Scam Letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

It is nice to receive your e-mail, So I am Alena, 35 year old.
I graduated Pedagogical university. So I'm a teacher of private school.
But after few years working in the school I realized that 30 children in class it is hard for me, because every child needs his own way of communication. It is normal in Ukraine that there are 30 children in class. And I decided to be a private teacher and baby sitter for children 3-8 years old. I like children very much that's why I like my job very much.
I live in Ukraine, in capital of the country Kiev, now and next 2 weeks I am visiting my grandmother and relatives in Rostov na Dony. I like this city very much because it is the place where I have spent my childhood. But soon I must return to my work, to mom (I live with her in Kiev).
I applied to the Internet because here in Ukraine and Russia as well if you are not married in 22 years old, you are an "old virgin" already, I have never have such thoughts and I think people must be ready to marriage, but the situation is different in my country and girls married at 18-20 years old and then separate in some months because they were expecting just joy in family life without any obligations and care about partner.
I feel I'm ready for serious relationships, I know what I am, what I want and it makes me ready to start my search. in the past I had one serious relationships. But it is ended because my partner was not honest and sometimes met with another woman and drunk a lot which I don't like really. It is ok to drink sometimes a good wine or champaign but not everyday without any reason. I want to have honest, open relationships with a lot of attention, care, passion, sex and understanding in everything.
I like your letter very much and I hope this correspondence will continue. Honestly I prefer real meeting than long Internet connection. I send you my pictures with by cousin and her husband and hope you will write me soon, I will be waiting your answer really impatiently.

I send you my kiss
Your Alena

Letter 2

Hello dear,
Thank you for your letter and your pictures, I like it a lot. From your letter I feel our communication with you brings much pleasure for us. It is interesting for me to know everything about you, each detail of your life, of your daily life. I absorb everything you write to me as your words bring me into nice mood and high spirits. I do want to tell you everything about myself and I have so many thoughts but sometimes I simply lack words:) What else can I tell you? I love bright sun and when it is warm, I like sea and walking barefoot; I enjoy nights especially when the sky is clear and there are million of stars there; I like to observe the clouds in the sky and to find different pictures and figures there; I like milk and hate chocolate; I like to sleep in the morning but I am a hard working person and I can work till late night; I like to study as I am curious about everything unknown to me; I can't imagine myself my life without music. It seems to me that music plays a great role in our life. You will always hear music at my home- radio is always turned on. Well I enjoy different music. It depends on my mood. If I feel some sadness I like to listen to Roxette or Ahha; if I want to relax I choose Enigma, Era or Mylen Farmer; if I want to dance I turn on something very energetic, something what burns a fire and makes my feet move. I like hard working people and I appreciate this feature very much as I hate laziness. I can't understand how people can be idle. To my mind it is possible to get mad if one sits without doing anything. In private life I like sex, everything in it. I think people in love could be wild and open in sexy life, it is only he and she and everything possible without any barriers, if both like what they do. Ok, my dear, I will close my letter for the moment. I wish you good day and and stay in nice mood. Send you all my love passion.



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