Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Steve (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi road Stephen.
I am very glad to receive your letter on mine e-mail!!!:)
I hope that we shall find much in common between us and when we shall meet the ambassador we shall fall in love each other finally!!!:)
As reading your letter it is very pleasant for me that I am really interesting to you!?:)
Yes I search for serious attitudes(relations) conducting to a marriage(spoilage)!!! But while those who wrote to me before, only played with my feelings!
So I only hope that you not such and you are really serious in the attitude(relation) to me!!!
My name Ekaterina that is similar Katya in Russia! Tatiana - a pseudonym for a site. So you can name me as you more conveniently!
As I think what not probably to create attitudes(relations) only using ????????! And the meeting is simply necessary!
I am glad that you have written to me!!!:)
As I want to tell that I have no house of a computer and I write through ???????? cafe or from a study of the director
At school, but also that and other way are not convenient me nevertheless!: (As in one case I can lose work, and in the friend(other)
I should pay ????????! So if I do not write you at once do not lose me!!! I place whence probably am simple has not found
To write to you, or it was borrowed(occupied) with work and could not write to you!
But I shall try to write to you frequently and to develop our attitudes(relations) and to learn(find out) each other!
I only wanted to tell that if sometimes I can not answer at once you should not worry ??????????? it!
It is a little about me!!!
I the teacher also work at school of a grammar school!
Very much I love children and I like to work with them as near to them I feel younger!
I teach such subjects as mathematics and Russian!
I train the elementary grades! And on me the responsibility not only for training, but also for education of them lays!
As I am able to talk in English, but I badly write on ????????? and I use the electronic translator,
So if the sense of the letter is lost, I am sorry concerning it! I write in all sincerity and I hope
That that I have written all to you, you will understand and will apprehend well!
I think, that in the future carefully it will be necessary to learn(teach) (smile) English colloquial, necessarily I shall study.
I like business and serious people with good manners and sense of humour. The reliable and correct friend is necessary for me,
That is I am tired from loneliness.
Than you right now are borrowed(occupied)?
I hope that you for me will be the interesting interlocutor!
Your country - describe her(it), beautiful city at you?
You would like to have children?
What you wait from our correspondence?
I shall wait your letter soon!

Letter 2

Good evening Stephen! Something in your answer to my letter
Has forced me to think that you mean seriously, and the main thing is fair and
It will be interesting to me to speak with you and to learn(find out) you. I can
To tell about me very much and it is a lot of. But there is one problem on
By which I can not do(make) so. I
I have no so much a free time. And if I see, that you-
Are interested in me and that you want to know me better, I probably shall
To find additional time to write to you letters, to tell about
And, certainly, it is better to to learn(find out) you.
I think, that I shall begin now mine the letter with the story about my city and
Republics in which I live. As
I already spoke you in my first letter I live in Kazan. It
Capital of republic of Tatarstan which certainly is a part of Russia. I
Was born and grew in Kazan, and I love this city all mine
Heart, it(he) became me native. I to you can tell interesting
Features of my republic Tatarstan also I think, that it will be interesting to you.
My republic
It is distinct from all other republics in Russia. The majority of people
In Tatarstan - moslems and it is a lot of Mosques (a place, where moslems
Worship their God) in my republic. Mosques very much differ
From the Russian orthodox churches. I am not a moslem. If I
Would be in this religion to me would not allow(resolve) to marry any person,
Only which is as a moslem. Rules of a moslem very much
Are strict, and I do not agree with many from
Them. But it is not so important because my belief it Christ. I believe in the God, I
I believe, that there is paradise, and there is a hell. I believe, that there is Jesus and features and know that
If it is good to live and to nobody to do(make) evil that you will find yourself in paradise. And if
You will live and deceive or still that that is worse than it that, certainly, you then
You will burn in a hell. I want to tell to you about mine
City. Kazan is magnificent! My city has many museums, speaking about
Histories and antiquities of city. You can present yourselves that to my city
1000?! Recently we marked this anniversary cities! And how many years
To your city in which you live? Whether there are what sights
Or histories about your city? All this too is interesting to me! I set all these
Questions to you because I know, that are millions
Cities! And villages - in the world of them it is a lot of city and everyone is distinct from
Others I only am curious
How your city approximately looks?! What it(he) from itself(himself) represents?! I not
I am going to speak you about a history of Kazan
Its(her) history began very much for a long time as I believe, that you can
It is easy to find, the information which you interests in the Internet about Kazan
From the tourist centre in Russia.
