Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Krasotka to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear Gavin!

How are you doing? Thanks for your interest in me, truly to say I was waiting for your letter. May be I will surprise you but it is my first time when I am getting acquainted with someone with the help of the Internet. I am very out-going person and I have a lot of friends but still a special man in my life is missing...

But I would like to tell you everything from the beginning! My name is Kristina, I am from Ukraine, I live in Zaporojskay region, my native city is called Melitopol. I am 23 years old, I am studying at the Pedagogical University, I am going to be a teacher of Literature. I decided to study here not occasionally but because I was dreaming about this profession since my childhood. As for literature - it was my favorite subject at school. I have a part time job, I work at the cafe as a waitress. I live together with my Mom, actually my parents are divorced and I see my Dad very seldom. I miss him a lot but he is always very busy and his family is more important to him than me but I got used to it. I do not want to talk about sad things as I am in a good mood!
Dear Gavin,I want you to know that the age difference is not very important for me, as I value life experience, I find communication with guys of my age very boring and not very serious. Also I would like to say that if I feel interest to you the age won`t stop me. As we have only one life and one chance and nowadays the age does not play an important role between man and woman, do you agree with me? By the way, thanks a lot for your nice pictures, you are in a good shape and I find you very attractive.
Also you must be interested what kind of man I would like to meet or why I am seeking for my love in the Internet - firstly I am looking for my true soul mate, my life partner, for my inspiration and my best friend. I am here because once I was disappointed in love and now I feel that I am on the stage of life when I need someone with whom I can reach mutual understanding, happiness and harmony...

My character is easy going, I am emotional and like making good jokes!
As you know, our routine life takes a lot of time - so when I have some free time I take off heels, put on jeans and trainers and go for a walk to the forest, where I relax listening to the sound of nature. I love different types of music, it depends on my mood...At summer my friends and I go camping or we drive to the sea side. I adore water, sun, yellow sand and breeze from the sea...

Dear, you are welcome to ask me any questions, I promise to answer honestly and sincere. My letter was like an invitation to you to be friends, I send you my picture, hope you will like it! I am waiting for your letter. Have a nice day!

Truly Yours,

Letter 2

Hello My Friend Gavin!

How are you doing? I was waiting for your letter with a great impatient, thanks for your answer. I have never believed that it is possible to find someone special in the Internet. I am very interested in you and I must admit that lettering is a very interesting thing!

Dear Gavin, i enjoyed your letter, thanks a lot for your wise advices, I appreciate it and I should add that your age is not only the biological number but also it is all your wisdom and experience. I see nothing bad that you are interested in me! You are right that everything bad is left in the past.
I consider myself like a very romantic and passionate person, I try not to be upset with problems, as I strongly convinced that everything is depends on our will. If you want to find a good friend - you will find it, if you want to meet a true love, you will meet love! My Mom raised me like very sincere and open person, in people I appreciate kindness, understanding. That is why I want to be a teacher, as all the best qualities should be taught from early childhood. I adore kids, I realize it is not easy to work with them but I am a strong woman and I always achieve my goals.

Honey, you asked how long I should study at the university - it is left 2 years for me.
My time-table often is very tough, I get up early, take a shower, go to the university, then after my lessons, I rush to the cafe where I work as a waitress. But what can I do? I pay for my studying by myself, at the end of the day I return home, very tired but I cannot live in other way. I have never been jealous to unconcerned and rich people, I know that money just help us to live but it is not possible to buy real friendship and true love. Do you agree with me?

On my weekend I have a good rest at the gym or in the swimming pool, I always stay in a good shape, I do not smoke and I drink alcohol occasionally. Sometimes I go to the disco with my friends as I like dancing and having fun but the most preferable rest for me is at home. If I had a beloved man I would devote him all my spare time, I am an excellent cooker and I would make him pleased with tasty meal:-)

Dear, as I told you from the very beginning I am honest person and I want to be open with you. I do not know English language and I have found the translating services which helps me to communicate with you. I really hope you do not mind this as I appreciate sincere relations, please try to understand me.

Unfortunately I should finish my letter and I promise to write you very soon. Dear, stay in a good mood and take care!

Truly Yours Kristina

Letter 3

Hello Dear Gavin!

When I got your letter I have found myself nervous a bit like it is a first our date! I was hurrying up from the cafe where I am working as a waitress in order to get to the translation office and to read your letter. I am feeling that you are more than a pen pall for me, though we are apart, but I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. I have sheared with my closest friends about my relations with you and they are happy for me. Most of my friends are married, have their own families and when they invite me to some family parties I feel lonely there... I just wish that their was another way that we could be together without living so far apart right at the time being.

Dear Gavin, I hope that you have enjoyed your time with your kids, I think that you are a good father to them! As for my weekends - I never plan them as sometimes I use to work! When I have free time I go to the cinema with my friends, last time we watched the film "I Am A Legend" with Will Smith, we really liked it!
And what about the barbecue? Did you like it?
Dear, please do not be sorry that you have deleted my last letter, I will asks the agency to resend it to you, ok?
Gavin, I liked your picture, you look very smart in this costume!

