Scam letter(s) from Natalia Zubanova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my new friend! For me huge pleasure, that you could write to me the letter. I waited for your answer. And consequently when has seen your letter in the box. I very strongly was delighted. Because I waited for it. For me it is very pleasant to realize, that I have liked you. Because you have written to me the answer it means, that you have even a small inclination to me. I have expressed desire with you will get acquainted better. Now in the letter I shall tell to you a little about myself and the life. I ask you to write to me the answer and to tell too about myself. I shall be glad to hear any histories yours lives. If it not your secret from me. My name Natalya. Now to me of 29 years, my birthday on February, 10th, 1978. My growth approximately 170 centimeters, my weight nearby 48 kg. You can see color of hair and color of eyes on my photo. I think, that you are not confused with my age. I not young and certainly not old. It seems to me, that I the excellent girl. And my age at all does not frighten me. I was born and now I live in city Kirov. My city very small. Therefore it is not present on the main card of Russia. I know, that it is approximately in 1000 kilometers from Moscow. If it will be interesting to you, you can try to find it in the Internet. I like my city. It beautiful in the summer, and is even better in the winter. I am pleasant like in my city, it quiet and pure city. Therefore I do not have plans in the near future to leave from this city. I live in the apartment together with the parents. At us a normal apartment, it consists of 3 rooms. I love the parents. My father call Nikolay, and my mum call Tamara. We live together with them. At us in family always easy and cosy. We always help each other a complex minute. Together with us there lives still my younger sister whom call Nastya. We very well live together with the sister. Here such family we live in our apartment. I love the family. We live not richly, therefore I do not have computer of the house. And I now should go to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. If our dialogue to proceed, I shall try to come every day here. To read your letters and to write on them the answer. I was learnt at city university on the teacher foreign language, therefore I know well English, German and even French languages. I learned them within 6 years while studied in university. And consequently I have gone to work in children's school as the teacher of initial classes on English language. I like to work with small children. I am happy almost completely with the life. In everyday lives I every day learn at school of children, I like it. And I see, that to children who at me study, it too is pleasant. Therefore every day on my employment they come with desire and pleasure. I understand for myself, that I do advantage to these children. Because in the future necessarily it is useful to them English language. I like to work with children. Therefore I am not going while to give up the work. Though I receive not so the greater salary, but this money suffices me to live. I love children but while in my life there are no children. Because I did not have a beloved from which I would give birth to the child. I could not find in the city worthy for myself the man. And now I the lonely girl who searches the for the the man in this big world. But I have many good girlfriends, with the majority from which, we work together at school. I like to spend time with them. We often go to theatres and cinema. But most of all we like to go in the summer on the nature or even to a small campaign. But we go only the female company. Many my girlfriends have already married. Also live an excellent life with the husbands. As we often go to a sports hall, I watch the figure. Also there are in a sports hall 3-4 times a week. I think, that for my first letter of it will be enough. If I shall intrigue you, and you will want will get acquainted with me better write to me the answer. And too tell in detail about itself. I hope, that you will not keep me waiting long. I ask you as to tell about myself and about the life as it was made by me in the letter. I wish to set to you at once some questions on which I wish to see answers. Why now you search for attitudes on the Internet? How for a long time at you attitudes in private life have ended? You were married earlier? Whether there are at you children? Than you are engaged now in the life? What do you want from the future? I shall be glad to learn about you any information, therefore can not hesitate and write all. By the way I wish to know, on what sites you have still your structures? I wish to see there your photos. I send you the photos, therefore you will know, how I look. But also I wish to see your appearance. Write to me please these sites if they in general at you are. I I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
I wish you successful day your new friend Natalya.
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