Your and only your Natalia.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Alfred !
No , you shouldnt open account on my name , just open on yours or tell me if you already have it. They will transfer money to you , i will tell them to do it. No need to open on my name. Just send me bank information that is needed ( I send it to you in previous letters )
and lottery office will begin transferring money. LOve you
YOurs Natalia
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