Life is not easy thing, if you want to achieve something you should work a lot, the same is true for relations between man and woman, both partners should work on their feelings. I belive that if you are my destiny we will be together as love which is real unites lovers.

You know, one my good friend was corresponding with one man from other country, they met each other at the dating site, they had some difficulties but true love and mutual understating helped them to manage with everything. Can you guess what was the end of the story? They are planning wedding this summer, it proves that people should never give up, we need to fight for our happiness. Do you share my thoughts?

Honey, though we have never met with you in real life, I strongly convinced that it is only the beginning. I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night, because I was not feeling alone. When I awoke this morning to see if it was real or if it was a dream, realty hit me that it was only a dream. I long to be there with you so I can help and support you, so that we can accomplish a whole lot together...

May be I am too straight but it is my nature to speak from my heart.
Please share with me your intimate thoughts, speak your mind to me.
Your Kristina is waiting for your reply!

With my best wishes,

Letter 4

Good day for you Gavin!

Dear, I am very thankful for your reply, from letter to letter we discover each other, learn something new, our communications is very interesting for me and I hope that you feel the same. I am doing fine, I have just come to the agency and I was really glad to receive one more letter from you!
Dear Gavin, thank you for your kind words concerning my Mom, I would say this to her from you!
Dear, thanks for your understanding as I do not speak English but you know, I am willing to learn it as I think that it is important language in communication!
I liked the pictures from Veteran`s day, so you were a soldier, that is a very respectful thing!

With every letter to you I feel that we are becoming closer to each other. I realize that we are far away from each other and I have heard that real and true relations does not know barriers. I belive in destiny, I belive that it is possible to meet a person who lives on the opposite part of the universe, to fall in love and to be happy together.

I have a sad story in my life, I was in love with one man, everything seemed pretty good, he promised a whole world to me, I believed as I was naive but his love was just a fake, he left for another girl from the rich family...I understood that money and the position in the society were more important for this person. The moral is very simple - my aim is to find my true love, it does not matter how long I should wait, as true love deserves to be waited for it a whole life.

Gavin, I want you to know that I am not looking for a perfect man, I just want my man to be responsible, fear with me, carrying in my turn I would give him all my tender love. I will always be here waiting, no matter how long it takes to find love. Love has no limit, no set comes when you decide to let it. I belive that our acquaintance is not random, do you agree with me?

Dear, I have poured my soul out to you, hope that you would appreciate my openness, I do not know you pretty good but my intuition tells me that I can trust you. With a great impatient I am waiting for your new letter! Please take care, have a nice day!

Truly Yours,
Ukrainian Girl Kristina

Letter 5

Hello My Dearest Man Gavin!

Your last letter made me extremely happy, I belive that my letters also have the same affect on you. Thanks to you I am doing fine, every letter form you is like a marvellous trip for me in your world! I have written a lot about myself to you and it seemed to me that for a short period of time we became closer to each other. It is time to tell you some more information which is very important about me! Dear Gavin, I would like to congratulate you with your birthday I belive it is better late than never!) and with St. valentine`s day! I wish I could spend this day with you! I think that your kids made you a great surprise for your birthday, that is simply magic! I think that you are a very happy daddy!:-)

At the very beginning of our meeting I told you that I am romantic person, being romantic means something different to everyone. To me it means being high spirited and willing to take the risk of truly loving someone with all your heart. I think a good relationship requires being each other's best friend, and trusting one another.

I honestly think that a good relationship is one where there are no secrets. You are completely open with each other. But the biggest key is that the other person knows the worst possible thing about you and they love you even more for it. On top of that you have to have faith and trust. So that when my man goes out with an old female friend I can completely trust him and know that no matter what happens, he will always come home to me.

My Dear Gavin, also I would like to tell you a trouble what happened to me recently, I was redundant as the cafe where I were working was not so prosperous, my boss told me that I was a good worker but still he is not able to help me and he told me: Good bye! I am very sad because of this, as you remember I am studying and I pay for it by myself. I never lose my hope but this accident made me really concerned what I should do. I never give up but in this situation I feel unhelpful.

Honey, I am sorry for the sad end of my story, but I always want to be sincere and honest with you. As always I am waiting for your letter, remember that you are very special for me, I am sending you my tender kisses and warmest hugs!

Truly Yours,

Letter 6

Dear Sir,

We are writing you in order to inform you that lady Kristina has been using our services for some time and now she is not able to continue the correspondence with you. Kristina asked us to write a letter for you and to explain the situation which happened:she lost her job, she has some financial problems and because of this she cannot pay for the translating services. Unfortunately she does not have computer and Internet access at home. If you are willing to help your lady you can contact us and we will help you and Kristina in the correspondence. Our e-mail is , you can contact us with the help of this address and we will answer all your questions at once.

Agency "MeriDian"



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