Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Platunova to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend Matts.
I hope you have a good day and mood and you really glad to my letteras I am glad to your letter. It means you are interested in me and itis great!!! Thanks for your answer and I hope we will be good friends.So, my mood makes very well, because I can write to you. I hope, thatyou can answer my questions. But before I have to tell to you moreabout me. I am 25 years old and my sign is Libra. I wrote you alreadyI am originally from Russia and I live here. It's very small town andpopulation is about 10,000. The nearest big city to us is Kazan.Perhaps you have heard about this. This is about 600 kms from Moscow.Well, I hope you don't have any problems with my letter. I am tryingto make it more understandable. I learned English when I studied atthe trade college and now I am learning it too. I use some books forthis. But sometimes I have to use the special computer programm. Butit is rarely. I live with my grandma. I am only one child in ourfamily and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I know you would liketo talk to me using the phone. Unfortunately we don't have a phoneline yet. And I don't have a cell phone because we don't have anymobile operators in our small city. But it will come very soon. Iwrite you using internet-cafe. It has only three computers but it hasinternet. I know it sounds very strange that I don't have a phonebut.. It is true! Anyway I hope emailing is not a trouble for you. AndI want you to know that I don't visit any web sites since I have gotyour letter. I am interested in you and I want to know you. I hope,that you make the same way. I have never travelled before but I hope Iwill soon. I don't know where I will go yet. If you have problems withunderstanding of my letters, please write to me about it and I shallaccept any measures. So, tell to me little bit more about itself. Youcan tell any thing and it will be very interesting to me. I am 5'7tall and my weight is 48 kg. So, I shall finish this letter to you.But I hope, that you write to me as soon as possible. I will try tosend you my pictures in my each letter. I shall be with impatience towait your letter. Please, do not make me waiting. I am very muchinterested in you.
Your new friend Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello. This is Angel from the dating site. Do you remember me? I wrote you ashort message and you have replied back to me with your e-mailaddress. So look at my pics and try to recollect me... Do you rememberme now? You do I hope and I am glad for this. Well, I write you as Ipromised and I send you my pictures. Hope you like them. I would likeyou to send me your pictures too. It would be great. So you could seemy profile at the dating site and think you know about me a little. Ifno, I will write you don't worry. I am 25 years old girl from Russia.Yes, Russia. Don't wonder about this. I will be only honest with you.I know that you saw my profile there from the other country. But whenI have tried to do my profile from Russia the site customer caredidn't approve my profile and my pics for a long time. I wrote aletter to them and they replied me that they don't approve anyprofiles from Russia. I didn't understand their reasons but I havecorrected my profile for another country. Please, don't be angry at mefor that but I repeat that I am absolutely honest with you andtherefore I write you about my nationality now. I am originally fromRussia and I grew up here. I hope this is not problem for you. Well, Iam searching for serious relationships only. And I think that eachtrue relationships grows up from the friendship. I have never beenmarried and I don't have kids. But I would like and open for idea tohave a kids.. If you have kids already this is not a problem for me.Just want you to know. I like kids very much and I want to have mykids. I want to have boy and girl.. But this is my private dreams(smile). Honestly, I want to be with you honest only. I think this isthe main reason for creating true relations. If I will see yourinterest in me - I will trust you and I will be happy to let you knowall about me. I mean you should keep writing me and letting me to knowmore about me. I mean you should be honest with me. So if you can't dothis "things" - I will say good bye to you. I am sorry if it seems alittle strange for you but I don't want to get your replies one timeper week (or month) with two or three words. So if I will get this - Iwill say good bye to you. Again - I want only true relations. Soplease, don't be angry from my words. I am honest and I want you willbe honest with me too. Keep smiling and look at my pictures. If youlike me - put the reply button and write me a letter. Write me back atthis address - Bye Angel
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