Scam letter(s) from Julia Kozhina to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Billy I am very glad to receive your letter today. How are you today? How you spend today the day? I today during a lunch break, have come to you, and I with pleasure read your new letter. I wish to tell to you, that I am madly glad, that I have met you on the Internet, and now I understand, that you for me not simply friend when I started to write to you, I thought, that I cannot fall in love with whom that through letters, but now I understand, that all this is real, I have fallen in love with you, and I am very glad to it. I want, that all people on ground lived happily. In miscellaneous time of my life I met the good and poor people. And I always appreciated ympatheticand kind, off-the shelf to go on a victim for the friend. This value is very difficult for saving up, it is even more difficult to search for it on a zoetic path. I receive a sheer pleasure in dialogue with the friends and interesting, fascinating people. However, I like to sit at home, I like a domestic cosiness, I like calmness. At this time I listen to music, quiet and quiet music, which one brings in mine I soul a delightful reconciliation. I am resulted in delight by Russian romances. I like Russian romances in processing List, I like Chaykovsky. I hope, that you the very sincere man. My Billy I have read through your letter, and I at once have gone to a tour agency, now I have returned from it, and I shall inform you, that I have learned all today. I about all have learned to arrive to you, I will need to issue the visa and the international passport, and it costs 705 dollars, it very much greater money for me, and I do not know whence to me to find it. I am a shame to ask me your help, therefore in confusion. I very much wish to arrive to you, and I wish to meet you, but now I do not know, how it is possible to make it real. I was very glad to read your dreams, and I very much would like, that all and was, but now I do not know, there will be all this real, or not? I shall wait your following letter.
Your Yulya!
Letter 2
Hi my Billy! How are you? At me all is normal, forgive me that I yesterday have not written to you, I have simply been very borrowed by work. I dream of our meeting every day. When we meet I have so much to say which I do not think I could properly convey in a letter. You are my inspiration and you make me think that anything is possible and I never have felt this way before... I'm a little bit embarrassed to tell you all that, but I think we should be very honest and frank with each other and we should share al the thoughts, even those that on the back of our mind. I want you to know that you have my word that I will always be honest with you. Honesty is very important to me and I believe all good relationship must be based on honesty and trust. I hope that you will always be honest with me too. As I told you before, I have very serious intentions and I am truly hopeful that our relationship will continue to grow and grow, turning into something very beautiful and forever! Dear Billy, I hope you are feeling the same... I'm missing you and your letters Billy And I will be happy to hear your voice one day! I'll be keeping you on my mind all the time, darling! Dear, to tell the truth, I was thinking of you all the time, my Billy, but I do not know how and when we could meet. I only know that I would love to meet you and it does not matter where we meet. Let me know your thoughts about it, honey. My Billy I do not understand you, you spoke me that I have learned all, and it would be better, if I have arrived to you, and you were ready to help me with money that I could arrive to you what happens? You do not wish to help me? You do not wish to meet me? I shall wait your letter. Your Yulya!
Letter 3
Hi my dear Billy I am very glad to see your next letter. How are you?
How you have lead today the day? I today again had very borrowed put on work, I am very strongly tired, but all and I have decided to go to the Internet of cafe to write to you because I know, that you, as well as I look forward to my letter. Internet is for me as a big city with many streets. You have a walk on these streets. You see men and women who go past. We found each other in such a street and we are now watching each other! What you will see, is the things up till now I have written to you. You will see a girl who is honest and expects honesty. You will see a girl who gives you love and expects love from you. You will see a girl who is far away from you, who wants to see you and ask you am I the girl, you expected? Am I the girl, you want be with for rest of your life? Am I the girl, you want to be happy with and if you want to make her happy? I would like, that you look me in my eyes and tell me yes, you are the right one. I would like, that you see me, and have really the feeling, I am the right woman for you. Well, lets talk about something nice, shall we? I want you so badly that you never know. It hurts me every day i do not see you. But if we want to be together, nothing in this world can stop us, right? My Billy I have understood all that you have told, I need in 705 dollars, and I spoke you about it, as, I have learned, what in our city, there is a bank the Western Union, it is convenient and safe transfer of money, you have it at yourselves? Inform me on it, ok? I with impatience shall wait your letter. Strong I embrace you, my love Billy! Your Yulya!
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