Scam Letter(s) from Irina Domracheva to Jon (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, Jon!!!

I have received your letter in the letter box. It is very pleasant for me. I very much liked that you have written about yourselves. I in many things shall share your ideas and feelings. I think, that I want to learn you better. I shall tell to you a little about the hobbies, a hobby.

At leisure I like to go to take a walk on city, we have some parks, where always fresh air. I very much love animals. I like to go in for sports, I try to be engaged in aerobics of a house constantly. I want to support always the figure, it is my small purpose in a life. To theatre or cinema I go seldom because time not always suffices. But I very much like to visit these places. In the evening before dream I like to watch TV or read the interesting book (I prefer classics, sometimes a fantasy or a detective).

I want to tell to you at once. I do not have computer, I use services of the Internet in the Internet of cafe.

I have some questions to you, answer, please, them, it will give me the greater representation about you:

Tell. How you carry out a free time? You go in for sports or, can, once were engaged? You like to go to theatre or at cinema? You love animals?

Whether you can send still more some your photos?

All this will enable me to understand in the best way, what you.

I wait your answer with impatience.

The best regards Irina!!!

Letter 2

Hi dear Jon!!!

Thanks that write to me once again, I am very happy, when I receive your letters.

It is interesting to me to communicate with you, it seems to me, that at us much in common. It shows, that we become more close to each other. I search for serious attitudes, I search for a marriage. For me the love, family and health are important. I the modest, loving and romantic woman. I hate lie and pretence, laziness and indifference.

I search for the special person for a marriage. It should be to me the friend, love me, care of me, to be my husband (passionate the man in bed), and it is the most important it should be devoted and fair. I can make his happy and give it all my love and care without the rest. I shall prepare it for the most delightful dishes, to meet it when it comes from work. The husband will have over me some authority. I shall always respect his opinion, I to it shall be always true. I want to find the man of my life with which we shall create happy family! These are my small dreams, but I all hope, that mine the man exists.

I want to write to you a little about belief in the God. Yes, I believe, but recently I very seldom visit church as I work much and on it does not remain to time. But even once a month I try to descend there. I think, that as though it was not difficult or on the contrary good, about the God to overlook it is impossible. It seems to me, that each person in soul trusts a little and thinks of it.

I think, that I am not so jealous. But I do not bear lie and treachery.

What your ideal of the woman?

Please, write to me as soon as possible, I wait your answer with impatience!!!

Whole also I embrace!!!

Yours Irina!!!

P.S. I do not know about any your friend who it such.

Letter 3

Hi dear Jon!!!

It is very pleasant for me to receive and write to you letters. When I come in Internet - cafe and I see your letter, at me is cheered up. When I read your letter, to me to become very joyfully on soul. Especially it is pleasant for me to read the big letters, in fact in them it is possible to learn a lot of useful about each other. I would like to write to you a little more on myself.

And in this letter I would like to tell a little about the past.

I was born in city Novocheboksarsk and it is my native city. As to me my mum told, that they lived with mine the daddy and with me in a hostel. The daddy for that moment worked at an industrial factory. The factory let out various building materials. It was the usual employee. It worked there about 10 years. And when I it is literally in two years to my father distances from the organization in which it worked, an apartment was born. Then the factory has gone bankrupt also it have closed. Father was arranged for various works, it was arranged to work as the driver of a shuttle bus on city.

I was taught 11 classes, have received the certificate at school. Has then acted in polytechnical university in our city and studied at faculty (the social worker). All time seemed to me, that very interestingly and now I understand it, that have correctly made, that have gone to study by this trade. I studied there 6 years and basically us learned to use a computer. At last I have stopped, have received the diploma. In the diploma at me only two four and did not give me the red diploma. Certainly, for that moment I have been very much upset. Some time I searched to myself for work, and now at me remarkable work. First I worked as the seller in shop, but all spoke me, that it is not serious. Because I have received higher education and I work in shop. But it seems to me, that it is better to work somewhere, than simply so to sit at home. Then, I was the teacher of aerobics in elementary grades. And now, now, very much to like me my work!

Small history about me. I can tell about the past for a long time. It would be interesting to me, that you would tell about yourselves. It would be pleasant for me to learn, how you lived, dear Jon.

I wish you successful day that at you all was good also an at home and on work. I shall wait your letter with impatience.

The best regards Irina.

Letter 4

*K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S ||

Hi my love Jon!!!

Dear Jon I am very glad and grateful to the god that have met you!!! Because when I see in the letter box the new letter from you loved at me is cheered up!!!

You can force to feel me happy and I am glad to this. I think, that the life together with you will be the happiest and more beautiful. I am grateful to the god that has met you!!! You my ideal my you the man which I so for a long time waited. I at last that after long time I have understood already that it you. I learned about you, and I liked your answers to my questions!!! I have understood, that you my ideal!!! I want to be only with you, I want to correspond to not meet, I want to do nothing with other people!!! I want to be only with you. And our meeting will prove to you my feelings to you!!! You will understand, as far as I love you. We while need to count these days only!!! I shall hope, that our meeting will take place soon!!! Even if it will be not so you perfectly know that that I shall wait for you until then yet I do not meet you. I do not want to build with anybody the relation. I want, that we would be together and always remained together!!! I want, that you would care of me. For the woman the most important is to be as behind a stone wall and to feel a support!!! I should feel a core of our life. I do not want to do what mistakes. I want to think over each step together with you. I want to create happy family. I want, that at us the house would be, I shall be the mistress in this house, I shall keep order!!! I want, that we would have many friends, that we would visit to each other and visited on a thicket. In general, all dreams even I can not tell in the letter. If we were now a number, I would state everything, that I think of our relations!!! As I I seem to me has answered all your questions which saw in your letters!!! If you need my full name I can send you him.

