Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1


How are you doing today? I want to thank you for your reaction.I do appreciate that you found some time to write me . I don't even know what to start with.But anyway I hope that something good will come of it.

As you might have already guessed I am in search of a kind, good,loving, respectable and generous man.And I hope you match this criterion.And I also hope that you will find in me everything you want.I guess we have common goals in creating a happy family.

What made you to come to the internet?As for me I am tired of dominance of ill-mannered men.Oh, no, I don't mean that Slavonic men are all sort of that.But my town is full of them.My parents are the teachers and may be that's why I am not satisfied with ill-mannered people.

I found out that a good friend of mine tried to find her love in the internet.But she used Ukrainian net.And now she moved to a big city to her husband and lives happily there.So I thought I could do the same.But I am more ambitious and tried the world wide.And here the story begins.We met each other.

Now I tell you about myself . I was born in Ukraine in a small town called Melovoe . It is in the East of Ukraine,on the border with Russian Federation.

I am 24 y.o.,170 cm. height,56 ks. weight,blue eyes.

My interests are music,books,dancing and ofcourse finding my love.

I finished colledge and now I work as a nursery teacher.I chose this work partly 'cause my parents are teachers,partly 'cause I adore little children and want our future generation was well-bred.Ofcourse I have no right to judge what is good and what is bad,but nevertheless I hope that I am good person.

I will tell you more in my next letter,'cause you might be already tired of my long and boring story.I hope we have much in common and should carpe diem.I am sure that's the beginning of a beautiful life story.

Waiting anxiously for your reply,dear(can I call you that?).


Letter 2

Hello,dear Gavin!

So the story began,because you wrote me an answer.I don't know why,but your letter made me smiling.I am sitting and smiling like a little goose.I have a wonderful feeling of interest.I mean that it is so interesting to know that there's a person,whom you hardly know,who is far across the oceans,but who can become your destiny.So pleasant that you showed interest in me and thought important to open your heart and to tell about yourself.I appreciate it!

I think that age difference is not a problem at all.I think if two people have interest in each other why should such a thing disturb them?I think it is a foolish prejudice.I don't want you to think I am an extravagant young thing who wants some adventures.I think both can have a gain of it.Younger can get some life experience and older can feel like he is in his teens,'cause youth inspire with energy.

As you know my interests are books,music and dancing.I like science fiction mostly and all kind of that.My favourite authors are Bradbury,Zheliazny and brothers Strugatskie .Strugatskie are Russian authors. Music depends on my mood .I like funny and bright music when I am in the mood,something like Bob Marley,or Blink 182.When I am bad I can listen even to Wagner or Orff!The main thing is it should be a high quality music,if you catch my drift.

I also like to sing and do it pretty well,as my friends say. Oh,also I finished musical school and play the piano. So I am a creative person.

I knew I would have to say about this gap in my education one day , though I am ashame of it. I can't speak English language. I pay for my letters were translated.Does it bother you?

As you might have already known my parents are teachers.My father is a teacher of Physics,and my mother is a teacher of Russian.That fact played a big role in choosing my future occupation.I decided to be a nursary teacher,because I so much like little children.I think they are the most beautiful creatures in our world.They are so cute and I like to watch them playing,eating,sleeping and doing something.

I am a single child in our family,but I have many cousins.I have a wonderful parents !They are not divorced but live apart.But still they have warm relations,because they are well-bred people.May be during of one of the moments of their life they understood they were tired of each other.But they didn't get into a passion and it didn't come to divorce.They still gather on week ends though almost three years have passed.

Every weekend I am trying visiting my parents.I always buy them small presents.

You know,I dreamt to live alone and to be independent, but soon I realized that independence is not only doing everything you like and spend your free time with people you like and spend it the way you like. Independence is also a great responsibility and I wasn't really ready for that, because I have never lived alone and I wasn't enough experienced that way.

I found a small flat and job and my life goes more or less right,you know. But deep in my heart I'm so lonely and I feel that I need somebody to give my love and receive same back, a person whom I can share everything with.

So that's my story.I hope you liked it.I hope that you liked not only my appearance and will accept my inner world just like it is.We should know each other better if we are going to unite our destinies in the future.

I hope to hear back from you soon.I send you sweet kisses and tight hugs.


Letter 3

Hi,darling Gavin!

I had never believed that somebody far away could make my heart beating a bit faster than usually.But you see,that interest to you that grows more and more in me each day makes me to come to this establishment and get your letters.I don't like to speak about my feelings in presence of other people ( I mean translators ) but I must say that I really do have a great interest in you.I don't actually belive in love at first sight (or at a first letter ) but I believe in love that comes out of friendship and respect after some time.I have a feeling that we are having such kind of relations.Don't you think so?We are getting closer and closer with each new letter.

How do you imagine our first meeting and where?Do you really see your life partner in me?Because I think I do see mine in you .At least all that I already know about you I like very much. I have always been missing a person like you.You helped me to find out what exactly I needed. Clever enough,enough erudite and well-bred.From your letters I can see that you are my second part, but may be you'd think it is groundless,but it is sometimes so hard to argue with feelings!YOU are the man of my dreams 'cause YOU are beautiful inside and outside,beautiful is your heart and noble and generous is your soul,pure and chaste are your thoughts and deep and lasting are your feelings towards the woman you like.My life was so grey before your apperance. I hope my manner of writing and my exterrior really suit you too!

What is your cherished dream? As for me my dream is to find a man who will become my second part for the rest of my life,to create family and spend all the times together ,bad and good ones. To be able tosolve all the problems together.Having no secrets from each other.I want to be not only a lover but also a friend.That's my small dream that will come true some day I hope.I so much hope my search is already over! ; )

I hope everything we do will bring us to what we were searching for.It seems so easy at a first sight.I have an interest in you,you have an interest in me.Happiness is so near,you just need to spread your hand and catch it.But the distance and language...I hope we'll overcome them!

Thinking of you,sweet heart,

Your Kate.

Letter 4

Honey Gavin!

I like you very much, but I'm afraid that we have to stop our correspondence because now I have financial problems, and I can't afford myself to pay for servieces of the agency.May be you can help me,but...

No,no!Bad idea!I don't want that you to think that I want only money from you.No,I want to create family with you,but the situation is very difficult now.

I understand if you refuse,I don't want to be a burden to you.


P.S.:You are the best thing I have in my life.

Letter 5

My dearest Gavin!

You,I felt inside that you won't let me to go...

I came here and read your letter.Though now I have to go to my job on my feet,I don't regret about it!I feel that we are already united with somewhat invisible thread,you know.

I really don't wan't us to lose each other!

I have to pay 25 hrivnas to translate each letter.It's about 5 dollars.So to get your letter and answer you I spend 10 dollars.May be that is not so much for you,but my sallary is about 180 dollars.So are the things...

Do you really want to help me?What do you need to know to do it?

Will be waiting for your answer,honey Gavin!

Your Kate.



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