Scam letter(s) from Farida to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

My house phone number 007-8553250568. A code of Russia 007.
But before it, you can send me SMS on my mobile phone +79063317054 and I shall be at home at this time to wait for your inquiry.
In French I speak better than in English.
Letter 2

HELLO IOANNIS! Let me to tell a little about itself.
I am 26 years (I borned in 1979 in Russia). At me dark grey eyes and light brown (a chesnut) colour hairs. Height - 173 sm, weight - 53 kg. Figure (85 - 60 - 95). Single. Children are not present. I own languages is Russian, French (Fair), English (Fair). About my family. First ten years to my life I lived with the parents in Switzerland (therefore I a little know French). My father worked as a diplomat at the Russian embassy. My mother is an intellectual woman which knows four foreign languages and house-owner. Then we got back to Russia. A father worked as partner of large oil company. Two years ago he perished in a motor-car catastrophe. I have a sister which works in the oil company. Yet at school I dreamed to become a model. Therefore from sixteen years I made attempt itself in model business. Reason at me did not turn out a top-model, I had not survived a diet. Although took off me for the catalogues of underclothes (this is one of two my pictures, then I was 20 years ago). My dream did not come true fully, but due to my fascination of youth, at me sense of beauty and style is well developed. Besides it, I much traveled and traveled world almost. I am well formed and have two diplomas. First is university (economy and finances), second is institute (foreign languages). Presently I work in an oil company. It is the choice of my parents. As well as any woman, I continue to love a fashion and music, including opera. I like to socialize with people, I love holidays and picnics on nature. Simply I love life. I enjoy the art and cultural events in town. In youth I went to artistic school. I like to draw and walk on museums, similarly as well as to night-club. I adore to prepare and is able to do it. I love spicy food meat and. I like the Italian and French kitchen, and also Chinese, Arabic and mexican. I prepare at home usually, as it at anybody does not turn out better, than at me. In a domestic situation I prefer rest and comfort. I can not stand quarrels and scandals, I got good education. And strict enough education (although I and not very much shy). I am able to behave in any society. In grain I is quiet, but sociable (if allows knowledge of language) and easy up grade. I is cheerful, with me as easy as anything to socialize. Really I look at many things. Usually I do not pay attention to the lacks of people (who are not they present at?).
It is talked that I have easy character. I never not on that take in good, if only to do not an obvious meanness me. Quickly I forget all troubles and distressing I watch after the exterior, visit a beauty salon. I consider that a woman always must be well-groomed and to look on million dollars (it is a joke, but there is grain of truth in her). Friends count me clever and educated, and men - tempting, perceptible and ******. I do not smoke is this insalubrious. I use an alcohol rarely in two-bits in the company of friends, or on holidays. I trust that love is, it is only needed to manage to save her. In the relations I value loyalty and constancy in senses. I very decent - never in my life I did to nobody nothing bad. I consider that a man must be more senior than a woman, and even far - in this case he has more responsibility for her, and also for the acts. In a man I am able to estimate is mind, healthy ambitions, constancy and loyalty, desire to score a success and financial stability in life. For me his internal qualities are important - that my man possessed the mature look on life, well kept family, was a faithful husband and good father. That he was careful and understanding. Write me about itself. I will be with impatience to wait an answer from you. With the best wishes.
Letter 3

Dear YANNIS! I now live in small Muslim republic Tatarstan. It in the center of Russia.
Therefore - the Christian and a moslem here have mixed various cultures. Though I lifted since the childhood am strict a little.
I live with mother and the sister in the beautiful house. We with my senior sister work in the oil company. My sister holds there a high post, it has strong and imperous character. And it very well understands people and work.
I am absolutely unlike it, in me a gentle arrangement, therefore I only study to work for this purpose. And me often happens difficultly with it. I carry out various purposes which give me in the company. I wish to tell at once, that I do not search for entertainment, and is adapted seriously enough. I for the person with whom I could live all life.
My girlfriend has acquainted through the Internet with the person, it leaves to it, and now they are married and there live absolutely century And I also have decided to check up happiness. Probably, something will appear. I search for my happiness. I believe, that I was born under a successful star. I search for my star, and I believe, that I shall find it. I dreamed for all my life of happiness.
Happiness - my future family, my love. I dreamed for all my life to find mine soule the assistant. I brightly my love - abroad, I would know about your country, your minds, habbits.
I spend sometimes with the book in my hand - I like to read. Only listen to words Ïàóëî Êîåëüî, one of my favourite author: " We should struggle for our dreams and concentrate our efforts by that end. But we should not forget, that the life is made of all pleasures. They have been placed here to encourage us, to help us with our search and to provide the moments of a stop from ours battles. It not the sin to be happy. There is nothing incorrectly in - from time to time - ëîìêà the certain rules, concerning a diet and happiness ".
Happiness for me - the man of my dream.
I shall divide with it all my troubles, I shall give it my heart. I divide it with you, I shall be what you love. I would like to know you better and I think of you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kiss you with tenderness and passion.
Letter 4

