Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Surkowa to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!!! My name Olga and I would like to get acquainted with you. I to attach the of photos to this letter I to hope, that to like you my photo. To me 30 years and I am single. I to not have children. I search for the person with which I could to continue the stayed life. We can try to learn more about each other and there can be we could create family and do general children. I shall wait your answer. Up to a meeting my boy. Olga
Letter 2
My full name Olga.
My growth 183sm, weight 71 kg.
Eyes brown, hair brown.
Favourite color dark blue - blue, red.
Favourite music-Jazz.
I do not drink and do not smoke.
Fruit - eie favourite foodstuff.
Very much to like me your photos. You very beautiful the man!!!
As the wife I can offer you a happy joint life, be engaged in education of children and prepare for the most tasty meal in the world. As immense love.
I as to search only for serious relations. For this reason I to write to you.
I regret, that I cannot write back quickly. I have been so borrowed on my work and have been so tired. Now I feel better and I will write to you a few information on me. I think, that you want to hear it. I live in Russia - city named the Nizniy- Novgorod.
How - you there? What the season and whether is weather there in your country now? We have good days for us, now temperature in us-8N. I not the lonely woman, never married and havn't children. I have been given birth here, in the Nizniy Novgorod 19, March 1977, and now I to work as the doctor in small clinic. I never to be outside of my country, but once I do not hope I shall be. When I write to you for the first time in my life, I - some anxiety. It - the first experience for me which will transfer with the man who lives in other country. As far as times you had transfer with other people from other countries? Before this moment I have written only to my relatives who live in other cities in our country. But I am pleased, that you have answered for my small message which I has sent you. I want to tell to you it I very much I am interested in you. I want to know about you more and to want to learn about you better through your letters.
I hope, that you will give me this opportunity. I would like to continue our transfer and I shall make everything, that I can for this purpose. It is a little information on me. I want to find the man for long relations of term, (marriage) and consequently I have decided to find whom - that in the Internet. I understand, that it - can sights the some people strange find whom - that through the Internet, but in city where I live, I have brought some times in relations with men. They used my open soul and gentle disposition, they only used me for personal their purposes and left me alone. I tired from it and me want the some people better in this life for me. Unless you do not think, what I am very frank for the letter?
It - only because of, I do not want to hide something from you. I want to inform about my purposes and
About my sights because I hope only for serious relations. I heard many histories about girls who have found men from other countries, have left Russia, married and now live in other country and happy with their husbands and consequently I want attempt to find foreign the man also. I want it, the destiny would smile for me at once and I would be happy. It - so that I wanted now - find the man for my life.
My nationality is Russian. Many people of the various nations live in our country. I do not remember, as far as, but I really know more than 50 nations. How many the nations live in America? You have the Russian friends? I have a computer on my work, and as in the house. With a computer I can write to you letters from a house. Whence you write to me? It - all for the first letter. I hope, that it - is enough while. I shall write more, soon, will send a picture of me and will tell to you about me in more details. Please send to me some pictures of you directly. But please do not send very big size of pictures, it is very difficult to receive it. The Internet and a computer of use is very dear things here. How many the Internet of cost in America? If you really interested to know me, write back better. I will wait your answer with impatience.
I regret about my bad English language. I hope, that you could understand my words correctly. I really hope for it.
O, almost overlook: you speak Russian, or you can understand the basic phrases of it?
The girl from other party of a planet - from Russia.
P.S. I hope, what I have asked not many questions?
Letter 3
At you it is a lot of photo with automobiles. You to visit exhibitions of automobiles?
How are you doing? All is good. What your mood today? Hope you - fine Reggie. I have good mood today since morning. I to wake up, take a shower, and to drink a glass of the Indian tea. You like to drink tea in your country, Reggie? Whether be it can - consequences of the past of our country? There can be you, know that several years ago when Russia was the Soviet country, we have the big turns in shops of the foodstuffs. For example, for oil, meat, etc. But we had good relations with some countries which we have named our friends. One of those districts was India and always on shelfs of shops of the foodstuffs there were packages of the Indian tea. There can be from now on our people, like to absorb tea any time of day. Tell to me that you like to drink? I like to prepare very much, is especial when I have good mood. And for it very enough prepare, when people eat your dishes with good appetite. So can be somewhen which I can prepare for you, Reggie. You to like to read books? I like to read since my childhood the various literature. It - has no value, the Russian or foreign authors write it. Today I was gone in park and think, that today - good day and as far as big it would be if all the days long in a life could be in the least quantity such wounderful. How frequently have you good days? I hope more, than I have. Then I have come home, have taken a shower and feeling directly big. Today on TV there should be a good cinema in romantic style on 1-st channel of ours TV. We have some channels on our TV. How many channels you have? What does you like to observe on TV? What cinema?
I live one now, and I rent an apartment. You know, what distance from Nizniy-Novgorod up to Moscow - 400 kilometers?
70 years of October i?-eo2,15
Index - 603000
Russia. City Great Novgorod.
My sizes 91-60-90
I to specify to you correct weight.
I to want to tell, that I to not collect to play with relations. I to want the true, serious relations.
I to listen to all music, as to Jazzzzz. Why you to set to me it is so much many questions. I was not difficult for answering them, but I to think that I to find in a police station. I as like gifts of the sea. I to love a red fish.
What women you do love? What are women there in your country? I heard, that your women want to do big career and they do not like to take work above housekeeping. I think, that career is good, but the woman should not forget about the house. But can be in your country, think various. How you do think, there would be be it difficult to me to find work your country? I wait for your following e-mail, and I want, that you have told to me more about you directly. I shall tell to you more following.
p.s. The phrase in Russian that means, " I waits, your following letter " is " Ya zhdu vashe sleduyschee pis'mo ".
Letter 4

....Well, you introduced yourself rather good to me and it was interesting. I'd like to tell a little about me.
My name is Viktoriya, you can call me just Vika.
I work in a little firm connected with the placing of plastic windows and everything connected with that kind of job.
I adore music,different kind of, I adore milk and chocolate,milk chocolate!
I like playing basketball, volleyball, and watching soccer....8-))
Oh, I like dancing. Adore poetry and if I meet the poem I like I write it in my exercise-book. I have some special exercise-book where I write poems I like and sayings of famous people.
Well, I don't know what to tell more, if you want to know something,just ask,I'll be glad to answer. Hope to hear from you. Viktoriya
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