Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Petuhova to Jesper (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Jesper! My day today has passed wonderfully! At us today on work short day was, and I have stopped to work earlier. I do not like to waste time in vain on idleness and have decided descends in a training hall. I am pleasant like there, this remarkable place where I can spend on advantage to the health and beauty. I am engaged on various simulators as I like to visit aerobics. In a hall very pleasant dynamical music plays, during employment at me is cheered up. I in general like to conduct a healthy way of life, me so since the childhood have brought up. I remember, how in the childhood my father learned us to rise in the morning and to do exercises. We went to a warm season on small river, bathed, sunbathed. At me very sports father. It has accustomed us to a healthy way of life. At me the brother too conducts a sports way of life, it very well plays football, it visits football club, it is purposeful. I always try to look behind the health and a body, I observe a healthy way of life, I do not smoke and frequently I do not drink. I want to look beautifully for the future husband. For me it is important to look beautifully because all in the person should be in harmony. And how you concern to this? How you have lead today? Whether all at you is good? I very much hope for your fast reply. Yours faithfully Ekaterina!
Letter 2

Greetings my lovely Jesper! I have very much become bored on you. I always am glad, when there are even some lines from you. You do not imagine with what interest I open the letter. My heart is beaten more strongly. My fingers start to knock nervously on keys of the keyboard. I like to receive compliments from you, it would be desirable to receive them and in the future:-) I very much like ice-cream and in general all sweet. I very much like ice-cream there is in hot weather, when in the street a big temperature. It is pleasant to hold in hands in hot weather cold as ice ice-cream. I remember as we for a long time all family walked in park in the good afternoon and fur-trees ice-cream. But it is impossible to eat it much. Because it is necessary to watch a figure. I want to be always beautiful and that my husband through long time paid attention only to me. I test to you inexplicable feelings. You inspire me very strongly. I hope, that from us the remarkable pair will turn out. I very much want it. Tell that be new about itself. For example: In what clothes you sleep or without clothes? What plans at you on the future in a trade or in your job? Whether I can replace you at your job?:-). Certainly last question is a joke. But I wanted you to amuse a little. I hope reading this letter on your person there is a smile and it somehow pleases you. I think of you. Write as soon as possible. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3

Greetings my dear Jesper. I so am glad to receive from you the letter! It is very pleasant for me, that you love me. I very much want to write to you, but I do not know from what to start. I do not know, that to me occurs, I do not understand myself and the feelings, in my head all was mixed. Sometimes it seems to me, that I for whom it is not necessary and from it to me become terrible. And only your letters warm my soul. Your letters show me, that I not one in this world, and I to someone am not indifferent. Your letters do not give to overlook about you. Yesterday I could not fall asleep very for a long time. I all time think only of you. I think of you every minute. On work have noticed, that I have somehow changed, they speak, that it occurs to me, that happened, whether I am ill. But it not so. In me all is fine. Even my girlfriends speak me, that with me, something occurs. I think, that with me something happened. Even I now look at usual things in another way. It seems to me, that around of me all blossoms and smells sweet. Even all usual things which earlier I also did not notice now, now look in another way. I thought of you and about us with you very much. I tried to understand feelings, and I have understood, that I LOVE you!!!!!!!! You, probably, will tell, how I can speak you about it. But I cannot hide it more. I want, that you knew it. When I have seen you for the first time my intuition, you have prompted me that, that person whom I so for a long time searched. I very much want, that you saw me now to capture me and to kiss. Please, write to me as soon as possible. I wait for your letter soon. Sincerely. With love Ekaterina P.S.The good person should be much. :)
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Jesper! That has written thanks me. Your letters are very important for me. I am very glad, that you have answered me with reciprocity. I Very much love you!!!!! I never so did not love anybody. I very much want to see you because I loved nobody as you. If you knew that I feel now. With me such still never was. I very much would like that, my feelings to you were mutual. For me your support is very important. Without you I anything. You my unique hope. I am ready to go on foot, though at edge of light for the sake of the favourite person. For me not important, what difficulties of me wait forward. The main thing, that we were together. Ah, as I wait with impatience of the moment when we shall be together when we shall overcome all formal difficulties and, at last, we can meet. I very much wait for this moment. I such person who does not recede before difficulties. It not in my principles to recede. I cannot wait our meeting with you within many minutes more. I am ready to make All for the sake of our meeting with you. That we could meet to me it is necessary to know your full name, and your full address. After you will send me these data, I can go to travel agency that all to learn about this trip as it is possible to arrive for me to you. I am very seriously adjusted to arrive to you, I think, that you not against, that you will not reject me. Sincerely. With love Ekaterina
Letter 5