Certainly, my life is connected to life of city and his(its) vicinities.
I live not in the centre of Kazan. And it is very good. The centre
It is very fast, a lot of noise very much polluted and I I live near to not big
Park on surburb of city. And one of my hobbies it, certainly, to go on
Walk in park. Besides I each morning finish not the big run on
To park and after that I feel ?????????? and full energy.
When I have a free time on evenings, I go to gymnastics, and I
I support the form. I have many hobby: game in volleyball,
Table tennis, skiing, skating.
I as like, listen to music. I listen to absolutely everything, it only
Depends on my mood! Most of all I love romantic music and
Foreign. But
I also listen to the Russian rock music and sometimes pop. It was not
The whole list of my hobbies. I very much regret, that I can not write to you still
It is a lot of in this letter. I now should go home to be going
Breakfast then I shall go still quickly for work to finish the project
Above which I work and only then I shall come home and I shall gain strength
Before tomorrow's day. It is all On that that I work as
The designer - adviser. I to you shall tell then about my work. But
Certainly, will be in my following letters.
Again I shall wait with not patience your answer,
Good-bye, Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Hi Stephen! Last time, when I wrote to you,
I had to go for work and at me was not so a lot of time, that
To write to you.
Now I can tell a little about a place where I live Though I think, that
You have more information on it but if is not present I shall write a little.
I hope, that to you to like. Should tell you, that in my work,
As well as in acquaintance to you, I prefer sincerity and I find that it
Very important. Now I have a problem with one of my clients not much but
Tomorrow I shall solve her(it). I hope, that tomorrow I will manage to solve
And then I in detail shall tell a problem to you about my work much more,
Than you now know. I worked as the teacher, but now I work as
The designer - the adviser. But I tell later, if it ??????c?? to you.
I think, that today I shall tell to you about my family. For me it has
The big value. The family is very important for each person, and I not
Exception. I hope that you will understand me, I not to everyone tell about
It, but to you I shall tell, I have small trust to you. Unfortunately,
The history of my family not so is fine actually. I was born in
To good family. My mother and father were not rich, but it and is not necessary for them
Was, they and without it were happy. I grew the happy child, in
To happy family and I never would think, that such could happen.
But it was possible to not change it also. When to me was 9 years, my mother
Has thrown my father and me. She(it) has found another the man and has told, that it(him)
She(it) likes much more, and all that was with my father in a flash
It was finished. Thus, my father, his name is Oleg, has taken all difficulties
Under my maintenance(contents) and education on itself. My daddy till now certainly
It is alive and lives now together with me! Since then I meet my mother very much
Seldom, only sometimes in the holiday or on the big holidays. It seems,
That she(it) does not recollect us in general, probably she(it) is not interested, that
Occurs in our life and it(her) in general all the same. I tried to speak with
It(her) about it, but she(it) did not want even to listen to me. She(it) prefers
To leave everything as is. My father and I, for it(her) ???e?? is no more, than
Strangers. I understand it sometimes it so happens, that the person
Understands, that it(he) has made a mistake when married, but not after 10 years
Marriage(spoilage)! I do not accuse my mother, but it is very hurt! Heart of my father
It was broken, but in the end it(he) forgave it(her) everything though it(he) never married
It is more on other woman. My daddy continues to speak, that my mother-
The unique woman whom it(he) ever loved. I love my father and
I respect it(him) for all that it(he) did(made) for me, therefore I very much love it(him) and
When I shall not overlook and I shall make for him(it) everything, that it(he) will ask.
