Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Monie (USA)

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Letter 1

i will let you know from now that i have been hurt before and i wil not like to be hurt again so please if you know you can not be the kind of lady i want please let me be am in west africa to buy some golding antiqies is in lagos taht what they call it have been hurt before so i want a real one this time the only person i can love in this life is someone who is honest and openminded but just that am having some little problems here now that may not let me come home fast and that is not making me happy

Letter 2

well i was attcaked here by armed robbers last two days and my goods that i showed you mins ago are with the immigration and i need some little money to take it back will pay if you can help and if you cannot help it's ok700$ but you can help with any amout you have i will pay back well can you send it through westerunion or money gram and if you will do that then i swear by heavens that you will be the only one i will be with

Letter 3

well you know am not a citizen here so if you want to send the money you will have to send it to the hotel manager here she will help me get it
when will you send it honey climax that is what is called honey LOLA MARCUS WALE



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