Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Ewald (Germany)

Letter 1
Ewald, I'm glad to read your letter! Dear, I celebrated New Year of the house with grandmother and friends. Today clear and solar weather. And my mood should be good. But I am a little upset. And I think, that you will understand because of what it from my letter. Today I had time to visit agency of travels. I have received the necessary information to fly to you. The manager of agency of travels has informed, what documents I should have. It is the tickets, visa, foreign passport, medical information, insurance and others. The manager has said to me, that it will be more difficult all to make out the visa, because it will borrow a lot of time. But if I shall use agencies, it will be much faster, as this agency specializes on reception of the tourist visas. They have wide experience in tourist business. I can not receive the visa, if I shall try to do it without participation of agency of travels, as it is difficult to the young woman to receive the visa on visiting of other country. All this information very much pleased me, as I can be fast with you. Ewald, you are glad to this? Dear Ewald, but I have a small problem. In agency of travels me spoke, that cost of registration of all documents together with the reservation of tickets 960 Euro. It is the very large sum for me, as you know, where I work. And I have the small salary. Excuse that I have not listened to you and have concluded the contract. Now I should pay money in agency of travel. Now I can only dream of our meeting, as this sum makes more, than half of my annual salary. My ideas on meeting with you were very light, but this dream was destroyed by money. I can't borrow this sum of money from anybody, as it is the very large money for our city. I am very much upset today. Yours Lyudmila.
Letter 2
Hello my love Ewald. Thanks for your letter. I with impatience waited it. I very much love you and I miss. Ewald I am glad that we plan our meeting as soon as possible. Because I very much wish to be with you in your embraces. I all time think of you and I love you! Dear I visited agency of travel before to answer you and have informed, that I plan my travel to you can be in the nearest numbers: 31, 1, 2, 3 of February, 4th. My love, I hope that at this time it will be convenient to you to meet me. I shall arrive to airport Stuttgart and I hope that you will meet me! I am right Ewald? As to my grandmother she badly understands as to receive money and doesn't know English language. Also she health is bad and I do not wish to disturb her. Do you understand me? Ewald, I wrote to you zip code: 428018. Ewald I hope that you have understood to send money for the information my girlfriend Irina. Also here my address: Country: RUSSIA, City: CHEBOKSARY, Street: Pushkina 12, zip code: 428018. I so dream to be with you together Ewald. I'm ready to be your wife and I hope that we shall do wedding. Dear I'm not against shall remain at home single. I shall wait for you when you will return with work and then I shall do to you massage and other pleasant things. I want that at us all was good also we were happy family! You can take holidays from the beginning of February, this very convenient time for us. Ewald grandmother asked to transfer you the best regards! I hope what to not tire you with my letter. I look forward yours answer, your wife Lyudmila.
Letter 3
Hi my love Ewald! How you dear? It was pleasant for me and strengthened my confidence that all it will be good also our meeting will be gentle and very pleasant for us! I reached in agency. They have told, that within the next few days my visa will be here. The embassy approved my questionnaire and therefore I can soon arrive to you. Ewald also to me have informed in agency rather western union. To me have informed that will return my passport to me before flight in Moscow, therefore I cannot receive your money. I asked to help to me to take my girlfriend Irina money. She with pleasure has agreed, because I told to her about you. Therefore information Irina for transfer money will be necessary for you. Here it: Name: IRINA,
Surname: MIKHEEVA,
Country: RUSSIA,
Street: Gagarina, 36.
Zip code: 428018. The sum is 960 Euro. Also, don't overlook after that, to inform me the information, a full name, the address and Confidential number. Also the agent wants to know, what is the time we plan to be together. It is necessary for him for reception of tickets. Ewald, what is the time you can have for our meeting? It would be good if have met you in the beginning of February. Dear I shall wait on January, 28th and I hope that you will send money for payment of my contract to this day. The more quickly I shall make payment, the we shall be faster together! My kisses and embraces for you, my favourite Ewald! Yours Lyudmila. I wait for your messages dear!
Letter 4

Hello my love Ewald. I'm glad to see your prompt reply. Dear I very much love you. It is not pleasant that you to not trust me to me. However, I write to you that that you ask. My surname is Sokolova. My information of passport: series: 88 02, number: 739507. My Birthday is 22 of october, 1979. As to Irina tomorrow I shall meet her and to ask the information. Tomorrow I shall send you information Irina. My love, I want that you to trust me. I have no intention to deceive you. I wish to be with you for ever! Ewald I wish to put on to you a wedding ring your finger. I dream to be your wife. You test what feelings to me? Please write to me. Dear I very much love you. I am very tired on work today and I shall move home now. I wait your answer, your Lyudmila.
Letter 5
Hello my love Ewald. I have good news to you. Today we met with Irina and I have learned the information which to you is necessary. Irana's Birthday is 17.12.1980. Passport information: series: 88 01, number: 698240. I hope that now you have the information. Ewald I very much love you. I want to meet you. I wish to be your wife. Ewald you are necessary to me. Grandmother transfers you the best regards. I shall move home now and to think of you. Love forever, Lyudmila.
Letter 6
Dear Ewald
please call or go there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and change name of money order to
first name: Ivan
last name: Nikitin
DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, every minute is precious, so, don't waste time, go there and change name of money order to Ivan Nikitin and it will be at me, I wait for your letter, I will go to Western Union in 1-2 hours and I hope it will be done
Yours Lyudmila
Letter 7
Hi my love Ewald! Lovely, today my message will be small because I have have put from my work which need to be carried out much . I want to speak you only Ewald, that I miss on you and very much I want more likely to see you. Probably, tomorrow I shall take away my visa, so agent has told to me. Also I plan, these days, to finish all affairs on my work and to take holiday. I wait for your messages dear. My embraces and love. Now it is time to me to go, I shall write to you tomorrow. Yours Lyudmila.
Letter 8
Dear, you wait for me? Do not miss, soon I shall embrace you, my lovely! Only I am upset :-( that that all of you to not answer to me. Ewald, today I reached in the airport also took away the ticket. Favourite, is present small difficulty with the the customs declaration. I have learned , that for travel to your country, is present rule. I did not know it earlier. Each tourist in your country should to have with itself cash, not less than 1500 euro. This rule from your government, that foreign tourists could cares of itself when arrive to you. Ewald, I should show this money Department of customs house at filling the declaration, during survey to the plane. Dear , I have no such money. Please send me this sum up to my flight that I could show it on survey. When I shall be to arrive to you, I shall return to you them back. My information: Name: LYUDMILA,
Surname: SOKOLOVA,
Country: RUSSIA,
Street: MIRA 42.
zip code: 428018. Here I can receive it in many places, here continually there is a Western Union. I hope it there will be no difficulty for you. I Love you! I wait for your messages. Yours Lyudmila. Do not overlook, that my flight the day after tomorrow! I ask you dear write to me. I am strongly upset with it.
Letter 9
Dear, You sent money?
How? to what details and what sum? Or you are going to send tomorrow? Anyway, I can't receive it, and I have to ask you change name of money order.
If you already sent, then immediately go there and change it to details, if you are going send, use details:
First name: Juliana ( J U L I A N A )
Last name: Lobovikova ( L O B O V I K O V A ) So anyway money order must be in this name, ONLY in it case I can get it. I can not receive without passport, and I have ask you change name, please do it as soon as possible, tomorrow I will go to Western Union and hope by afternoon it will be ready for Juliana name. Yours Lyudmila
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