Romance scam letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Brian (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my dear this are some pivtures you ask for and i knwo you will really like them......Diana?
Letter 2
Hello my dear I have to tell you much about me so you know me well I am a simple woman ofclass, very interligent woman,very much but cant say certain things for my self , romantic and sexy,single and very much determind to find a soul-mate,I am very serious and much more ready to have the best man here.I am open mineded woman, very passionate and Honest. also I'm a little self-critical person, but I'm sure, I have easy-going personality. I'm placid and active, serious and cheerful, well-educated and inquisitive, reasonable and romantic, witty and intelligent, frank and friendly, tender and caring, sporty and elegant,honest and reliable person. to be honest with you I amsabout you and if you reading this mail I mean it soo much for you to know who I am . Life is how you will find a good and well sounded relations that cares for loving living for,am really impressed with the kind of profile you have put up on these very site and i really want to share the little and few love in my life someone caring and ever ready to live and love a woman like you...
Your one
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