Scam letter(s) from Yana Malets to Kristjan (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello Kris! How are you doing there? I hope, you are fine and this letter findsyou in high spirits. Today I have woken up with a wonderful feelingbecause of this opportunity to send you a letter, let me be sure thatyour mind is preoccupied with me and you feel the same. I would like to tell a few words about me. My name is Yana, and I am33 years old, but people say that I look much younger. I am ratherpretty tall and slender brown-haired woman. I live in Ukraine, inLutsk city. I am a charming woman, who is very gentle at heart. I havean easy temper, I am very sociable, and I easily find a commonlanguage with other people. Also I find myself being smart, cheerfuland outgoing person. I give much attention to my shape and health, andI don’t smoke. I am serious and family – oriented. I am strong, but atthe same time fragile woman, who needs very much male support andcare. My dream is to create the family based on love, support andmutual understanding. Also, I would like to let you know, thatfaithfulness is very important for me. There were a lot of reasons, which encouraged me to try Internet inorder to find my destiny. Not so many time ago I was disappointed inlove, and broke up relationships with a person, whom I loved andtrusted. It made me feel unsafe and lonely, may be at that time Ididn't suppose to make such a step as to find my future husbandabroad, but I feel that life passes by, and I don't want to be lonelyany more. Let's change this life together,I belive it's not sodifficult as seems! Write me.. Actually, I have disappointed in our men, because they are notreliable, they are unfaithful and don't value family. That is why Idecided to search for a husband abroad, and I am ready to leave myMotherland and move abroad, to the country of my husband and createthere family with him. I am not afraid any difficulties and obstacles,I believe that everything will be ok, and soon my dream about a lovinghusband and family will come true. I know several women from Ukrainewho married foreign men, and know that they are very happy now, theirhusbands love them very much and value them. I am not searching forthe luxurious and rich life, its not the most important, becausenothing can substitute for the love, tenderness, honesty and thehappiness to have a good loving family. I was married, but our union was not successful, because I was tooyoung when I married. Some time later I understood, that I didn't knowmy husband at all. He occurred to be a man, who doesn't have anyfamily values, and he was unfaithful to me. The last straw that brokeour family was the accident when he became to drink very hard. Idecided to brake our relations, as I thought I deserved good life andhusband. My demands to the man are not steep; I just need a reliable, carefuland loving husband who can rate in a woman her tenderness, inner worldand devotion to her husband. I see him a kind, funny, much – sided andfamily-oriented man. Are you this person? Kris, I hope that you recognized in me the woman you needed, the onewhom you were searching for. I hope that in every our letter we willopen in each other something interesting and new and will feel how ourfeelings to each other grow. Tell me what you think about me, I willbe waiting for your letter. Warm regards,Yana.
Letter 2
Dear Kris, I am very glad to receive your reply. It means that my first letterawoke your interest and it gives me a hope, that we could becomefriends so far, but I hope, that we will be more then friends soon.Thanks for telling me about yourself, and for now I feel that you area very interesting and nice man. May be you are the one, whom I havebeen waiting for so long, whom I fail so much in my life… Kris, I'm glad for you that you have two wonderful kids. Yes, I wouldlike to have children in my next marriage, because I don't havechildren from my previous marriage. I may guess that you want to learn more about me. As you know, I livein Ukraine, but I was born in Kazakhstan, in Balhash city. My motheris Kazakh woman, and father is Ukrainian. That’s why I am a littlelook like an Eastern woman, though I look like my father too. Since mybirth till 12 years I lived in Kazakhstan. Then there occurred a greattragedy in my life. My mother perished in a car accident, and fatherdecided to return to his motherland, Ukraine. In a year he marriedagain and I felt that I was not wanted in his new family. Even now,when I recall my life with my step mother I feel pain. She was verycruel and crafty woman, but my father loved her so much, that he wouldkill me if she had asked him to do it. I was like a Cinderella, whodid all the chore about the house, and who was constantly humiliated.In 15 I ran away from home to my granny and lived with her. She wasvery kind and caring woman, who loved me and gave me lots of warmthand care. Two years ago she passed away, and I still live in her flat. I work as a librarian at the Pedagogical University. To tell thetruth, it is not the work about which I had been dreaming. I wanted tobecome a math teacher, but I had no money to pay for my studying atthe university. Actually I like my work, because I am on the best ofterms with my colleagues. As I already mentioned, I am divorced. In Ukraine it is really a greatproblem to find a good man, as most of them have an addiction toalcohol and they are violent to their wives. That’s why I decided tosearch for my future husband abroad, where men have family values andknow how to treat a woman. I have lots of warmth and tenderness insideof me, and I want to give my love to the man, who would be worth ofit. The age-difference is not a problem for me. From my experience Inoticed, that elder men are wise, loving and calm, they know what theywant from life and know how to treat a woman. In families where a manis older there are less quarrels between each other, while young meare selfish. Nothing keeps me here, and when I find my beloved somewhere abroad, Iwill move to him. Yes, I am