To my father now 61 year. It(he) already as 1 year on pension. On ?????c??? mine
Father the militarian. It(he) has devoted all life to service to the country, that is
Russia. Father never saws, but it(he) is the chain smoker.
Certainly, I forgive it to it(him) and I can not something in this occasion
To undertake. I never saw the father that it(he) was drunk!!! In that
When in any holiday all visitors drank time a lot of spirit, but my father
Not saws. It(he) always spoke and speaks that: « alcohol does(makes) of the person
Pig ». I very much am proud of the father!!! I hope, that you will not be
To think, that I too hardly and sadly describe the life. Simply it
That sad part of my life about which to each person would be
It is very hurt to recollect.
I shall not write more about sad, and that you will think, that my life
Consists only of sad things. Probably it is necessary to tell and about good
Things, such as years of my study. I think, that it will be interesting to you
To know. I Have finished the state technical university. For me my 5 years of study
University there were most cheerful and carefree years of my life. I was
It is happy and not strongly thought of the future. At the same time I liked
To study and result of my college - the diploma in designing and
Consultations. But as I spoke, that now at me with work
There are some difficulties and it is difficult for me to think of it. Therefore in
Following time when I shall come in myself a little, I shall tell about the work-
I PROMISE it to you!
It would be desirable to finish this letter on the good note, on this I shall ask in
The end of the letter of your opinion concerning family and my study. It is interesting to you?
It was pleasant whether or not? If yes you can as tell that about the
To study and family? I very much want to get acquainted with you and to know much about you. I
I shall be glad to hear it from you. On it I finish the letter. With
Respect, Ekaterina.

Letter 4

Greetings my friend Stephen.
I very much want to hear your voice as!
But there are 2 problems: 1) I have no phone as it is expensive ?? me in service.
2) I do not speak any English: (Only German! You understand German or Russian?
I am sure, that you closely(attentively) read my last letter. You remember, I
Wanted you to tell about my work? My work is very interesting, on
To extreme measure for me. I think that too it will be interesting to you to learn(find out) where
I work and than particularly I am engaged. I work in one shop on
Sales of furniture for commercial activity, for offices and
Apartments. I work as the designer the adviser. My work consists in
The following when there comes in interior the buyer and speaks that is necessary for it(him)
Furniture for definite purposes that I go to the house of the client or office and I look at his(its) interior, number of rooms, an arrangement of walls, an empty seat, that is I estimate an apartment or office. Then I ask the client that it(he) or she(it)
It(he) wants to see in this place and in what quantity(amount) of money or want
To be laid. Then I in view of all it select or itself to project for
The buyer furniture, I show it(him) all over again the figures (that is as it
Will look) if they like that I give the drawings in special
Workshop where make furniture. All my clients feel like
Cosy in an interior
Which I have chosen him(it) as when there comes the person which wants
To get furniture that it is just necessary to take into account everything, that the person after
Purchases of new furniture felt like satisfied pleased
Purchase. Do not think that to me hardly to think out an interior for an apartment, me
That even very much is pleasant. Certainly it is sometimes difficult to pick up that that is pleasant
To the most grumbling client, but nevertheless I do(make) it also clients leave
Pleased with purchase. I think, that it - because is not present similar people in
The world. All people different, and at all own taste. As speak in Russia:
« On taste and color of comrade is not present! » Sometimes,
It is very hard to find the compromise, when all members of family,
Want that the apartment looked on the that is, their opinions very much
Differ from each other and I itself should think out such
Interior that all have remained are pleased. My purpose is, that
To find such furniture which would correspond(meet) to tastes of all members of family and
Never to deprive. I think, that have told you almost all about my work. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and at once write to me them.

