Scam letter(s) from Belle Morgan to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi there, how are u doing todat, hope all is been well with u. ****!! i wish there is something i can do abt all of these...but really believe sorry so sorry.

Its killing me the way i keep lying to u so i think its time i tell u the truth...the attraction is still there...u know, and i dont know what ur pick will be....but really am so ashamed to confront u again on yahoo IM...after all we've been thru together, after all the promises ve made to u. ve cried my eyes out for days, cos things didnt not workout the way i plan or intend. and i cant keep up with this **** anymore...cos its really killing, how much u've proved ur love for me still ve played or lied to u all along...really i thought all this will work out.

This is the truth and whole story....Really I not American...though i wasn't born there in ....but there is a whole lot of story attached to ashamed of myself right npw. Let me know if u still love me though and u still want to hear from me, then i'll logon to yahoo messenger and then we can talk on there....and plssss...u'll ve to forgive me abd promise to curse, and really that's ,y true pics.

I still love u though, and if its a good bye...well..i'll always pray for u and hope u find the woman of ur dream.

Belle Morgan
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