My dear YANNIS! Thanks for the letter. I received your photos certainly.
I love all of you more increasing. And I think that such possibly even through the Internet - only once in a life!
You will never regret for what have met me.
I to you lady everything, that in what will be demanded with your heart and soul! I shall give the world and I shall have a rest to your house. I shall give you children if you want them.
I shall give you love and passion. I shall give you tenderness and care. You will never wish to eat - I shall be prepared often for you for tasty dishes. I in a condition to make this all is perfect...
You will arrive to have rest and to possess comfort only home. In us never there will be quarrels and scandals.
I am lifted, as the Moslem and I in a condition to create and support my family. In me it is the big patience on it.
Possibly you have already heard, that from Muslim women of fine and true wives appear!
We have no divorces. It already speaks about very. If I can grow loving the person - that it will be up to my bones. As I still did not love anybody.
And I any more do not wish to transfer my chance. I think, that we shall be together. I shall wait from you for news. Kiss you with tenderness.
Letter 5

My dear YANNIS! I think that I have a bad feature in character is a trustfulness. And me so people have told even.
I can trust all that speak me also all I accept very seriously!... And people use it always.
You even cannot imagine what there was to me a history because of it. I then to you shall tell...
I never to anybody in my life have made anything bad. If I wish to be friends of someone that it there should be a fair person - I hate lie!... Both in men, and in women also. If in the street bad weather and I remain at home with the beloved that I wish to spend my time together with it in bed making love and having opened a bottle of a champagne... Almost all my girlfriends have financial problems and they always use me that it to correct. And I help them a little. The GOD has ordered to share with all - you heard it sometime? And now I wish to talk about us... You would not like to see me? To speak about very and to solve face to face all our questions and interest - more possibly the friend the friend. Soon I plan to take a holiday within 1-2 weeks and to have rest.
If you invite me - we could meet and get acquainted more close. The visa to the Europe can be received within 10 days, having bought a full tourist package in one of the countries of the Europe. For example - to Paris!
This fascinated city. And it would be very romantic.
As I freely speak in French, we could go freely there, and it is good, waste time according to the full program. I am not capable very much, and it is beautiful to write. It is my first experience in the Internet.
And I simply offer, which you have met... I wait from you for the answer. Kiss you with tenderness.
Letter 6

My dear YANNIS! You can believe to me that here in Russia there is nothing interesting... And I simply would like to have a rest on the sea!
The sea, the sun and beach - here a limit of my dreams at present. I thought above your offer and called in travel agency to learn about places.
There it is necessary to buy a tourist trip to Greece. It enters: hotel (without it do not give the visa), avia the ticket, medical insurance and the visa.
If the miss to Athenes within 2 weeks - is 530 dollars.
There I shall leave my tourist group and to join you. We shall absolutely spend time together! There still there will be additional charges on road up to Moscow (a taxi up to Kazan, the plane up to Moscow and a feed) is all however about 300 dollars - there and back.
I can take any part of payment but pay all is dearly even for me. If you could help me that we very soon already would meet and had a good time love on a hot beach... Here there are such men and for me not the problem to find to itself here the young beautiful person for a bed.
But I do not want such attitudes - is uninteresting for me... I want, I shall have the husband to care and love its all my heart. And I in the answer shall wait from this same attitude.
I do not want the beautiful person with empty and cold heart. I have already made such mistakes, and I do not wish more that they have repeated! Now you understand, why I try to find my new life in your country and with you.
I feel devastated, and I do not wish so to continue more...
I wait your answer. Kiss you with tenderness.
Letter 7

I am not going to arrive to you and to sit there as the fool and to wait when you to me will give money back.
And you will **** at this time me every day?
I TOO NOT SO AM silly. Find to itself other little fool - such full around of you in Greece.
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