Scam Letter(s) from Maria Medvedeva to Randy (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello! I have received your mail on lavalife. Thanks for writing I hope you`ll have time for our correspondence, and we`ll can know each other better. But at first I want to tell you the main. Unfortunately, I live far from you. I live in Russia, Semenovka city. If we decide to meet I hope it won`t a problem for us. I traveled as a tourist to other countries several times. I was in Spain, France and still some countries of the Europe. I`m such a kind of women, that if I love man, I`ll go to him even on the other side of our planet. It`s necessary to add, traveling isn`t a problem in our days. Therefore we always can choose the most convenient place for meeting. I don`t worry, that I`m meeting with the foreigner. It`s very interesting! It`s other culture, traditions, other sights at different things. I like new places! Also, you`ll can know more about Russian woman. I hope you don`t afraid! And we can continue our meeting. As for my profile, I tried to write Russia at the column `country` but I couldn`t register. I don`t know why, maybe it`s a mistake. And then I tried to write other country. And now.. something about me. I`m 32 years old. My name is Tina, but it`s my nickname, which my parents and friends use to name me. I`ve never been married and I live with my parents till now. I`m an architect in the building firm and also I advise our clients. Tell me about your work. Do you like your work? I`ve a lot of friends and we like to spend our free time together. Usually, we go to the cafe, cinema, concerts and many other entertainments. As well, I prefer the healthy style of life. I go fitness three days a week and keep my body in form. And also I send my pictures for you. I hope you`ll like them. And I want you to send me some your pictures. Tell me about you, what do you like to do, do you have a hobby? What about your character? I wish we`ll have time to write interesting letters to each other.
Please, write me, I`ll be waiting for your letter.
Your friend, Tina

Letter 2

Hello, Randy! I`m very glad to get your letter again. We`ll learn more and more about each other, and it`s very interesting. I`d a usual day, but when I got your letter, my mood became better, because it`s really pleasantly for me to get your letters. Thank you for some of answers my questions. It helps me to know and understand you better. I send you my other pictures. Hope, you like me on this pictures. Randy, tell me more about your family. Do your have a lot of relatives, don`t you? Do you visit them often? I have a nice family, we have wonderful relationships. As you know, I live with my mother and father. We live in comfortable flat, there are three rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony in it. I have my own room. I like my parents very much. I`m a single child in my family,and I always want to have younger brother or sister for taking care. My parents are very nice and kind, they always understand me. They love me very much, and I love them more else. My mother`s name is Victoria. She`s very sensual and kind woman. She`s 57 years old. She worked pediatrician some years ago, but right now she`s the pensioner. My father`s name is Alex, he`s strict, but fair man. He`s 62. He`s dentist. I`m fond of my family very much, and we often spend our time together. I`ve got an emptiness in my private life. I`ve never been married. My last boyfriend was a man of the same age. We`d been together for two years, but he turned out to be liar. He pretended that he honest with me, and I think he loved me. And as a result, he only played with my feelings. His friends were more important then me, but our relationships were only toy for him. And so, I told him `Goodbye!` I don`t worry about it. I find the adult man for more serious and hearty relationships right now. I can`t find them among the men surrounding me. I`m tired of disillusionments. Probably, I decide to find in the internet so. May be I can find a man who can love me, value me and understand me there. His money and his job are not important for me. I hope to find a man who can take care about woman. I`ll be ready return all of me. To my mind, the main in woman is devotion. Randy, write me, what do you think about it. I`ll be waiting for your letter. Yours Tina



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