Scam letter(s) from Racheal Johnson to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hey Tim
i like your profile its really interesting and l'm willing to give it a trial between us and let get to know each other and let see what we have in common.... alittle about me...
My name is Racheal Johnson, originally from Germany, I have only lived in Portland, Oregon for 15years after living Germany years back... l am single and never been married with no kids... l have a great sense of humor and caring, lovingly,compassionate that knows how to treated a guy.. I am looking for someone to have fun with and cuddle together and build a life together,I am an easy going person that loves the outdoors. I would describe myself as loyal, caring, adventurous, and loving. I am tired of the bar scene as it is not for me anymore. I have been there and done that now I'd like to find someone that would be willing to stick around for a while. I am looking for someone that is honest and caring that is not boastful and likes to be adventure some. I have a good reputation in my field and I'm very satisfied thus far. I have plenty of free time. I'm new to this and I would love you to write me back to my directly email address at and I will send you pics of me to look at me and you would email me pics too. I'll be waiting in anticipation to hearing from you.
Letter 2
How are you doing today?i hope that you are doing great,Thanks so much for writing me back and i love everything you said in your profile and i am interested in you cuz i like your profile and everything you said on your profile is interesting, ,I am single with no kids originally born in Germany in Hamburg, i have only live in the U. S for 15years now.... I'm 26years old and i have been single for so long now, i graduated in college of nurse is been 4years now and i am planing to go back to school to finished up my master degree in nurse... i have NC degree in nursing.. how about you?... i am a very outgoing person someone who likes to have fun. i like to travel and go see new place, i love to cuddle and hang out. ,well it's quite difficult to write about oneself when u know that others will be judging u on what u write, I'm just going to be simple and fly straight. I've been told that I'm a classy lady with a great dress sense,I'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests.... I' m a down to earth lady who consider herself confident,intelligent,honest,romantic,caring with a big heart,easy to get along with,positive Personality,ambitious,secure,expressive,good Christian with a good sense of humor, i love cooking,sports, movies. music I'm open minded and fun loving,little things in life count, I'm drug,smoke and disease free,I'm not into games,as they hurt, absolutely not a time waster ....... But at the moment i am in a sad and depressed because i am feeling dejected i have no one who cares about me thats why i had to join this site searching for a comforter that will make me smile again.... I am looking for the mature man who is understanding capable and willing to share the burden, the joy and the happiness of my life, A man who finds deep care and humble commitment in her heart and thrives to excellence in service for woman and that i can spend the rest of my life with a man that has a winning personality and clean straight forward character: always with a smile on His face and a warm open inviting heart! A man who can and will support her woman in all walks of life . . be there on my side in good- and bad times!! A proposition to make a life.... A great life, but also with exhaustive love-energy and love-commitment to invest.. A man that will attend to her female role with deep cultural understanding... who can transfer this role and be a model for the children! a Man who is not afraid to learn to live up to the social standings of this family and, still, does have the ****** capabilities and ****** drive to attend to his woman with great personal desire, obedience and loving attention!. I am looking for a mature man who is responsible, has good moral ethics and can stand on his own two feet. I'd like for him to have good financial sense and not be a wasteful spender. It would be most wonderful if he has a great sense of humor, laughs alot, is mostly a good natured man and has tried to understand himself as well as the opposite gender. He must know that I am an individual with thoughts and opinions of my own, and is willing to be open minded and discuss differences of opinions. He understands that in some cases there may be no "right or wrong," but just a difference in the way things are viewed according to one's own perceptions.. A kind, easy going man who wants to be a help mate, and wants to share in the division of household responsibilities including cooking together, financial decisions and other situations that will affect both of them.. A man who is a man and stands up for his principles, but will diplomatically handle emotions and reactions and does not anger easily. He must never treat me in a mean way, scream at me, try to intimidate or humiliate me and never, ever hit me. Someone who will be by my side when I need him to be, just as I will always be for him. I need a man who enjoys it when a woman can initiate romance and ***,but is a gentleman in the bedroom and especially beyond; he will open doors for me and treat me with respect, love and honor. I'd like a man who understands what it's like to be a friend to his woman and to be able to talk to her and with her about almost anything and everything. I understand that there are some things that are going to remain secrets and some things that are still too painful from our past to talk about, but I'm looking to hear about their childhood and the good, positive and fun things that life has brought to them... I'm looking for a man who doesn't expect me to be the maid, pick up after him, and will not be selfish, self absorbed and/or self centered,I don't expect total sacrifice, but I do expect to be treated as an equal in most all aspects....
Well here is a little More about me.... i am an Orphan who has No body i am searching for the love of my life who will be there in the times of troubles who will always love me even till death. My Both parents divorced before they died my mum died of hypertension of too much pressure from my dad's relation and i have no body to take very good care of me ,be cos right now i am sad and depressed over here i have no body to help me because i have been a victim and i don't wanna be one again ,if you wanna know what happened to me why i am a victim please mail me back be cos i am not in the states now i am in a hospital in Africa Nigeria because ,I know that it will be so hard for us to get to know more about each other but i am sure that we will work thing's out when i get back to the states but right now i need you to be there for me because i want you to lend me your helping hand's.. Well as for my school I dropped out due to Lack of finance.... i hope that will never scare You off me?,i will be looking forward to hear from you.
