Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Alain (France)

Letter 1
Hello, sunny! I'm so glad, that you answered me. I think it is a good start for building, maybe the most beautiful relations in the world. If you answer me, I think, that you also share my opinion and it's really good.
I want to tell you more about myself and my life. My name is Oksana. I live in Ukraine, in the city of Slavyansk. It isn't very big city, with popularity about 130000 people. It's my native town and I've been living here since my childhood.
I'm 29 years old, I was born on the 12 of December in 1978. I'm 168cm. in heigh and my weight is 54kg. I'm shapely woman with blue eyes and blond hair. Every woman envies to me for my long black and curley eyelashes.
I'm calm and easy-going person with good sense of humor. I'm Sagittarius and what about you?
I look like shy and timid woman, but deep inside I'm very sensitive and passionate person, and I lay bare my heart not for everyone.
I graduated the Donetsk Culinary Technical secondary school, my field of studying was technologist of bakery producing. So, now I'm working at the baking factory. It's very interesting and necessary job to my opinion. I like to do something useful to people.
In my freetime I go to the aerobics or sometimes I like to stay at home and devote attention to reading, because I like read very much. My favorite author is Aleksander Pushkin (maybe you hearded about this Russian famous poet), I read almost all his books. But sometimes I like to read different books, they depend on my mood.
I like to develop myself and my knowledge, I think that books and magazines can do this quickly.
I've told you some information about myself and it would be very interesting for me to know some information about you, because I've already seen that you are very smart, interesting and certainly handsome man.
I'll be waiting for your letter very soon.
Warm hugs!
Letter 2
Hello, sweetheart!
I'm happy to have such ability to correspond with you. I think in letters it is more simply to tell about your habits, life and dreams then in usually **** communication. I even can't imagine, that I'll be so glad to receive your letters, they are so warm and rather open. I'm enjoying with their reading. I wait for your letter like for a wonder, they are like an air in the early morning, for me.
In this letter, my dear, I want to tell you more about my habits and dreams. I haven't any bad habits: I don't smoke, drink a lot of alcohol or something like that. But I must say, when holidays are coming, I can drink some white wine.
I like cooking very much. I like to cook tradition Ukrainian dishes and new dishes of another country with another culture. Especially I like to cook for someone special for me, usually they are my parents or friends. But most of all I want to cook for my beloved man, I think its dream can become truth. Do you want to have a supper without any people excluding us, with Champagne and candlelight? And after such supper we can make love all night...I want to spend such evening with you so much!
Thank you, for your photo, Alain ,you very good looking man, I like you so much!!!!
I hope that the distance doesn't frighten you and our relations can become closer. Sweet kisses! Oksana.
Letter 3
Hello, my darling!
Thank you so much for your letter! Your letters are the reason I could fly and because of you I don't have to wonder why. I've never felt something like that. I like this filing, because I feel, that someone needs me.
Maybe, you want ask me:" Why I am searching my second half through the Internet?" I am young and attractive woman, but I can't find love in the real life. Six years ago I had serious relations, but they didn't work out, and we separated. I think, that we haven't enough patience and trust to each other.
But, trust is the most general sense in building strong relations, to my mind.
After that, I felt broke inside, but then I've understood, that life didn't finish and all good things are waiting for me in the future.
It's hard to believe, but to find a good and nice man in our town is so difficult.
Many of my friends have founder their truth love through the Internet and they are very happy now. So I decided to search my second half through the Internet too.
And I must say, that I'm glad surprised and satisfied with our Internet-meeting very much.
I want to thank you for your letters full of warm an tender, they are so lovely!
There is one thing I regret about, my English is very poor.
I want you remember one thing: I really happy to correspond with you, I even can say, that our communication gives me wings.
Dear Alain, we couldn't speak on phone, because I don't have it and because of my English(I don't know it, I use service of Translating firm)
I'll be wait for your new letter impatiently!!!
Please write me soon. Countless kisses! Oksana.
Letter 4

Hello, my sweet! Oh, dear, you bring happiness to me every day, when I receive your letters!
And now, maybe I can say, that harmony, piece and even Paradise, all they could be on Earth, not only on the Heaven, but on the ground too. Probably it's my own Paradise, when I'm looking for your picture in all: goods, nature or other things. I'm looking for you in the crow, although I know, that you can't be there at the moment......But in this time I can exactly say that I'm very happy, because you gifted me Heaven on the ground!
I want to love as noon imaginable has ever loved. I want to come out all stars for you. I want to catch every your word, every your wish.....
I know, that I don't want to loose you, because you are very special man, and I want to become special woman for you.
I understand there are millions kilometers between us, but I'm sure that people must overcome all obstacles for their love. Please tell me your opinion about this, I'll be glad to know what do you think about it.
Honey, you are very attractive man and I like you, it's the most important for me and age difference doesn't matter!
Sincerely yours! Oksana.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, Alain.
We want to appeal your attention, that Oksana is a client of our firm.
She uses our firm's service of translation and Internet services.
She do these things, because she don't have own computer with Internet and she don't know English. And our firm offers to her services, for which she has to pay as for some others services.
Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over.
Our firm can provide a guarantee, that all your letters will be translated and your lady could receive them in time and answer to you. Administration of our firm understand, that there are a lot of scammers in the Internet, that's why in our next letter we will offer you all kinds of documents.
If you're interested in the girl,and want to continue your communication we can send you information about our service and payment, which is rather small. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Manager of TF "Skif"
Alexander Titov.
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