Unfortunately dear Jon I should finish on it the letter!!!! I hope, that you will be pleased, having read this letter. I with the big - big impatience shall wait for your love and romantic letter!!! I want, that you would write about the dreams concerning our relations!!!

I wish you fine mood and success in all your affairs!!! I would want that you each time, recollecting me knew that I very strongly love you and I wait!!!


*K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S || *K*I*S*S ||

Letter 5

Hi my loved Jon!!!

I am always very glad to your letters, my loved!!! I feel perfectly due to your letters. I like to learn you. I want to tell to you that my surname Domracheva. It was very pleasant for me to know, that you want me to meet and see me beside. Our desires are mutual, mine Jon. I shall tell fairly, that for me it would be interesting and very pleasant to see you and to visit your country. All this is fine also it excites me strongly. I can tell, that very well I feel in the relation of you and I very much like that occurs between us. We not so long ago have got acquainted, but I feel, that our relations became strong enough. I want to trust you completely. I understand, that it is impossible to learn the person completely before you will not meet him personally. I think, that the meeting is one of the most important steps in relations. But also it is important to construct the base in relations and this base at us already is. We could understand, that are necessary each other. I want to trust, that our life becomes even finer, when we shall be together.

I know, that to meet, I should make out the visa, the passport and I think some other documents. I understand, that all this will cost money. Lovely mine, in it your help will be necessary for me. You should understand, that to one to me to not cope with it, and I shall hope for your support.

Jon, I wrote to you, that I work in one of advertising agencies. And now I have recollected, that I have familiar women in one travel agency of our city. Our firms frequently contact. Write to me city in which you can meet me, it is very important. I can learn more and more in detail about all documents which will be necessary for me. But all over again I need to know your opinion. Ok?

I finish this letter. I wish you fine day!!!!

I shall look forward your following letter!!!

With the most gentle and deep feelings your Irina!!!!!!

Letter 6

Hello my Jon!!!

I have received your letter. Yes, I feel your desire to be with me. I want to tell to you too most, I dream of a meeting with you.
You remarkable the man and I only can thank the God that has met you and now I am very happy. Our desires are mutual also we should go to our happiness. I shall use the best efforts, that we were together. I want to learn you, I want to nestle, feel your breath, to feel as your heart is beaten, I want to kiss you, mine Jon.
I want to tell to you at once, my lovely, that I was in one travel agency. You know, that I work in advertising agency and I have in travel agency good familiar women. Our firms frequently contact. To me have told, that they can legalize papers for me for trip to your country and registration will borrow on time about one month. But for the beginning I need to make the passport. To me have told, that it will cost 260 $. My passport can be issued during two weeks, this travel agency will help me with it. I learn precisely about it , but for the beginning I need to know your opinion. You have written, that will help me, in fact if we shall solve together this question on my travel to your country we absolutely soon we shall together, mine Jon. And concerning the airport which you have written to me I shall ask in travel agency, and they will tell to me in what better to fly. And then I shall inform to you.
You can make a remittance through bank system WESTERN UNION. You know this system of a remittance? She known enough worldwide. I shall write to you my full name and my full address:
Domracheva Irina,
Russia, Novocheboksarsk,
Street Sosetskaja, 71-53, an index: 429000.
Please, write to me in the following letter as I can soon begin registration of my passport. Now I very much worry, because for me it is serious enough step in a life, but I am ready to this, mine Jon. I want, that we were together and our life has changed.
I want to tell to you, that now I can take holiday and I want to light this time only for you.
At me always good mood when I receive your letters. As I dream to be with you beside. But in a reality we are now enough far apart.
And me it is very sad. I want to trust, that we together can overcome all obstacles which will stand on our way. I shall try to do everything that our meeting has taken place. I want to love you, mine Jon!!!
Well, now I need to go. I shall wait for your letter, my loved.
Your lady from Russia misses and very much trusts.
Your Irina!!!

Letter 7

Hi dear Jon!!!

I never in the life received such letters, nobody spoke me of similar words what you speak, I would like you to embrace, nestle on you on more strong and never to release. You so are fine the relation to me, that I am afraid to wake up and lose you once. My life has completely turned over, my heart you feel, that the one for whom I searched, I can open completely to you and trust, you seem to me too to me is not indifferent. Together with you to my heart there has come spring, you have kindled cold winter, I want only one to be always with you beside. I LOVE YOU!!! I want to tell to you that 260 dollars are necessary for me only for registration of the passport for travel abroad. To me have told that while I need to pay only for it. And when I will be known more shall write to you.

You cannot imagine, as here it is cold far from you, from your love! Nobody will tell anything warm, will not embrace, will not kiss … But I know, that there in the distance there is a prince. Which loves me and waits for our meeting, as well as I!!! And only to this prince I shall be true up to a grave and I shall love him eternally!!! It you Jon!!! I love you and hopelessly I grieve without your warm hands! Your eyes!!! I love you my lovely!!!

I would like that you wrote to me as frequently, as now.

Whole, I like!!!




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