Scam letter(s) from Jenny Slimm Lucas to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Dearest Matt,

I am very pleased to write you this little email about myself....I am Jenny Slimm Lucas by name and I am a nationallity of United kingdom from the region of manchester city....I am born into the family of Mr and Mrs Lucas on the 19 of june 1979 and I am the only child of my parents wedlock....I am a graduate of economics and I am still looking for a job under my feild of study..{preffesion}...

I am a cool loyal gurl with a great sence of humility and I am a dedicated and submissive gurl that belive so much in the law of reciprocal..implication that I like to treat people in the best way i can inorder to protect my personallity which is very much important to me.....
Am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look .

I am the type that does not belive in physical look but I am Looking so much into the inner appearance because that determines a lot anout someone personality..I lost my parents in 1999 to death in form of a motor accident and since then I had to relocate her to Nigeria where I am Living with my grand Mom who has been of great and tremendious help to me... and she is a wonderfull woman that has tought me alot about life....

I am single and Looking for a man i can have a relationship with and I mean a man that i can give my heart and share my feelings with....A man that we can both build a very strong relationship together ..A relationship that would be based on love and trust... and a relationship with a very strong pillar..
I don't play games and don't want to waste my time and the time of other people,I'm a woman who has a very strong desire for a Long term relationship..I dont cheat on people and I don't like to be cheated also and this is why I am taken my time to meet the right man for me and I mean a man that has a lot of love and care to offer and a man that we can have a happy home together...

I am very sure that after you might have read this email you will have a little insight into the type of lady I am and I will be looking forward to hearing from you soonest and here is my email so much and kisses and hugs for you also... and here are my measurements
Hair: Lt Brown Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Hazel Bust: 34"
Dress: 1-3 Waist: 24"
Shoe: 7.5-8 Hips: 35"

Your one and Only Jenny Slimm Lucas
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