ready for this, and I think, that itdoesn’t matter where to live, the main is to love and be loved, tolive in harmony and happiness with your soul mate. So far I don’tspeak English, and if you wonder why my letters are written in goodEnglish, I can answer you that translator translates them for me. Ihope, you don’t think that my not knowing of English can be anobstacle for our relations. Language is possible to learn, but it’s sodifficult to find your second half, a person, with whom you reallycould be happy. I know that together we could overcome all the hurdlesand obstacles on the way to our happiness and will build relations,about which we were dreaming. I already see that we have lots ofthings in common and dream about our first meeting. As for my hobbies, I am going in for sports, and I like to take careof my health. Twice a week I go to the gym, where I go to the swimmingpool and shaping classes. I am a good swimmer and in summer I like tospend time near the sea or river, everywhere where there is water andit’s possible to swim. I like nature and I like to spend timeoutdoors; to go hiking, boating, walk in the wood or valley. Spring ismy favorite season, I adore this season, when everything is in bloomand nature wakes up after a long sleep… By the way, I was born inspring, on the second of April. And my sign of the zodiac is Aries.The Aries are very passionate and devoted people, who suffer withoutaffectionate and romantic feelings. What is your favorite cuisine, dear? Have you ever tasted someUkrainian dishes? As for me, I like healthy food, and Ukrainiancuisine is very healthy and tasty, I think. Also I adore Japanesecuisine, especially sushi. I like sweets, chocolate and cakes, thoughI eat them rather seldom, as it’s not good for shape. My favorite food is strawberry and mango. Actually, I cook very tasty.It’s pity that I don’t have a family, whom I could please with myculinary masterpieces? In my spare time I like to watch romanticmovies or comedies. I like calm soft music and retro music. Myfavorite singers are Sting, Melene Farmer, Celine Dion. Day by day my desire to marry and have a good happy family grows, andI want to meet the man, who was doomed to me by my destiny. I believethat somewhere in this earth there is my soul mate, who is alsolonely, and is waiting for me. If this person is you, I would behappy! I could be very caring and loving wife, I would make my husbandthe happiest man. I know how to treat a man, and I would satisfy himin everything. I am a one-man-woman, and faithfulness in relations isvery important for me. Are you a one-woman-man? Would you be able tolove only one woman till the end of your days? Do you believe thatit’s possible to create relations for people from different countries?What was the reason that made you to search for your soul mate viaInternet? I will be waiting for your reply to my thoughts that I expressed inthis letter. Tell me please, what is the relations, you are dreamingabout? Does your vision of happy relations coincide with mine? If it’snot a secret, write me, please, about your last relations. And if youhave any questions, you are welcome to ask. You planted a seed ofinterest to you in my heart, and I would like to hear from you again. Warm regards,Yana.
Letter 3
Hello dear Kristjan, Thank you very much for your nice and interesting letter. You reallyplanted a seed of interest to you in my heart, and I hope that soon wewill be able to meet and feel that between us arise very romantic andaffectionate feelings to each other. I am so happy that you are halfaround the world but still thinking about me. What can be more joyfulthan that? I feel that with each letter we are becoming closer to eachother, and I really feel a deep connection between us. Even despitethe fact that between us there are lots of miles. I also understand that it's very important to learn English not onlyfor me, but also for our relations. And I will learn it. I want to let you know that I really have serious intentions to findmy soul mate and don’t play any games. I have a great desire to createmy family, where would be mutual understanding, respect, tenderness toeach other and affection. I can tell you how I imagine our lifetogether, dear. I would like to be with you not only in happy moments,but also in hardships and difficulties. I would like to go throughlife together with you, to travel, to arrange romantic evenings onlyfor us. I imagine how I am waiting for you in the evening, we have aromantic dinner together with the candle lights, to make you massage,so that all your troubles and stress disappear. You would purr like acat, feeling relaxation and comfort with me. Do you like to cuddle,dear? Then I would like to take a bath or Jacuzzi with you, washingeach other. Also, I like to walk under the stars with my beloved,holding hands and talking about something… Dear, I want to make all mydreams true and I want to make it with you. I want to tell you about my experience of relations with foreigners.In summer I met a man on the cite from the USA. His name was Jorge. Webecame good friends at first and we were friends, and no more. He cameto visit me in my town. When we met in person and spent some weekstogether, I made sure that we don't match each other as couple. On thefirst day of our meeting he insisted that I should come with him atthe hotel and make love with him. Of course, I rejected, because I ama serious and romantic lady, and not a **********. We were withinterpreter, and I felt that I was going to blush for shame. He wasvery rude with me and used to tell me that he spent lots of money forme, and he could by for him a shabby car for such money that he spentfor visiting me. Several times he drove me to tears. I came toconclusion that we didn't match each other as a couple at all, becauseI am a delicate, fragile and romantic lady, and he was verythick-skinned and insensitive man, very greedy and opinionated. Wespent together three days and I told him that I was very sorry, but Ididn't see our common future. I wished him good