Letter 3
hey honey am so happy you write back,have been thinking about you lately and how we could get along. i have somethings to tell you,just let me know if you will like me to tell you cos am scared of losing you. i miss you and i hope to hear from you soon
Letter 4

Hello Tim
Am glad to hear back from you,how are you doing today and your family and i hope all is going smooth.
Actually i wanted to tell you that am not presently in the state right now,am in Africa cos am into buying and selling of gold, silver and jewelries stuff so....... this is wat as brought me to this part of Africa and have been travelling allot on this cos my parents left the business for me when i lost them few years back.
and for obvious reasons gold are cheaper in africa than any other parts in the world,so am just taking advantage of that
I'll be back to the state immediately i get all my goods supplyied to me. I'll really love to meet you in person cos you seems
nice and very trustworthy. i'll be so happy to hear from you cos you got me thinking about you now. Till i hear from you, i care.
Letter 5
Hunny am not that busy as you think i can always leave out time for you as been part of my life now. i should be back to the state by next week when i get all my goods supplied to me. i really want to meet you in person cos you sounds nice and very understand,you are such a man i pray to have and am so happy i found you. i will really love to be reading from you every minute. talk to you soon and see you soon. i care
Letter 6
hey tim,how are you doing today ope you cool. i thought i told you my location is south portland. pls do tell me wat part you live. Things going good,just waiting for the remaining goods to come to then i get back,i should get those goods tuesday,so wednessday i should be ready to be home. I'll really love to see you cos you are seriously growing on me,and i judt hope this feeling is right. pls would you tell me more about yourself so i'll know am with the right person. Tgalk to you later hunny
Letter 7
hello sweetheart
yeah everything is going okay with me here,i will get the remaning goods today,so i'll be back wednessday. I dont have any specific question to ask you,when i get back we can talk more okay. hunny am pretty new to this so i dont know how to send pic from here but i can send to email address. i'll love to see pics of you too. missing you and talk to you soon. write me back. i care..........
Letter 8
hello hunny
i tried sending you some pic but your mail is not working,am not sure the problem.
Letter 9
okay hunny,i'll try sending it again. how are you today. i miss you alot
Letter 10
okay sweetie. i miss you. just trying to get my things together. see you so soon hunny. am so happy am coming to meet you in person.

Letter 11
i got your messege,but am surprise i got to my bulk,why is that.Anyway how are you doing today,hope all is going well.just wanted to tell you that i care
Letter 12
last night at about 8pm or there about the time here,some hoodlums came into my hotel room,it was just like a dream to me,they attacked me and got me hurt so bad that,they took away all my goods and my money,they left me with nothing except my passport and my return ticket.The information at reach from the CID said that the rubbers got an information about me having valuables and some money with me in the hotel,and i was traced from where i bought the goods to the hotel i stay.Now am in a hospital getting some treatment cos i was injured at my forehead and my leg.everything just seems like a dream to me cos i never expected this to happen,but am happy i still have my passport and return ticket with me and i can get back home after the treatment.I need your encouragement now cos as it is am blaming myself for wat as just happened.let me hear from you urgently sweetheart.i miss you and i need you more now.see you soon.
Letter 13
Am getting better hunny.i'll be back this still at the hospital getting some treatments.i miss you and i need you more.
Letter 14
Hey sweetheart
This is getting more wierd to me and am devastated,the hospital as been treating me without charging or even asking for bills since the day i've been receiving treatment here
Now they brought the bill and everything sums up to $750
i told them i got all my money taken away by the rubbers and until i get back to the state i cant pay but the hospital managements refused and now they got my pasport and return ticket seized from me telling me until i pay the outstanding bills they wont release it to me.
Hunny i need you to help on the money till i get back cos i just need to get out of this mess,Now the hospital management are regreting treating me at first.
am getting better and i can get back home now but they got my pastport and return ticket and until i pay they wont release it to me.Hunny pls help me out,i need you to help with the money, i promise to pay back when i get back,i never imagine this could be happening to me.You can contact the hospital manager on their email or call them on +2348032305068.
Ask of racheal Johnson in ward 002.pls tell them you want to help on my bills so i can get back home.
write me back sweetheart cos its very urgent and important.missing you.
Letter 15
For real hunny i still dont know how to go about confused right now.i need you Tim pls do something.
Letter 16
thats just a typing error,i am suppose to put a gap in between the it and am,so dont get any confused.pls just help in anyway you can,if you are to borrow it up pls do,i promise to get back the money for you immediately i get back to the state,i still have money in my account to cover up for that,so dont worry about getting your money back.pls hunny i really want to get back,this pressure is too much on me now.
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