Scam letter(s) from Oksana Androsenk to Bobby (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Bobby!!!!!!!!
Well well there has arrived time to prolong a history concerning itself. As I already spoke, that my age 23 years and all of them The years I lived in city Cheboksary. I also was available. It - very aged and beautiful city, which one is approximately in 790 Kilometers to a southwest from cities of Moscow. I was never married and consequently, unfortunately, and I have not with what children. I Would like to have the child. I would like to raise it and to transmit all experience of life to this. I however do not know, How much I would like to have children, while in it was not determined. I have no any parasitic habits, I do not smoke and I take alcohol, if only in small quantity on a holiday . Most of all from Spirits, I like red. From the foodstuffs I Prefer the Russian kitchen. On a character I the cheerful person, try to enjoy each. I work with children and me so pleasantly with them to work you see I work in children's firm.
The moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lone life. I want, which one you have little bit faster ??????????
Me. Write to me concerning itself, than you are held, and it -, I to want to know everything, concerning you. With impatience I shall wait From you a character. Transmit to me many your photos.
Write to me, I shall wait very much strongly your letter.
Yours Oksana. --
Best regards,
Letter 2

Hello my love Bobby. I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this happy moment has come, and I can learn, that you think of my previous letter. Your letters fill my life by sense. I to start to understand, that my life, it does not mean without you because I love you. I have told about us with you to the girlfriends, they are very glad, that I have found the happiness, and that I shall leave to you. Certainly, they will miss on me, as well as my parents. It seems to me, that we already on are close with each other, we as if the husband and the wife only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance so much. But, not looking on we should continue to love it each other and to trust each other, you with me agree? I that can not do with myself, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the spring sky, I think, that it is destiny it can be dangerous, but I am madly in love with you. Your letters are filled with such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes run. I think "My God, thank, that you have helped me to find my unique person, and I hope, that we shall incorporate to it and we shall be happy". I dream of our meeting and how we shall walk with you to keep for hands as we shall look after one after another and as we shall do love. Unfortunately, we can not meet you yet. Because I can not while find money to the visa. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER IN MY HEART, IN MY IDEAS. I dream, how you will carry me on hands to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a pity, that it only dreams and whether is fated to them to come true the God knows only. I hope soon to see your letter.
Yours forever Oksana!!! --
Ñ óâàæåíèåì,
Letter 3

Hello my love Bobby ! I have received your letter, it is complete of emotions of heat and sympathy to me. I begin to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you, because I love you. I think, that during that time, that we with you write, each other we have gone through very much together and between us the feeling has appeared. I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I spoke with my parents about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you,, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself, as you meet me at the airport, as we search, each other by eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. Today I went in embassy. And at once has decided to you to write that me there have told. Unfortunately, I can not to you some time arrive, because for application for registration of the visa and registration of some documents, such as the foreign passport, medical information and the other documents, are necessary money in the sum $ 400 of the American dollars, which now at me are not present. This month me promised to give out the salary. And if you could to me send money to registration of the visa, when I to receive the salary, I shall buy at once tickets. I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, which will work during 90 days. I can not receive the visa the bride how with you it is necessary at first though time will meet. And then, when I to arrive to you, we shall make out together visa the bride. My surname is Andrusenko Oksana and I think, that it is pleasant to you to know my complete surname. My address the house Lenina 61, apartment 58. It was very pleasant to me with you to speak on the phone and I shall call to you tomorrow. Today perfect day, but me is sad, because we with you so far apart. I to dream, how you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of colours. I not minutes to not think of you. You always in my ideas. For that term, that we with you to communicate through the Internet, I very strongly to grow fond of you and I can not live without you my love. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I with you. I to love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. Forever yours Oksana!!!!! -- Ñ óâàæåíèåì, Androsenk_oksana
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