Scam letter(s) from Tummy Johnson Williams to Leigh (USA)

Letter 1
My Love. Compliment of the day my dear.Thanks for your mail.I know you may feel suprise about this mail coming to you.I need a loving and caring man that I can trust with all my heart and who will not betray my love for him. I am a very young attractive slim young girl, 24 years old from Liberia but seeking assylum in the Senegaleesse refugee camp here in Dakar. My name is Miss Tummy Johnson Williams the daughter of late engineer and multimillionaire Contractor who died in a fatal Car accident with my younger brother,sisters and leaving my mother disfigured and has been in the hospital for two years now and six months now.I wasn't in the car because i was in the school then. After the burial of my father,my two sisters and brother,my fathers family neglected my mother saying she was a witch and that she killed their brother.But how can my mother killed her lovely husband.They threating to sieze all we had both lands and property belonging to my father and i had to leave my poor and helpless mother at a less previlege home and run to a senegaleesse refugee camp with my fathers account information which i have given to the Refugee Authority for safe keep until i met a loving and trusted one in my life. My mum is now in a less previlege home that is Red Cross in. Here I am with the only assets left for me and my poor and helpless mother. This is why i need a man in my life as my husband and i also want him to stand beside me in claiming this fund back to a safer account.I would want you to think about this because i cant allow my mother to be there any longer.she must be free and taken care of and i have to go back to school and finish my education in your country and you will help me to invest in your country and we both manage the investment together. The Total Deposit is USD6,500,000. I have been decleared wanted by my fathers family now in Liberia and that is why i need a foreigner whom with his influence will help me transfer this fund to a safer account. If you want to keep marriage out of it,there is no problem as far as you can help me transfer the fund and invest in your country. This issue is genuine and every information about it is clear.Attached are my pictures,please tell me about yourself and if you are willing to help me out of my situation.Hoping to hear from you soonest. Bye For Now, Regards, Your Lovely Tummy
Letter 2
MY Love , I am very excited with your email I received, But I wish to explain more to you in details my position and how you have to help me, Presently i am residing here in Senegal where i am seeking my political assylum as refugee due to the crisis in my country.

I am emailing you from the office of the Rev.Father Geoffery Williams in the refugees camp, I told the Rev.Father about my situation and he permited me to access my email in his office computer twice a day, here in the refugees camp life is very difficult, Camp Address is:35 Rue de medina,Dakar Senengal. Hostel Number Flat A20 room 18 Female Hostel: This is Rev-father Office Telephone number @ 00221 77 227 9836 Pls when you call ask of Miss Tummy Johnson Williams From Liberia. About me:
1) I am a single daughter of my mother, 28 years old I grow up in Liberia my country, I had my college certificate in the year 1998 I admited in the University in 2000 there I did my one year subject in business management before the fatal accident, After the accident I lost my father and my mother is disabled and lost my younger ones, I lost all my important documents like / international passport / Birth Certificate / University ID card. Now due to my political situation, i cannot make this claims by myself, i need a forigner who will stand on mybehalf to the bank, that is why i decieded to make this contact with you, for you to stand on mybehalf to the bank and ask them the possibility of transfering this fund into your position in your country. I have all the Information concering the Bank Account Also have my late father death certificate and deposit certificate, everything concernig this transaction is clear. The reason why I need your help to be sincere in your heart and assist me transfer the money into any account which you know will be safe either new or old empty or not, Though I do not have experience in international transaction so there is nothing I cant do without your help, I wouldn't have borderd you if I have full access to the money within myself, because I am helpless without you, having no account and no body abroad as a friend or relation. After the transaction of the money into your account : You will help me withdraw some money from the account where the money was transferred, You will help me send the money through the Rev.Father in refugees camp to get all my traveling documents to join you and have a good life with you and continue my education and for the capital investment which you have to help me for that. My feelings:
Despites the money I really want a man who will care and love me, I need a man who will always tell me the truth from his heart, I need a man who will be my brother my best friends and if the nature permit it my husband, But if marriage is out of it, I will not mind but as long as we got along together with real love I will definitely be satisfied. I will want you to think very well and understand in your heart if you really want to help me ? If yes I will live the rest of my life to apprceiate it, But if no I suggest you make it open to me before you will brake my heart Because I don't want to under go touture any more. Once i get you well, i will send the bank contact details to you, so that from there you will make contact with them concerning the account and find out the possibility of transfering this fund into your position okay, i really appreciate your concern, waiting for your urgent response so that we can proceed. Please reconfirm to me Your Full name,Your Full Address,Your Telephone number. I will prepare the letter which you will Send to the bank on My Next Email, Please what i am telling you is 100% real nothing like scam and never say that again. Regards love , Tummy.
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