Scam Letter(s) from Julia Ponomareva to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello My Best Friend James!!!!!!
I am glad that you are interested in me. James you understand my bad English? I hope that and is correct. if you that that do not understand that can ask me and I shall answer you with pleasure.
James, I wish to learn from you about your work. What do you do on work? James you respect and liked with yours the chief? I think what yes, because you very good person. I work usual nurse and in all help doctors and another the medical expert. I work about 7 years and me my work is pleasant. I wish to be with people, I am pleasant to them to be helped. It is pleasant when they are happy. But I very am afraid blood. I do not know why but I am afraid to look at it. I have already got used but all the same have fear. Likely because I would not have man which me has protected. James, me at very terribly night when I come back from work and one. It would be good if I haze to embrace you and you would go about me. James, you would protect me? I work sometimes even at night when to me appoint watches. To me to pay for it the premium and an increase to the salary.
Tell now about itself which are James, tell to me about the work, it is pleasant to you or not, what is not pleasant?
You know about what I think, about that that we with you as two birds which fly towards and more increasing and learn one another and then meet more. But all depends only on us. In fact at any moment one of birds can back be developed and depart. I do not wish to fly back, and you James?
I sent you photo on In this photo I on I watch TV.
Tell more about itself and the opinion on our acquaintance?
I wait for yours letter and I hope that you will soon write.
Your trusting Yuliya.

Letter 2

James i want to be with you and I would want that we with you were together and I hope that we can will meet. I want to be with you James!!!!! I love you all heart and I hope that we shall meet you very soon. How you can help me with tickets? To have a way as you you can make it? I hope that you can make it for us. For that what to receive all necessary documents I should pay 633 dollars. I do not have so much money and if you could help us that I with pleasure would begin to do them and in some weeks I would be in your embraces and we could enjoy ours love, tenderness and passion.



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