Scam letter(s) from Kenny Bukky to Steen (Denmark)

Letter 1
thank you so much for your nice letter that i get to read are you doing at this time of the day at work and health?i hope that by the grace of God you are doing good and you are willing to get a reply from me.reading your letter now has bring the amazing spirit in me and i feel good now.yes please i have reach africa with my collegues and my boss.and i am happy as this country that we are call GHANA is very peace country but just that the ***/AIDS,and othere little chieftancy conflict and others are boming here.i have add you two photos of my best 3 friends in the voluntary work and i have told them about you and look at the way that our voluntary BOSS wa crowned.he looks like an ARAB very nice crown.the statue behind my 3 friend we are told is the man who put up the air port in THAT we landed call kotoka.reading your letter make me so mch joy and i thank you so much for your answer to my question that i sent to you.but please my main word to tell you is that it will be very good for you to choose one lady among all than to reply to about 3 or four.because this is going to make you not get good love in your will hear of all sort of annoyed words as any one of them will not accept that she has writing to you for some times and you latter say bye bye to me now i have made the site administrators council my profile.because i told them that i have get a man of my choice.and that is you.and please even if you dont take me as your soul mate i will take it like that for becoming true to you.i will be much happy if you can also do the same by telling the site administrators to council your profile.i went through the mens profiles as soon as i council my profile from the site.and i became very happy to see 7 honest mens who has wrote there that they have got their mate so no woman again and that they have broked their profile.very month is ok.geting indonisia and other continent ladies and now you get me is do you mean that now you are not writing to any one apart from me?or do you mean that you are wrinting to russian and 2 africans?.and what are you going to do with them?are you going to marry all?please my word to you is that the faster you tell them the true the peace it will bring ok.please dont make any thing to hurt will hurt them if you dont tell the early that you have get a lady of your choice.or if you think that is good to stay with all let me know me i am true lady that has made me council my profile to avoid any man to write to me again and promise me of love and material me i thougth that you are writing to me only.stay on one and you will know the best love.all of them will talk and whom do you hear to?you said that the last of this look interesting?in what way?.the continent does not matter in love.steen i will love to end here now and hope to hear from you soon again.please my most praying is that you must to be honest to get a true queen in your life.most of my collegues get internet husband and resign on their way and get to them.and now go to see how god their marriage is florishing.because we are train well and much concern to humanity.choosing me is going to be the best for you only ok.but if you choose othere lady too i will not continue serching a man again on the internet as i have council my profile.but i know with god all things are going to be posible.stay bless in the hand of God and reply soon for me are welcome in my life.yours one diana.please know one knows when this voluntary work is going to end now as we have now started.but we have many laws to permit me to meet a husband of mine.thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon ok.diana
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