Sometimes from for my work I write you less than I want to write actually,
Simply I do not have no time. Sometimes clients can come to me
Unexpectedly and to speak that I arrived to them before time, that them
Plans become others. Certainly if I shall not have other meeting,
That I go to them, because the majority of clients - very much borrowed(occupied) people
Both their time and plans are not stable. I am not going to speak, that my work
Only an entertainment for me and it is very easy for me she(it) it is given. It not so. You
You know sometimes when clients really captious or it is even worse rough, I even hate my work. But I always try to find an output(exit) irrespective of a situation and
To solve any problems. Work not a unique thing which I enjoy. I already wrote to you about some my hobbies. But I could not write much because of my work.
Well that I have some free time now. I enjoy not only
Various sports meets, but also I like to have a rest on
To nature with my friends. We like only to sit in cafe together
Or simply to walk. Sometimes we go in theatre and on concerts. I still want
To tell you, that I never smoked and now I do not smoke, as I do not drink
Spirit. Though a part of my friends it do(make). I to not blame them for it, at them the life and the head on shoulders, means him(it) so in the best way to relax. I never
Required spirit or in a cigarette to relax. There is a set
Fine things to relax!!! To how my father does not drink
In general spirit, it(he) was never drunk also I am proud of him(it). Usually, when
Russian people gather they drink a lot of vodka, and then they behave directly very much not pleasantly. I never saw my father drunk though it(he) smokes. I do not accuse it(him). I know, when the person smoked during long time, it(he) will not throw it. My father speaks, that it(he) started to smoke, when it(he) went in army. Then
To it(him) was 18 years. Service - very responsible(crucial) work, many nerves and my father are necessary to the country began(started) then smoking to calm itself. I shall never smoke
Or to drink. I am completely sure in it. I prefer to protect mine
Health because I want to have children and that they were healthy as well as I.
I think, that each person in the world should care of the health.
As health you will not buy for any money!!!
Before work I reach by the bus, I do not have own automobile yes
And in Russia it is not enough at whom is Auto. I try each week-end to leave from
Cities to have a rest on a nature where it is very silent also very pure(clean) air!
I very much alone like to be with a nature.
In my opinion to be healthy - it is necessary only the big desire
And will power! So long!
I wish a sound health and that you were not sick!
Yours Ekaterina.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Stephen.
I have received your letter and certainly I understand all your doubts!
I was registered here then when I did not know that it bears(carries) ??????, I not ???? anything concerning a site and that bear(carry) it.
I have simply decided to use other name as a pseudonym, but now I speak a correct name! I understand doubts concerning it.
The second, I really wrote that I can speak a little, but it seems that on so much a little that I can speak only a pair of offers... I probably not correctly wrote there, or there was a mistake of translation.: (But I studied German at school and at university so I rather well can speak in that way.: (me it is a pity, if it has resulted you in error.: (
In the third, we have office number, but the secretary has it and answers only bells of the client.
As I can not use it in my personal purposes!
If we do(make) a way we can communicate further I can see as we! But how we can talk? I not ??????????...
I as have a computer on work, but it has no access in ??????? as I work in local sphere and only our city. I should carry all orders to the client and as they can go to us, all depends on importance of the order!
Well I answer on your questions and I shall wait your answer!
Yours Ekaterina

Letter 6

Hi my lovely Stephen!
Now I waited, while at me some free time will appear on
To work to go in the Internet of cafe; (sometimes, I very much regret, that I do not have computer
At home. As I could check my e-mail more often and
Accordingly to write to you). Thank God that the Internet of cafe from which I
I write you not far from my work!
I should admit, that I very much waited your letter. And to read, that you
To me new you will tell about yourself, whether you have understood my last letter whether or not?!
All this is very interesting to me! As I looked it seems all films that you have listed!
These are new films and were issued not so long ago. Well and how to you Russian cinema?