Greetings my lovely Jesper! I understand that for you is the big sum, but for me she simply huge! It for me too big sum as, I do not know where I can get such money, my parents do not know too, we tried to borrow money but anybody simply does not have such sum! I have made all to try to get such big sum of money! But I already do not have even ideas where I still can get this money! I all am afflicted with that that all so occurs! At me hope only on you! There can be you can borrow from somebody this money, please try to borrow or take in bank the credit if nothing I will turn out cannot go through it! You my dream and my love and consequently all my aspirations only to you! I love you! I never before anybody so did not like at me never was such strong feelings, I read each your letter and at me heart strongly knocks, I all shiver and I worry! Between me and you there is very strong communication and I do not want her to lose because of what that of money! This simply a paper, and still without them anywhere! Why in this world all rests against money!!!!!! I shall wait from you for the letter! With hope and love your Ekaterina
Letter 6

Greetings my dear Jesper! I have received the letter from you. I completely understand your problem. You are afraid to send somebody of money. Yes, I understand, that we never saw you! I would be glad to be with you together, I on 100 % am sure, that we would be happy... But you too should understand, that I have no that quantity of money to arrive to you! But if you will not give the money necessary to me we never can meet and be together! Put at all in that, is at me money whether or not? Put in that, you believe me and whether you are ready to make everything that we were happy? It is the basic question! Always it is accepted to pay to the man when to it there comes the woman, I am right? I do not know what to tell still! If you want to be happy with me you will make all for our happiness... If your fear to lose money, than to find love... In general it is your choice... Simply I do not know, that to you to answer your doubts! It is YOUR CHOICE! I wait for your answer. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 7

Greetings my lovely Jesper! Understand without this money, we be simple we can not together in any way, I cannot arrive in any way to you, it simply is not real without this money. I do not know as well as where it is possible to get money, not only I worry in this occasion but also my friends and parents. Therefore I can tell to you only one without money I cannot arrive to you and if I shall not arrive that we we can not develop further anything in ours of the attitude. In fact it only the Internet, it only the knowledge and virtual feelings, but in a real life is much more fine, it is conversation, conversation, pleasure and laughter close, feeling which any Internet, a kiss cannot transfer, caress and another much still. How all this happen if I cannot be with you how all of us shall go through it??? I do not know as all this will be without real contact. Therefore I ask you, I cannot constrain some tears, I now sit in front of the monitor and at me tears flow, I am afraid that all it will not be, I shall forgive at you in a lap, well try get though what sum of money, it for me is more important than that or now. You and only you are necessary for me, I want to be and create with you family. I love you. I very strongly hope for your actions. I shall wait from you for the letter, I shall look forward. Your Ekaterina
Letter 8

Greetings my lovely Jesper! I am glad, that you understand all and is ready me to help, that we could meet. At us in Russia, I think in the most convenient way to send here money, it to use services " western union ". It is a fast and very convenient way of remittance worldwide. If you will send in the near future money I can already take them in 20 minutes after sending. And by that faster to engage in documents and the ticket, to arrive faster to you. For this purpose you will need my full information: the Full name: Petuhova Ekaterina, the Address: Russia, Volgograd, Lenins street, house 20, apartment 8. These data will be enough that all to make. All that to you is necessary to go it to office " western union " and to fill in some papers, they will explain you all how to do. I went to learn everything, that is necessary, and all have in detail explained to me, to you too should explain and then all will be very fast.
I with impatience wait for our meeting. I want to meet you somewhat quicker. Yours Ekaterina
P.S.In round agency to me have advised to use system the western union. So it will be easier more reliably and fastly
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