Scam Letter(s) from Debra McLurkin to Martin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Dear sir,
How are you today?fine i supposed. As it stands Mr Peter Ryan mclurkin (late) of Prymc Gold was the architect founder and owner of the minning company he came to establish here in my country,and i stand to be is attorney and legal adviser but before the project was to be carried out he lost his life.He left a statement of inheritance with me before his demise which states that his only surviving daughter to inherit or better still have claims to his money if he was to die untimely.
But while he brought this to my chambers he also included a clause that she has to be of a certain status as a woman,and that is having a serious relationship that will eventually end up in marriage before she can make claims to the said fund he deposited for the construction of the minning company. You might say what a clause that is,but he wants the daughter to have a sense of belonging and not being wastful as well. I was in London last week on her invitation to make clarification on the said money and i told her that the clause stipulated that she has to have a man in her life a man who will be ready to commit himself to marrying her when all the criterias are met,and she told me that she has one in you and that both of you are seriously in love with one another.This prompted me to ask for your personal informations she gave me and also gave me your email address to contact you.
Sir it is a very high honour to have written you because this fund has been waiting for pick up by Miss Debra fiancee and when she came forward that she's having a serious relationship with you and that you promised her that the transaction sees the light of the day it really pleases me and my teams.This transaction will be done quickly because she already told me that she wants to relocate to Australia where she went on vacation recently and that you also have been eager to meeting her. Carrying out the transaction will require some committment from you and an utmost trust,honesty and tranquility on your part and that you will abide by the laid down laws of the federal act on inheritance and property of 1999 review constitution of the Federal Republic. By so doing i will direct my partner to start up the process with immediate effect as soon as my chambers got your reply of total committment.
All the processes will be written to you for study and also documents will be sent to you to fill and return back to us for onward processes if this is done the account details will be sent to you for you to have a view and also all what the bank will reqiure inorder to carry out the wire transfer will also be sent to you . With this informations i hope you have understood our position herewith and also my chambers can also assure you that your quick response to supplying us what we need from you will hasten and quicken the process within 7 to 10 working days.
Finally sir i look forward to reading your response on the said subject matter have a good day .
Barrister Jack Brainard

Principal partner
Brainard's Chambers



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