I do not want to hold any insult on you! I understand all.
Today in the morning I had very sad mood. And I woke up
From it in middle of night. And I have understood
That I really feel lonely and that does not suffice me
True love. Do not misunderstand me. I very much love mine
And I know daddy, that it(he) as loves me, I love my friends, and I know,
That they love me also, but I do not have person whom I would love also which
Will love me. And it is so sad, that I now would like
To cry. Each person in the world should search for the love and aspire to
To this. But the world is so big, that it is very difficult to find
The person to which you will entrust all and will present the love, the person with
Which you will stay(lead) the life! Now
The Internet helps people to connect from all continents their lifes, with
The help of the Internet the distance has no any role, important only
Feelings. To me it is very sad for those who lived up to the invention of the Internet,
About 19-th or 18-th century. They had marriages(spoilage) under the contract (on
To calculation), whether that is not you choose are pleasant to you the man and whether like
You of it(him), and for you choose. And you should live all life with
Which person you do not like, and can be even see do not want.
Divorces were forbidden also young people should lead(carry out) all life with
The person whom they did not love! It is so awful! You it
You imagine? Thank God that now, absolutely on another, freedom of a choice and a word!
We choose with whom we shall live and with whom are not present! Certainly it is very good, but feeling
Loneliness all the same do not leave(abandon) me... I frequently think of children. I very much
I love children. I think, children flowers of our life. It is a pity to me, that I do not have child.
I think, that if at me the child I would be did not feel like such
Lonely! Certainly I could become pregnant from
Anyone the man, but it not for me! I want to have the child from the person
Which I love. I want, that my child was similar to the father, that
The child grows in good family and in love. I like
Girls and boys and I only would be happy to give life to the child. I
I think, that I nevertheless will have child! Certainly I want that it was
Faster as I am tired from loneliness. I want to feel
Support of the person which really cares of me. My daddy
Supports me in everything, it(he) loves me as the daughter, but all the same I want
To the favourite person as the woman and the wife.
You can think, that I the business woman because I work much.
But it not so. I really love my work, but somewhere is deep
Inside I more than am sure, that the woman should lead(carry out) more time
At home, than on work. If I had a choice I would choose quieter
Work and to spend still some time of a house. But I do not have unfortunately it
Choice. Very difficultly, to get good work of the designer in our city and I not
Could refuse the offer. I do not regret, but nevertheless it is a pity to me, that I can not lead(carry out)
It is more than time of a house or to be going.
I like to prepare. I do not want to buy
Semifinished items or food in warehouses. We have many shops, which
Sell salads and other dishes, they already prepared, I do not try them and I do not buy. I
I prefer to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and itself to be going. I believe
Cookery - creative process, and I like to add, something the in
Traditional dishes. I prepare for all that I want, I am not afraid to prepare even
The longest and most complex(difficult) dishes. I like to prepare as simple:
It - solyanka (it - soup you know it(him)?!), and Russian ???????
Meet, which name "pelmeni".
The majority of women in Russia buy pelmeni, frozen in shops and
Only cook them. I never buy them! I am going pelmeni independently from
The beginnings and up to the end. It borrows(occupies) big time in comparison with heating
Frozen. But it costs(stands) it! That is the purpose justifies means!
Cookery - one of my hobbies also! You like, when women are going
Directly? What you like to eat all for dinner? What you food
You prefer? Whether you are going? I ask
It because now, all people are very much borrowed(occupied) and frequently members
One family have no actually now time to lead(carry out) the friend with
The friend at dinner. And it is not good. I think that the family should gather,
To have dinner each evening and I believe, that the woman (the wife and mother)-
The person who should unit family, whether not so? Quickly does not mean that it is useful!
It is not necessary to save time! As one woman spoke: " the Way to heart of the man
Lays through his(its) stomach! "
I wait your answer!
The best regards,
Yours Ekaterina.