luck and find hissoulmate as soon as possible. Then he left home, to the USA. But hecontinued to write me and ask me to move to him forever, because hespent so much money for me and so on. But I rejected because it wasn'tmy fault that we didn't match each other. He threatened me to inscribeme to the scammers' list and called me scammer and so on. But I didn'task him money at all. He spent money for the trip to Ukraine and paidinterpreter. But it wasn't my fault that I understood that he wasn't aman with whom I would like to share my life. So, that man inscribed meto the scammers' list. But nevertheless I am still trying to find myfuture husband abroad in Internet. I want to ask you, do you believe in destiny? I believe that everyperson has his soul mate in this world, but sometimes, it’s sodifficult to find this person, who was doomed to you by fortune. Andit’s great that there is such a thing like Internet, where people allover the world can get acquainted and between them can arise romanticfeelings. We live in such a world, where lots of things can beconsidered as obscene and indecent. For example, many people sufferfrom shyness and for them it’s rather difficult to get acquainted witha man / woman in the street. But in the Internet people can clearlyexpress what they want and which person they are searching for. Theycan discuss any topics and finally meet in person, and it’s so greatwhen two lonely people find each other… Also, our life is so hectic,that people just have no time to go to some place where they can meetsomeone. You know, we've been writing to each other but it seems to me that wewere not writing letters, we were actually talking and discussingdifferent things and found out each other's opinion. I really have afeeling that I even heard your voice and you talking to me. When Iread your letter I always imagine how you write it or even saysomething out loud and then write it, or how you read my letter andthink what to answer. I imagine how you smile when you see my letterin your e-mail box. I really hope you smile at that moment... I hope you are having a nice day there. I am waiting for your letterand your pictures impatiently. Wish you all the best. Yana.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Kris, I am so happy to get your letter. How are you doing? I have beenthinking of you so much lately. I cannot get you out of my mind. And Ilike it very much. You have changed this world for me with yourpresence, and some things are not looked the same they have lookedbefore. Of course, Kris, I would like to meet with you in person, but why areyou coming to Donetsk? Are you coming to visit some Ukrainian lady?Why don't you want to visit me in Lutsk?I don't know where is the scammers' list. I was just informed that Iwas enlisted to the scammers's list. I don't know well enoughcomputer, and I can not use Internet. That is why I can not help you. You know, even if we are not together now, I feel, that between usthere is a deep connection. And later, when we will live together, wewill keep our romance and affection to each other as we do now. Ithank for God since I found you. You came into my life when everythingseemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. You havetotally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I feel asif I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my lifecomplete. Today, I promise you that I would do anything in my power tomake you a great person, be outstanding wife and loving mother. I hopeour relation will get closer and stronger. And I wish you will be myfuture husband. I was tired to be alone, but I didn't think that theInternet can bring to me luck, but it gave me a change to go on-lineto search for my life partner, and I was lucky to meet you. I'm a romantic person. I like to hold hands, I love walk on the beach,go to watch sun rise and sun set. I want to make for my beloved man adinner with candle, rose, champagne, and romantic music. And there aremany romantic things I want to do for you, too. I want you to be happywith care, and enjoy the fun life. It is the truth, my sweetheart. Iwill never let you go and we will stay together for ever. I'm surethat you will do anything for me too. I want to cuddle with you whenwe are together. I want to share my life with you.. spend time withyou going together to the beach, cinema, amusement park... I wantto be doing all sort of things with you... Because I believe that withyou I'll be Okay everywhere. I would feel so happy just being withyou this way. I want to share as many moments with you as I can inthis lifetime. Life is very short and I want us to enjoy every minuteand second we have together. Today in the morning I woke up with the only thought insight me - youand your letters. Have you missed me? How did you spent this day? Ibeg you pardon for such abnormal interest, but you live deep in mysoul, dreams, feelings. And I want that you stay in my life forever. Iwant to meet with you in person, to see that man, who captured myheart and soul. Letters are not enough for me, and I want you in reallife. I want to leave this country, where I am lonely and don't feelcomfortable. Letters for me is just a way to meet each other, and tolearn each other better, but I am ready to move to you and be with youforever. With love, Yana.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, I represent the translation firm "Selena". We want to inform you thatyour lady, Yana Malets is using our translation and Internet services.Her account has come to the end and she doesn't have the opportunityto write letter to you. She wants you to know she is still interestedin you and in your further communication. If you want to have furthercorrespondence with her we can give you the information about ourservices and send you our price list. If you are not interested in thelady, please, keep Yana's personal information confidential. We hope for our future cooperation. Respectfully,
Principal of "Selena"Vladimir Oleinik.
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