Scam letter(s) from Marina to J?rgen (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Baker. Dear my friend, I am grateful to you, that you have responded on my message. I shall tell to you a little about myself. To me of 28 years, was born in Russia in 1979, on October, 14. In marriage not to time did not leave. You ask why I search for the destiny in the other city, instead of at myself, I can not find the destiny in the homeland, a lot of jobless, drinking alcohol and living one day, and I search to myself loving holding on hands for the family, strong the man. For me it is necessary the man for serious attitudes, it is not simple for entertainments. I do not use alcohol, drugs, I do not smoke. If you wish to get acquainted further, write. Be so kind as to write about itself. Where do you live?, what hobby at you?, what your outlooks on life in the future?, seriously you concern to a marriage?, there were at you ideas about creation of family?, as well as what you think of the Russian women? I hope, that you will be in earnest to my questions. I wait from you for the answer. Marina.
Letter 2
Hello Baker. I have just come to the Internet of cafe and was very glad to see your letter. How you? I'm fine. What weather at you? I do not have computer and I take it in hire. Mum is interested at me than I am engaged, but I do not hurry yet to tell to it about my acquaintance to you, I think early still. I to write to you that I work in Shop as the seller of clothes. Nevertheless it is interesting to me to learn more about you, about city where you live, as about your family?, it is a lot of at you friends, you spoke with them about me, what they think of acquaintance to me?, you trust the state and how it concerns to the population? I wait for your answer. Marina.
Letter 3
Greetings my fine friend Baker I am very pleased to see your letter. I think, what you as are pleased, when you see my letters? Baker speak me about friends. You have good relatives to whom you trust and can divide, give an output all soul, all problems which in all of you have gathered also difficult with it. Fine I have, what girlfriend I about you which she has told, is very pleased for me. I congratulate you on a holiday " with the Valentine day " and I wish you happiness. Tell to me more about friends? With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you yours Marina
Letter 4

Hello Baker. Dear mine many thanks for the letter, your pictures are remarkable, you on them such strong, healthy, ****** the man, I in delight from you, you my love! Loved you all same in love, as well as I, all of us am equal with you we shall meet, we will be helped by our love. Dear from you there are to me fine declarations of love, I from them up to heavens, am simple as in a fairy tale, with you it is pleasant for me. My love as at you an affair, than you are engaged in the evening? Loved as it would be desirable you to become closer, to nestle with tenderness to you … Dear, without you days pass melancholy, me everything, as before is sad, I am calmed only with your letters. I all on former thirst for you lovely, without you I cannot. Loved speak all relatives from Marina greetings, with gratitude to you! Dear write, your love, Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Baker. Dear as has passed your day?, I'm fine, only without you it is boring, your words of love are necessary for me. You are so far behind a ridge of high mountains, but I feel your love, she is similar, as on gentle down. I am ready to swear in a temple of the Great Goddess in fidelity, obedience and love to you my love. In your lock from a multi-coloured stone which you have erected for us, I shall feel like the happiest wife, warming the heat a home, to love you this biggest my desire that the sun every morning looked and smiled, - greetings! At night I was - as silver month on a silver violin a silver bow a bewitching song of inexhaustible love singing for us. Days of expectations there pass without you my love, rapid nights, without you burn down, but your words of love comes as new spring. In my soul from your words of love a love garden calling in your embraces. Dear as your precious health?, how your mood? My love you protect the forces, they will be useful to us for our days of the love, your love expecting to our meeting, Marina.
Letter 6
Hello Baker. Dear thanks for your care of us, I believe you completely. From love your unearthly and fine I am simple, that "happiness" flares at me in blood, from the love, named. I want to die of love, from that love that is called “ up to a coffin ”. You the fine husband in my heart, I value you, with you I speak as with native, very much the close person. I believe in ours with you love, we together shall pass our way happy road. I want to die of your love, from that love unnaturally sweet, in its flame hot to burn down, up to the end to give you myself all without the rest. If it happens me sadly and terribly by one I take your letter and I read, I at once calm down, on soul becomes warm, from you I without mind. Loved mine I am ready to die of your love, I want to not wake up from love with you in the world of pleasure to leave, that it was so, for ever, back to not return. Love as has passed at you the day off?, all is good at you with health?, you do not get tired?, I about you worry. Loved I wait from you for the answer, your wife, Marina. Marina.
Letter 7
Hello lovely Baker. It is pleasure for me to receive from you I skin a mail. The love a beautiful, sweet word, her was created for the person by the GOD and how many would not be burning at the person love helps to cope with it. My love to you with each letter becomes more strong also than me draws to you more and more, I feel with you myself more confidently. Lovely I want to meet you? It happens at you such, what meet the person for the first time and at once with him fall in love?, you liked when be strongly, how many was to you then years?, How state of health of your relatives?, I hope, that at you all is good. Like to be on the nature, whether a lot of time carry out on the nature? With love Marina.
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