Scam letter(s) from Lilian Cottons to Gregg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear,I am really so glad things are getting to work out now because my mom has been crying all day as we don't know what is going on, well i would appreciate you pay the fee straight to my agent so he knows i am really serious about getting my flight ticket ,he would help drive to the westernunion to pick the fund and also drive to the Fed x office to send out the checks to you .. I called and confirmed the name and address you should send it to here it is :

CITY: ikeja
STATE: Lagos
COUNTRY: Nigeria
ZIPCODE: 23401
TEXTQUESTION : Money for what?

He say's once you get the fund sent you need to give me some information as he would need to pick the fund which is the name you used in sending ,your real name ,address and the Money transfer confirmation number on the westernunion reciept,pls get this done as soon as possible so the package would be sent out to you so immediately you cash you can get the 150$ back .. .
I thank you and God bless
Letter 2
Hello Dear Greg,it's so good to wake up this morning to read your message as it really made my day as i have been so worried ,i sure would be happy for you to do this for me ,dear i sure can Fed x the money orders to you ,i will get them made out to your name but the problem is about the sending fee i have to pay that fee before anything is done ,but if there is anyway you can borrow me just the $150 so immediately you recieve this money orders you deduct the cash you have borrowed me then send the rest fee for me to pay the bills i owe then also get my flight ticket to get outta here i would be most happy ... pls reply back as soon as possible so i can get this money orders to your name.
Letter 3
Well i guess you forgot i came here to see my mom that is sick ... and she has really cost me alot so how would she have cash to borrow me ,well i have my US money orders but only cashable in the states and i can get them issued to your name to cash for me .
Letter 4

I was mugged while going to the airport to get my flight ticket ,now i am confused and don't know what to do as my purse was stollen where i had the rest fee to get the ticket as i have paid a few to my travel agent and i am broke now i do not know what to do . Dear today is the day that i have been so fraustrated and feel like commiting suicide .. I would like to visit the closest airport arround you for you to pick me at the airport.
Letter 5
Hello Greg,i really don't know if my mom is wanting to return i would love to meet you in person Greg the picture on match is kinda old ... i am in a the western part of africa in a city called lags ,very dangerous and rough i don't know why mom decided to come stay here ... i would love for you to send me your pictures.
Letter 6
Hello Dear,it's so lovely hearing back from you on this valentine day ....ohh yea u misunderstood me about where i am originally from but distance is not the problem ,i would love for things to work out between us that way we can meet anywhere ,i sure have pictures i will send to you now.. here is a poem for you
Letter 7
Hello Greg,it's so good to hear from you and yes i decided to reply to your wink ,well i am new to this computer thing and i hope what i am looking for on here ... well i would try to get more of me to send to you ,u are the first i am meeting on here and talking to ,i only lived in baycity ,mi for 5months with the guy who broke my heart ,i am originally from orem,utah how about you ?
Pls reply back
Letter 8
Hello Dear,Happy Newyear.I am sure you know it's a new year and that means new beginnings well i would like to find a man to start the new year with as i feel this newyear would be better than the lastone,I would like to introduce myself to you as i feel we have alot of things in common.
My name is Lilian i am 31yrs of age i am single,i am from Baycity ,MI but moved to Africa seeing my sick mom and also doing some antique collecting and plan on returning nextweek and about my Dad ,i lost him earlier and i have no brothers or sisters so i am all alone but i would seriously like to find a partner who i could call my best friend and share the love i have with him,i am a woman with sincerity ,i am very honest and caring,i am trustworthy,loyal,kindhearted and a one man woman,i am passionate ,romantic,affectionate and compassionate and i also write poems which i will send you some when i hear from you,and i believe you have this qualities aswell from what i have read in your profile,i play guitar and piano when i am less busy.
I really would like to get to know you better,i know you would be suprised as how i found your profile,well i just got into this dating site today and while i was searching i found your profile ,i scrolled up and down i saw it again ,something told me to look it up and when i did i found some qualities of yours which got my attention so i decided to email you and see what happens,and i would like to know more about you,your work ,your parents,your family and why are you single.
I want someone who will listen and not just be heard. Has to be passionate and fun loving. Loves to cuddle and be affectionate. Im very careing and loyal. I want the same respect, and honesty. A best friend, the greatest lover. Ive had rough times, now I just want to enjoy life with my soulmate. I work hard and have no play! That needs to be changed lol. I want someone who loves kids. I have a passion for kids . Best thing God ever created. Someone to share all the love I have to give. And thats lots. Love long kisses and hugs.
Well i do not have alot to say as i will want to hear from you soon,i would pls want you to send me your reply to my private address because i do not know when i would be logged off from here,my private email is
m,in arranged order, willing to relocate for my right one and you can only chat with me with yahoo messenger if you get one setted up . my yahoo IM name is (l_cottons)
I sure can't wait to hear from you and i am wishing you a happy new years once more.
Pls email me back and let me know what you think of me .
I write poems and would love to email you some as i know you would like to read.
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